Does Your Business Teach You the Truth and Does It Hurt?

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How many times have you circled the sun? Do you carry along with you the propensity for figuring out the “Why?” of stuff? Then you can probably recognize life’s patterns, especially those lessons our entrepreneurial businesses teach us.

Every time you begin a new business project, you strategize the details of what that will entail. You want the foundation of your business to be strong so it can support your success. When you do this initially or when you review it, there is a lot to be learned from the details, especially how you handle those character-strengthening details.

“Personality is who people think you are. Character is what God knows you are.”

I don’t think colleges teach us what we need to know about the truths behind building a business, maintaining it, and driving it to success while working our butts off (wasn’t that polite?) at the same time. School – as well as many books – offers us pie-in-the-sky platitudes about how wonderful the big bucks are, but seldom talk about all the band-aids you’ll need to do, patching up the scrapes and bruises earned in getting there.

Business is no different than anything else in our lives. We are here to learn what Life Is, and everything is a lesson pointing us to that learning, especially your business.

My sons were both surfers throughout grade school and high school, and one day Seth and his buddy, Justin, were going out on the waves. Justin said to me: “I’ll bet you think sitting out there waiting for a wave is just a big waste of time, don’t you?” Justin was my spirit-son and I loved him enough to offer this answer.

“No, I don’t think it’s a waste of time, Justin. I think that while you’re sitting there, you’re learning patience, just waiting. You’re learning courage, because you’ve got to get up on one of those big suckers. You’re learning perseverance, because even if nothing worth surfing on shows up, you just hang in there for the big one you expect. You unfold self-sufficiency, too, because no one but you is going to take that wave when it gets there. And if you can’t see the love of the sport in there, I need another cup of coffee. Now get out of here and go get your toes wet.”

There is a perfect plan behind your business, too. Whatever shows up is what you’re supposed to do to strengthen your own set of virtues, stretch your own sense of self-sufficiency, and provide for yourself whatever you need. It’s all there, tucked into the details that show up.

St. Paul was one wise fellow when he said that the Law was a Schoolmaster to bring you toward reasoning your way through the problems of Life. Your business is the perfect garden in which to grow these solutions.

Give yourself an attitude adjustment: your business can be a great joy if you approach it from a “What can I do from within myself to find a solution for this problem that just showed up?” versus “Oh crap! Another thing to deal with. I’m sick of it!”

Which attitude will bring you out the end of the tunnel with a smile on your face? It doesn’t have to be hard. It will be challenging, but not hard, because you have within you the ability to resolve ANYTHING that shows up.

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can‘t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Pat MatsonPat Matson’s path of life’s unfoldment has led her into the world of copywriting where she lends her expertise to the writing of blogs, ezines, curriculum and articles with a common sense message for entrepreneurs, especially life coaches or spiritual coaches. Pat loves to bring the story inside her clients representing their businesses out into the world that needs it so. In addition to her copywriting, Pat is a Walter Method Teacher of metaphysics where she helps illuminate Life’s Laws for her students. Pat’s Write Mind is her home base.

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