Lip Kissing is Personal

December 30, 2019

The issue of sexually inappropriate action by men toward women and women toward...

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The New Companionship

April 1, 2019

There are many ways for women to describe their various types of relationships....

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The Friendship Marriage – Older and Wiser

October 31, 2018

Would you believe that not all married couples you see are in crazy,...

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Why Older American Women Are Getting a Divorce...

September 30, 2018

At the end of my seminar on relationships, the woman who had organized the...

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The Realities of Bathing Suit Season

March 2, 2018

As I was debating what to talk about this month I decided to poll people on...

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Divorce and the Dating Game

February 1, 2018

When you’re part of a long-term couple you never think about the dreaded...

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Is Valentine’s Day a Big Disappointment?

February 1, 2018

Valentine’s Day is one heck of an emotional pot-stirrer, don’t you think? ...

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Financial Steps to Take Before a Divorce

November 3, 2017

Before your divorce goes through, it will be wise to check up on financial...

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The Beauty of Aging Love

June 20, 2017

How many of us, especially when we were younger, have looked at our parents or...

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Not Quite Divorced: When Your Financial Affairs Are...

June 8, 2017

We have all known couples whose marriages are basically over but, who, for the...

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The Perfection Deception

September 16, 2015

Be the perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect friend, perfect boss, perfect...

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Are Parasites Sucking the Blood Out of Your...

April 9, 2012

I recently read an article on small businesses and what stops them from being...

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White Lies = Red Flags

February 20, 2012

Men assume that I am older than the age I have posted on my online dating...

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Sexual Fearing

November 14, 2011

Do men sabotage successful women? I think some do. I think some men just...

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October 4, 2011

I recently read a letter online that a distraught middle-aged woman had written...

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10 Ways to Improve Your Relationship (and Your...

April 19, 2011

How many times have you found yourself frustrated in conversation with your...

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They Say Time Heals All Wounds….

January 10, 2011

My life took a drastic turn in 2010. All my worries and fears came true – my...

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What are the 5 Types of Men that...

November 19, 2010

Women don't think twice about brushing these kinds of guys off. Men don't give...

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Don’t Forget to Include Sensuality and Pleasure in...

November 19, 2010

We all know the health benefits of going to a Fitness Center. We’ll even make...

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Vandals in the Palace – Living With Auto-Immune...

November 19, 2010

Currently, there are more than eighty illnesses identified and labeled...

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Women of excellence: be your amazing self

November 19, 2010

Finding a good match for a mate (or even a date) seems to be a dilemma for many...

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Fighting Fair in 5 Easy Steps

November 3, 2010

In the daily course of our lives disagreements are bound to arise and...

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No More Papers on Me

October 26, 2010

Although I had been separated for several years prior to being divorced, and...

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Family Relationships – A Journey

October 25, 2010

Relationships in family are important to most people on the planet. In my...

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To Date or to Dine Alone

September 8, 2010

What’s a newly divorced mom with two children to do when she finds...

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Online Dating over 40

August 25, 2010

After the death of my husband over 2 years ago I finally re-entered the dating...

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One of Life’s Saddest Truths

August 19, 2010

If we live long enough we will all lose a parent – and though it is...

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