About KWC™

For over a decade, The Kalon Women Collective™ has been there; providing help, support, inspiration and comfort to women and men aged 50 and above. And in today’s post-Covid world, our commitment -and our mission- has never been stronger.

Midlife women and men are pulled in many directions: assisting grown children, raising grandchildren, caring for aging parents, transitioning to and through retirement, struggling with the ongoing internal and external physical changes that come with this stage of life.

Fulfilling as Midlife is, it can also be downright exhausting and discouraging- pushing us well beyond our limits. Very little about it is easy… and that’s where we come in.

At The Kalon Women Collective™, we’ve assembled a highly skilled team of writers and Midlife specialists, all ready to provide solid information you can trust, through several different venues.

What makes us even more effective: we’re all in Midlife ourselves.
-We’re You!

With our mission of helping Midlife women embrace this exciting and trying time of life, KWC™ provides everything necessary to help you navigate the challenges and concerns of Midlife – and be your very best.

Midlife can feel frightening, lonely, foreign and overwhelming. Why suffer needlessly when with just a bit of help, the right support and info, you can THRIVE?!?

Under the KWC™ umbrella, you’ll find all sorts of tools, tips and tricks to help you conquer Midlife!

Through KWC™ you’ll gain access to Midlife-centric articles and additional content, all carefully chosen with you in mind.

Check Us Out Today. We’re waiting for you!

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