Springtime Hope: Renew Your Concept of Self, of Business, of Life

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In our lifetimes, we live, we move, we have our experiences and our feelings. Sometimes in that process we grow stale. It’s like the old song lyrics: “Is that all there is?”

Scientists have discovered that our cells self-renew. Here’s a peek into one scientific study. Since I’m not a scientist, I don’t know if cells experience peaks and valleys as we humans do, but I think that going through many years of these experiences can have an effect on us unless we make searching for greater understanding more of a priority.

I do know that our society practically worships youthfulness. Youthful slim bodies vs. mature full-bodyness is one example. There are very few grandmas modeling bathing suits on TV.

Our society renews itself as much as our cells do.  Our country, our businesses, and the early days of our own entrepreneurial efforts demonstrate the conditions that lead us to success:

  • A youthful, optimistic mindset
  • An eagerness to work hard and make it happen
  • An openness to new ideas, new constructs
  • A devil-may-care lack of fear about forward progress
  • The willingness to take risks
  • Whether we like it or not, a candid self-examination

Sadly, as time moves along, some of us become complacent. We allow apathy and ennui to enter and take up residence in our minds, our hearts, and our souls. We become rigid in our mental conclusions, and then our bodies follow suite.

John W. Gardner, Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare under Lyndon Johnson,  published many articles and it is mainly this book I quote: Self-Renewal: The Individual and the Innovative Society. Amazon carries it in Kindle version and hard copy.

He said “The self-renewing man…looks forward to an endless and unpredictable dialogue between his potentialities and the claims of life – not only the claims he encounters, but the claims he invents.”

Can you see the youth, the renewal in that?  I think it’s about embracing your current place in life and embracing the potentiality that is still there, as yet unexpressed.

The human being does not have to decay or grow old. That concept has been mistaught to us throughout all our lives. It doesn’t make sense to be taught via many philosophies and churches that you are an eternal being, but then taught that you have to decay and die. Does not compute!

Consider that you truly are an eternal being. An eternal being would not grow old, would you? An eternal being would recognize and utilize the vast potential still to be manifested. Here’s a suggestion to help you get back to this youthful viewpoint:

From the mindset that you are eternal, take some time to go back and see why your attitude isn’t youthful and vigorous as it once was? See if you’ve given in to the concept of old age, decay, and death. Go back and re-question everything, and see if in your examination, you can find ways to re-introduce the attitudes behind the bullet list above. See if you have pockets of apathy and stupor and renew them into pockets containing a vital interest in all that’s good.

Frank Lloyd Wright had a favorite aphorism.  “An expert is a man who has stopped thinking because ‘he knows.’”  We’ve always been cautioned against being a know-it-all anyway, and here is one way to see that the caution had some wisdom behind it.

When organizations and societies are young, they are flexible, fluid, not yet paralyzed by rigid specialization and willing to try anything once. From this, springs the natural question of how one might “advance toward maturity without advancing toward rigidity and senility,” to which Gardner answers:  vitality, competence and wisdom.

Here are some ideas to weave into your life for this springtime and for all that follow this one.

  • Pretend there are no social mores other than the Golden Rule: “Do to others what you want them to do to you.”
  • Know that this life contains an Allness of Good that can be activated by youthful, positive, possibility thinking, regardless of where you begin.
  • Consider that everything you might want already exists. All that remains is knowing that, and then claiming the pieces of it that you want.

It’s possible to renew your concept of Self, of Business, of Life. Springtime’s Hope is a great time to begin.

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Pat MatsonPat Matson’s path of life’s unfoldment has led her into the world of copywriting where she lends her expertise to the writing of blogs, ezines, curriculum and articles with a common sense message for entrepreneurs, especially life coaches or spiritual coaches. Pat loves to bring the story inside her clients representing their businesses out into the world that needs it so. In addition to her copywriting, Pat is a Walter Method Teacher of metaphysics where she helps illuminate Life’s Laws for her students. Pat’s Write Mind is her home base.

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