About KWC™ The Other – Woman

the other-woman

‘The Other’… something we all know too well….

When we were young, ‘The Other’ represented our adult life to come; all we would do and be in that amazing and exciting world of Adulthood. In our young minds and hearts, there was nothing we could not do, be or have.

The world was our oyster and we were going to conquer it!

Once we got there and life began to make its demands -as it so often does- perhaps ‘The Other’ came to represent something less rosy; ‘The Other’ life we’d dreamed of and longed for-versus the life that had formed around us -and perhaps because of us- as we were busy simply trying to survive and endure.

The Self we wished to be versus the Self we had forced upon us.
The choices we desired to make-versus the ones we made.
The What Might’ve Been’s versus The What Is….
Life was shaping us all along the journey – and in ways perhaps we never saw coming.

And, as the snowball of Life continued to roll, ‘The Other’ is what we woke up to one day: a life filled with obligations, demands, struggles and challenges – all of which morphed us and perhaps squelched us,  shaping us into someone we no longer recognize.

Now, in this stage called Midlife, looking back at ‘The Other’ half of our lives with longing, and looking forward in exhaustion, disillusionment, and perhaps even fear, we wonder if there is any hope. How did we get here -so soon- and what can be done to turn the tide?

We’re here to help and we truly believe Midlife is so much more than just ‘The Other’ older, last half of life! Midlife brings with it, fabulous opportunities and possibilities, if we will only allow ourselves to embrace them.

For over a decade, we’ve been providing help, support, inspiration and comfort to Midlife women and men aged 50 and above.

It’s a mission very near and dear to our hearts – and we want to be here for you as you awaken to ‘The Other’ in your life: The Other side of depression, exhaustion, illness, grief, heartbreak and struggle, where the real and lasting joys of life reside – and where your very best self awaits.

We have walked the path you’re currently on and we’re here to help and inspire.

On our website, you will find informational articles, videos, podcasts and products chosen specifically with you in mind; all the information, support and products necessary to help you become ‘The Other’ You you’ve longed to be; that happy, healthy, fit and vibrant You that embraces life and flourishes!