What I Have Learned About…Staying the Course

A wise man shared with me some challenges in his life. We’d talked about potential solutions, but at the end he said “Naw, it’s my bed. I’m sticking with it.”  I so admired that, because one of things I have learned is about persevering, or as he said, sticking with it.

I learned about sticking with it through my years of running away from problems. I changed jobs a lot. I moved into many different homes and apartments. I dated a lot of men. I thought of myself as a runner, not a perseverer.

I watched others in my life – mainly my siblings – and they didn’t run. They stuck with it, and now they all have nice savings, cool retirements, beautiful homes, great cars, copious vacations and the list is quite long.  I am happy for them, and I’m not jealous, because in my running, I ran smack dab into what I count as the ultimate valuable.

Pretend this is a mystery novel. Now think: what could the ultimate valuable be? I’ll tell you soonest, but let me tell you a few things about the ultimate valuable:

  • It’s invisible. You must be trained to look for it and then trained to see it. I’m trained, so I can see it under obstructions. I get a kick out of pointing it out to others who are not yet trained.
  • It’s always there. It’s the patient sort, standing by, awaiting its call to action.
  • It’s always at the ready when you are.

Still intrigued?  The ultimate valuable is the power of my mind: invisible, always there, always at the ready when I am. I can point it at my problem. I can expect it to provide a solution. Once I kickstart it, it stands in place and purrs out a solution. The solution is invisible too, but once I start thinking about it, I can use it to buy the car or house I need, put money in the bank, take a vacation, communicate with my kids, make new friends, vote for the party of my choice, and manage the appearance of my body when and if I want.

I became good friends with the power of the ultimate valuable through the desire to understand it and to use it. I’m just wired that way. When another wants to learn about it, I teach them how. It is so fun watching their eyes grow wide when they discover their ultimate valuable, invisible, always there, at the ready. And I am joyful when watching their skills at using it grow stronger through their experiences. It also helps to keep me centered on my own life experiences because they motivate me! I have a lot of A Ha! Moments courtesy of my friends.

If you get curious and decide to enter into this Life event to discover your own ultimate valuable, what I’ve learned about perseverance might come in dang handy, because it requires perseverance up the yin yang to get the job moving and then moving forward.

The rewards are immeasurable. Someday, one of your kids might say to you “You stepped outside the box, Mom, and then you shredded it.” Whew, does that feel good. I feel that I’ve earned via my own efforts to learn about and use my ultimate valuable a summa cum laude Ph.D. in life. This makes me a millionaire where it really counts. I am a Cause Master. Every effect in my life has been consciously created using my ultimate valuable, and that is heady recognition.

And what about comparisons with others who have huge laps full of what has to be categorized as “effect.” I say “May even more of the Allness of Good bless them, and may they discover sooner the Fun of Cause.

Pat Matson

I’ve retired from my copywriting business. I’m still teaching metaphysics. If you would like to know what is behind the way I think, pat.matson@gmail.com is the best way to reach me. I want to make hundreds more new friends and share what I’ve learned before it’s time to go toes up. BTW, I’ve always thought living to be 126 was a great idea. I’m working on it.

Pat Matson
Author: Pat Matson

Pat Matson’s path of life’s unfoldment has led her into the world of copywriting where she lends her expertise to the writing of blogs, ezines, curriculum and articles with a common sense message for entrepreneurs, especially life coaches or spiritual coaches. Pat loves to bring the story inside her clients representing their businesses out into the world that needs it so. In addition to her copywriting, Pat is a Walter Method Teacher of metaphysics where she helps illuminate Life’s Laws for her students. Pat’s Write Mind is her home base.

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