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A long-tapered match lights the wicks
of candles scattered throughout a room
soft music drifts in the background.
Steamy water fills a large oval tub
nestled among foliage thriving on sunlight.
Peach nectar rises on bubbles –
Fingers test the heat.

Cut-offs, which shouldn’t be worn
by a woman her age,
a cerulean blue top and lacy undergarment,
worn to make her feel desirable,
slide to the floor as legs, long and lanky,
they used to say,
ease down into her escape.

A teal sponge dips and glides over pores
gathering sweet scented oils.
Eyelids close as tension is released
by hands that remember a lover’s touch.
As the music ends, she rises
to leave her sanctuary,
slipping arms into plush white sleeves.

Crossing the floor, stepping from cool tile
to cream carpet, a drawer is opened –
cradles silk, satin and lace.
Sea mist is the choice for this evening,
it captures the green in eyes that turn
to reflect upon an eyelet quilt,
turned down on an empty bed
that does not notice.

Copyright 2019 Sandra Morgan all rights reserved

Founder/CEO/Editor in Chief Kalön Women Magazine

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