The Beauty of Aging Love

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How many of us, especially when we were younger, have looked at our parents or grandparents and shook our heads, not understanding how they could possibly still be together? The thought of them mature couple 2actually loving each other probably didn’t even enter our minds.

The still common perception about ‘old’ love is that at best it’s turned into a habit. After 20 or 30 or more years together, couples just seem to co-habit instead of LOVE living together, instead of LOVING each other.

It turns out that the rose-colored glasses that we wore in our ’20s and ’30s are not giving us the vision that we need. And it turns out that all kinds of older men and women are so fantastically in love with each other, that they make The Notebook seem like kid’s play.

mature couple 3Have a look at these photos. Will you look at the joy on their faces? But there’s more than just joy, isn’t there?

There is an amazing comfort, ease, well-being, contentment, pleasure in mature couple 4their faces. A joy that can never happen in a relationship 10 or 20 years old because it needs 30 or 40 years to ripen, to bloom and flourish. And maybe we see poignancy too, perhaps from remembering their youth together or from remembering the million experiences they’ve shared together.

Quote from “Seniors are setting the record straight — love and romance aren’t just for the young.  In fact seven in 10 seniors over the age of 75 say they’re never too old for love.”

happy and smiling senior couple in loveThe Revera Report on Romance, compiled by the Revera chain of retirement residences, surveyed older adults aged 75+, Boomers and Gen Yers, to find out about their expectations and experiences with social interaction as they age – including love, romance and companionship. The Report found that just as many seniors have romantic partners as 18 to 30 year olds (approximately 50 per cent for each group).

So where is all this romance taking us? It should take us all on a journey of understanding older men and women way beyond the understanding that we had earlier in our lives.

And it’s certainly confirming that when a couple chooses retirement home living, it is critical that they happy loving senior couple with head to head smiling in parkcontinue to share living space and a bed. We’ve all heard of retirement homes that separate couples’ living accommodations and allow them to be together only in common rooms. How tragic.

The best solution to allowing our older people live their love is to keep them in their own home. Sure that’ll include professional home care, maybe on many levels. But if they have each other for solace and support and contentment, then they can continue to share the love they’ve had for most of their lives. Do they not deserve the expressions on their faces and the feeling in their hearts like the couples in this article?

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