Bored? Not!

Are you bored lately? Let’s look and see what’s out there! First, sit back, relax, and grab your laptop or tablet. Oh, and grab that cup of coffee.

Meetup Groups

There are Meetup groups right at your fingertips. The site proclaims, “Join a local group to meet people, try something new, or do more of what you love”. Pick a subject and a location. Bingo. You can choose from Photography, Food and Drink, Music, Movements, and so on. So much to choose from. Don’t like what you see, well then, start your own group. Perhaps you are a murder mystery fan and would like to join a group solving a murder mystery. Join and do a search. There are also companies out there hosting these games where you can join in on the fun with others.


Much like Meetup groups, local Facebook groups have sprung up everywhere. Become a moderator to share your interests or provide some needed community service. Being a moderator can become a lot of work so be sure to share the load. Read Facebook’s policies on what’s allowed and what’s not. I live in a sparsely populated town with others nearby in the same boat. A mother, who is new in town, decided to start her own group just to find a friend. She offered information about herself and what she was looking for. Within a day she had over two hundred people wanting to join up so they could walk together, have coffee, or just to start a conversation! Another person started a women’s county group to bring together those that were looking for a place to communicate about events going on in different towns.


There’s a local ministry where I live that crochets mats for homeless people out of plastic bags from grocery and clothing stores. People come by, drop off plastic bags, and pick the part of the work they want to do. You don’t have to crochet to participate. We meet twice weekly and yack away the time while working. You can find out what’s going on in your local community just by listening. Plus, you get those good vibes going by making your own contribution to society. Who knows, you might meet a friend or two.


As a former middle and high school teacher, I can’t tell you how many times we were desperate for volunteers for after school activities and fairs. Go visit your granddaughter or grandson’s school, tell them who you are and say, “Hi, I’m here to help out. What can I do for you?” Trust me, they’ll welcome you with open arms. These days if it’s a large school district you may have to bring in the parent with you at first for introductions.

Community Colleges

Have a local college in town or nearby? They have classes you can sign up for. One local college has Tai Chi, Sit and Be Fit, Watercolor Painting, Carving, Computers, and so many other classes. Many colleges print their own separate course catalog, especially for seniors. There are so many classes it may be hard to choose just one. Go check it out online. See, told you could do this at your fingertips!

Ah, the possibilities. And you thought you were bored.


Cleo CraneCleo Crane is a former native Houstonian transplanted out in beautiful East Texas near Angelina Forest. And I love it! Did I mention there’s no traffic? Home is right next to the forest where my husband and three rescue babies (2 dogs and one cat) reside. I aspire to be a prolific writer of sorts while adopting more puppies and kitties (just don’t tell my husband). Ah, yes and the occasional gardening where I tell my husband where to dig for my newest acquisition. He’s a keeper.

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