Best Ways to Personalize Your Workspace and Stay Organized


Whether you’re working remotely, heading into the office, or a hybrid of the two, your workspace is probably looking a little different these days. Now more than ever, it’s important to make your space feel like your own and stay organized with personal touches.

Fortunately, with a few simple steps you can have a workspace that is clean, functional and full of style no matter where you are.

Curated organization: Desk clutter can reduce productivity and create more stress throughout the day. It’s important when organizing your space to group like-minded items together so you always know where they are. What’s more, keep frequently used items by your dominant hand so you can quickly get what you need without missing a beat. Use Noted by Post-it® Acrylic Accessory Trays for pens and pads. Need a place to file papers and other documents? File away with colorful Noted by Post-it® Folios with elastic bungees, keeping everything in its place.

Colorful reminders: Color-coding is great for work organization as well as organizing family to-dos. Noted by Post-it® Planner Dots are a colorful way to keep tabs on your activities and projects. Use them for list making, task reminders or a colorful way to check off. For easy reference and reminders, use Noted by Post-it® Tab Notes on your lists and in your notebooks. And finally, grab a handful of colorful Noted by Post-it® Pens to jot down all your reminders and to-dos.

Think vertical: If your space is small or you’re trying to rethink workflows, explore the potential of vertical spaces. White boards, pin boards or chalk boards can be hung on walls for planning or visual inspiration. Add shelving to help open desk real estate, giving you room to work without clutter, especially useful in small or unique spaces.

Make new habits: Plan your day with intent and use Noted by Post-it® Notebooks for bullet journaling or notetaking. List to-dos and action items to meet your goals with Square Notes and use Weekly Planner pads, marking off each task and to-do. A great way to get ahead of the next day is to plan priority tasks the night before so you can hit the ground running in the morning.

Add art: Your workspace should reflect your personality; consider adding in artwork and photography that match your curated style — but don’t forget, less is more. One key piece of artwork complemented by a family portrait adds a personal touch without unnecessary clutter that starts to look untidy.

Organize your computer desktop: It’s not just your actual desktop that needs organizing, your computer’s digital desktop could use some attention, too. Start by choosing a fun background and screensaver to personalize your technology. Then, go through desktop files, icons and documents and organize what you need into appropriate folders and delete what you don’t.

A few simple steps and you’ll transform any office into a functional and fun space that reflects your personality with style. To learn more and discover other useful tips, visit

There’s probably no real need for you to have your modem and your router sitting on your desk, looking unsightly and blinking at you. Put them on the floor or in a drawer to create a more visually pleasing, less distracting work space.
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