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I read your article last month (‘Going, Going, Gone-Bowel Health, Beauty and You’ Part Two) and appreciated the info. I was wondering though, why you didn’t mention enemas. What are your thoughts on these? Thanks! Stephanie K, Port Angeles, WA


Good question Stephanie! Thanks so much for writing in and asking.

Enemas can be a great adjunct to overall health and beauty regimens in that they flush excess toxins and impacted fecal matter out of the body.

This can be a great help when dealing with inflammatory conditions, migraine episodes and/or ongoing skin conditions like acne, psoriasis or eczema- though I don’t recommend them without the guidance and support of your ND or MD.

There are many types of enemas (coffee, lemon water, etc.) and they accomplish different things in the body, as well as carry different and varied risks.

Enemas can also become rather addictive for some people and with overuse, the urge to eliminate naturally can be lost.

Anal tissue damage can also occur if enemas are used too often or the proper technique of administration isn’t followed carefully.

My 2-part article that you referenced in your question, was written to help the reader gently deal with the issues of constipation/toxic overload and that’s why I discussed the many forms of fiber available and also the importance of maintaining proper hydration-good diet and detoxifying in less ‘invasive’ ways.

I do believe that enemas – when wisely and occasionally used – provide an effective, adjunct way to help the body detox naturally. And as you learned in that 2-part article a detoxed body is a healthy, happy and beautiful body!

Thanks so much for writing in. I hope this helps clarify!

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