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“Words turn probability into fact and by sheer force of definition, translate tendencies into habits.” ~ Fay Weldon

My writing career began in the third grade and like a hook in a fish’s mouth, it’s been reeling me in ever since. Telling you how long would be laughable. Trust me: it’s decades! I want to share many reasons for you to write because of how your life will be enhanced. Here’s why:

writeBoost your spirituality.  I once thought spirituality was intimately connected to a religious organization. When I left that organization, my spirituality had grown a wonderfully strong foundation, some of which stayed in place and some of which was replaced by other ideas.  No matter what you write about, the very act of writing forces you to examine your thinking, your conclusions, the stands you take about issues and whether it’s a hill you want to fight on or not. However you proceed, you are investigating your own position. It might need upgrading, and that happens as you research and write. It might need a congratulatory back slap and you give yourself that as well. In the end, you’ll discover clarification about who you are, what life is about, and what you hold precious and dear. You might even end up writing for a woman’s magazine to share those very ideas with others.

Clarify your position. When you first hear about an idea, you form a conclusion about it. You might like it, or you might hate it, or….even worse …. You might feel all muddled about it. Writing helps you sort through the hatred, the love, and the muddle. It certainly cannot feel good inside to only have “I’m just not sure” to contribute to a conversation. Those “I’m not sure” moments are Life’s invitation to get clear within yourself so that you can return to your natural state of harmony. Begin to tell yourself that you need to think in bullet points about a topic and before you know it; you’ll have lists and lists of wonderful bullet points about lots of topics. Keep a journal of that mental sorting. They’ll make a great basis for some writing in the future.

Sort through challenges. Speaking about bulleted lists, written Pro/Con lists are a fabulous way to help you to come to a comfortable conclusion. In the process of life itself, writing down your reasoning via these lists strengthens your ability to reason, adds clarity to your verbalization, and strengthens your sense of Self. Writing down our Pro/Con lists is a way of running toward the roar. Don’t stand back and allow others to speak their piece thinking their ideas are more valid than yours are. You might only have one or two bullet points, but they are as valid as anyone else’s bullet points. While you are courageously speaking them, others might present themselves to you. I believe that being created in the image and likeness includes the answers to all our questions. Writing nudges those answers from the inside of you to the lists and then out your mouth. It’s a very good thing and thrilling to watch.

Validate the female position. I was born in the 1940’s and this decade was a male-dominated time. When I graduated from high school, women’s jobs were limited to teacher, homemaker, stewardess, secretary and teacher mainly.  How times have changed! Women’s sentiments and feelings were narrowly considered as weak and less than back then. It is the writing of woman which supports the unfoldment of female readers to realize they can do more and become more. I’m suspecting in your mind-of-minds there is a special niche that has become obvious to you across your years of life? I think it’s important to share these insights with other woman and validate the sisterhood.

Convert what’s unimportant into importance. Nothing is unimportant. If it’s important to you and it prompts you to write about it, that alone is a valid reason for writing. Imagine the value of assessing your birth, the deaths of those in your experience, the marriages in your family, the topic of sex, the embrasure of friendship, the development of a career. Any of these will help you to unfold greater understanding about why you’re here in the first place, and then serve others on their own paths. When you shine a light on a topic, you lend importance to it as well you should. If there is an article, a memoir, a book, a business, or a blog inside you that is nagging at you to come out, you will not rest until you do it, because it is the call of Life Itself urging you ever upwards to discover more about yourself.  Don’t fight that feeling.

Bond with other females. I attended an Empowering Woman conference over twelve years ago in the west valley of Los Angeles and there I met the editor of a wonderful magazine called

Kalon Women. My sense of self wasn’t as strong then as it is now and I was overwhelmed with the power behind Ms. Sandra and her movement. “Not me,” I thought. “This is way beyond me.”  I’ve associated with hundreds of other women since then; written for many of them; learned from all of them and I know how much it has helped me to unfold a stronger sense of self. How my writing has helped me to learn! I can highly recommend female interfacing.

Overcome the fears about the value of your thoughts. Your ideas, your “take” on things, your way of conveying them are as valid as the next girl’s. It takes considerable courage in the early days to put your thoughts down on paper. When you discover that no one has died from reading your words, you become encouraged to write down the next good thing and the things after that. It’s the unfoldment of the virtue of courage within you which displays itself after you figure out that there’s no such thing as “the norm.”  There is only the uniqueness of individuality and each of us arrived with a full dose of it. Might as well sprinkle it around liberally because it IS very valuable – just as valuable as the next woman’s.

You owe it to yourself. In our quest to unfold the details of Self and through conscious recognition, enjoy them, I know of no other way than through writing. Of course, silly Pat, that’s because it’s your way and you know it best! What about artists? Sculptors? Mothers? Administrative Assistants?  Yes, yes, and yes. They’ve all got ways to unfold more of self, but other paths don’t seem to demand the drilling down into the details the way that writing does. There is a discipline out there which encourages you to write three pages every day. The writing can be about anything you choose. It’s a great way to get inside your Self and discover why the kingdom of heaven is within and at hand.

If you tell your stories, you can move on with your life. If you don’t, they’re stuck inside you. It’s in the telling that both you and the reader are benefitted.

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Pat Matson’s path of life’s unfoldment has led her into the world of copywriting where she lends her expertise to the writing of blogs, ezines, curriculum and articles with a common sense message for entrepreneurs, especially life coaches or spiritual coaches. Pat loves to bring the story inside her clients representing their businesses out into the world that needs it so. In addition to her copywriting, Pat is a Walter Method Teacher of metaphysics where she helps illuminate Life’s Laws for her students. Pat’s Write Mind is her home base.


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