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Noah Webster describes desire as “an emotion or excitement of the mind, directed to the attainment or possession of an object from which pleasure, sensual, intellectual or spiritual, is expected.” In his second definition he says that “Desire is that internal act, which, by influencing the will, makes us proceed to action.” It’s also “a passion excited by the love of an object.”

Those definitions serve as a foundation from which we can all understand desire even more because it’s incredibly powerful, and I’m confident you’d love to harness that power. First of all, desire arrived on this earth when you arrived because it’s intrinsic to you. I have learned that it’s an innate part of my nature and of yours. And, it’s on automatic. Think of tiny infants crying to be fed. That’s desire at work. Think of a school-aged child working for good grades. That’s desire at work. Think about wanting to get your own apartment or house. That is desire at work.

Desire is a kick-starter, a motivator, an initiator, a wisher, a petitioner, an asker if you will.

In metaphysics, Desire is called the first step of the Mental Triune Action. Desire begins the process from within; it immediately leaps over to the second step – Knowing. Then Knowing – with its wonderful tool call Reason – gets us to the third step which is Feeling, and hopefully a Feeling of Total Completion. It’s at this third step that manifestation occurs.

I’ve learned that some desires are worth the next two steps and some are not. I’ve got this whirligig of a mind, and I know that if I ran after every single desire that arose, I’d go nuts, ladies. Literally, nuts. So I’ve learned to classify my desires. Do I really want that enough to go through the process for it? How important is it to me to have that particular desire? If I get that desire, will I care two winks about it in a few months?  I’m grateful to have learned to be more selective as I’ve matured.

So what do you have to do with desire when it does arise? Not. One. Thing… beyond noticing it.  It’s on autopilot, so all you have to do is wait for it and observe it. Once you see it, then notice how it moves immediately into mind’s second position, Knowing or Thinking or Reason. All three of those words describe the mind’s activity. It’s here that you get to say “Yes, I want it” or “No, it doesn’t fit my path.” Notice that it is you who is the initiator and you who are the decider.

I was completely flap jawed when I learned that I was the one in charge of everything and that before all the experiences happened (or did not happen,) it was my thought processes that were causing them! Now let me assure you that if you aren’t aware of all this in your life, it is nonetheless happening behind the scenes. It’s life’s science, and the durn thing is invisible! So this is where you need to figure out how to go within (you know, that’s where the Kingdom of Heaven is purported to be) and learn to see what is not visible. I learned that my invisible processes were astonishing and magnificent. Now, I can see mine and because of that, I can see others’ processes too.

I chose a spiritual path of unfoldment very early in my life, so my nature has pointed me within since my early years. I have endless gratitude about this. It makes me feel like Mary of whom Jesus said “She has chosen the better part” when Martha complained about her not helping with the household chores. I like my spiritual choices and I like the understanding I have unfolded because of it. And I also like to help others know what I know because it can bring such peace and harmony to your life experience as it has for mine.

I’ve learned that all this info about desire takes hard work. Oh, the first step – the automagic one – is easy. But you can’t just have one fleeting thought of “I want that” and expect it to just show up. The mental work behind reasoning rightly in order to manifest a desire is hard work. I can testify to that. The work lies in convincing oneself without one iota of doubt that you can have what you want. Seems almost silly, doesn’t it?

It isn’t silly. I have learned that doubt and fear are the two main naysayers that keep things from manifesting in our lives and the mental work one has to do to put those two uglies to rest can be a huge challenge. Why is that? Because of beliefs. We believe so many invalid things are valid, and as long as we believe that, we create limitation. We are limited to the precise size and shape of our own beliefs. I believed I had a fat body based on a nickname. Badda bing! My belief created a fat body. I believed we were poor; that poverty was the norm. What do you know? My beliefs created money struggles.

Have I worked to eliminate these beliefs? You better believe it! And you can too. All you have to do is reread my last article about beliefs, and then list them. Then begin to think about them to eliminate all the beliefs you’ve built around them, and you’ll fully understand the rightness of why you ought to have all the desires you want manifested.

Desire is the Father of the thought. Thinking is desire’s Son, and what manifests is the Whole Shadow of what was originally desired – what actually does manifest based on what you have thought. This is a very powerful Mental Triune Process, but it’s got some fabulously easy components:

  • You can think is on the fly. A “special place” is not required.
  • It’s convenient. You always have it with you.
  • It doesn’t take up any space at all. It’s mental. It’s within.
  • It’s one small part of your inheritance.
  • It’s a piece of the “image and likeness” in which you were created.

I love sharing what I’ve learned with you. My desire (and the thinking and the feeling of certainty that follows it) are that you’ll learn to use it and improve your health, wealth, success, and happiness.

Next month, I’ll be writing about Pets.

Pat Matson

I’ve retired from my copywriting business. I’m still teaching metaphysics. If you would like to know what is behind the way I think, pat.matson@gmail.com is the best way to reach me. I want to make hundreds more new friends and share what I’ve learned before it’s time to go toes up. BTW, I’ve always thought living to be 126 was a great idea. I’m working on it.

Pat Matson
Author: Pat Matson

Pat Matson’s path of life’s unfoldment has led her into the world of copywriting where she lends her expertise to the writing of blogs, ezines, curriculum and articles with a common sense message for entrepreneurs, especially life coaches or spiritual coaches. Pat loves to bring the story inside her clients representing their businesses out into the world that needs it so. In addition to her copywriting, Pat is a Walter Method Teacher of metaphysics where she helps illuminate Life’s Laws for her students. Pat’s Write Mind is her home base.

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  • Absolutely great writing! Thank you so much for the insight, I can’t wait to apply the method!

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