Are You Working the Success Trinity Accurately?

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Entrepreneurs are voracious learners and the keenest of observers about life itself and business in particular. When we first began our businesses, we put in helacious numbers of hours to check out the competition, to learn the best methodologies, and to compromise within ourselves between our dreams, our long term goals, and our current budgets. Do you remember those early days?

The internet is rife with “how to” articles and this one may well join that madding throng. It contains what is a spoonful of Truth that’ll help you toward greater financial success, and who among us would turn up our noses at money? Let’s take a look to see if you’re working your success trinity accurately.

Three Key Elements

While there may be hundreds of reasons behind business success, in distilling them, we find three success trinity key elements:

  1. The desire to help others
  2. The skills to help others
  3. Earning enough money

Let’s assume that number two – the skills to help others – are in place and don’t really require discussion for the purposes of this article. Congratulations for all you’ve done to achieve number two. It couldn’t hurt to spend a day once a year to run your own analysis on your skills to be sure you’re current. That leaves number one and number three.

Earning Enough Money. We’ll look at number three first, because for my money, this is the area in which many entrepreneurs make mistakes that could stifle the growth and success of their entrepreneurial efforts. If earning enough money is tantamount in your mind, you won’t be sending out the right vibrations. Your reason for being will be sensed as small, even worse, greedy. With this mindset, you’ll be turning off customers regardless of your honeyed words about your services, because behind them, your customers will be able to sense you counting your money and that’ll be viewed as a major turn off.

Of course, you deserve to be compensated, and you would like to generate enough for your budget however those numbers look to you. Only you can determine how much is enough to fulfill your desires, and there are no numbers in your dreamscape that are evil. The Universe is limitless.

There is an enormous difference between quality and quantity. Quality is the underlying element of goodness in our lives, and being of service to others fits into this category, as does health, friendship, a home, clothes – in fact, anything that fits under the umbrella of “good.” Quantity is about money, but unless the steps toward achieving it fit under the “goodness” umbrella, while it may lead to enormous amounts of money, the end result would be less-than-good and will leave the earner dissatisfied. There’s an old song lyric that says “Is that all there is?” and I can picture a rich man puzzled and dissatisfied at the end of his earning journey without “good” in the formula. Quality (good) has to precede Quantity (money.)

The Desire to Help Others. We’ve saved the best for last: number one, the desire to help others. THIS is definitely classified as good and when you accumulate one good, another good, and another one ad infinitum, what do you have? Quantity, but this time, the formula allows for the unfoldment of quantity – aka money – via service to others. This leads to satisfaction.

Think about someone you know whose life depicts service to others. Wayne Dyer comes to my mind. How good he has to feel knowing how many individuals he helped along his path through life by sharing the truths he discovered. Since I picked him, I thought I’d look up his net worth and guess what I found? $20 million!  Now think of someone you know whose life is mainly about making money? I’ll let you provide that example. Look at their face and tell me if it radiates satisfaction?

Methods for Generating Good Service. It’s critically important to tune into your client. Listen more than you talk so you can really learn about them and about their needs. If you can learn to listen, and then provide what your client really requires (this may be buried beneath their first words to you,) then you can speak to them of the good that will accrue to them when they work with you. The make-money-engine is beginning to crank over.

Make your clients feel appreciated, and listened to. Acknowledge their accomplishments. Celebrate the important dates in their lives: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. And if something difficult is going on, extend yourself a little more to lend your compassionate ear. Always thank your clients because they are your clients. They had lots of others they might have chosen. When you can say “I am SO glad we’re working together” and mean it, they get it and it makes them feel good, too. Think about them when you’re tripping through the internet. If you read an article you know they’d appreciate, send them a link … just because. This is part of the desire to help others.

Do you spend your money buying your client’s products? Now there’s a genuine “good” that proves your desire to help them. Share their marketing links on Facebook or any of the social media sites. Communicate with them regularly to let them know what’s going on in your business. A newsletter is still a great way to stay in touch, but don’t inundate them too often. That takes you over into the “my main gig is making money” column. Help your clients treat their associates well. Brainstorm with them to discover ways they can make their employees feel good about working for them.

When your clients feel that you honor and appreciate them, you are working the good and the money will follow. Go out of your way to help them. Don’t assume an I’m better than you are attitude. We all put our pants on one leg at a time. Take notes during your conversations and jot down names of their kids or significant others so you can speak about them later. This is genuine interest, and it’s genuinely good.

What can you do that sets you apart? Can you give them a 15 minute touch-base call once a month for free? Can you set up a special group in Facebook where they get their questions answered within 24 hours regularly? Can you send them a gift card occasionally for no reason at all, just because? Have a customer raffle and send one of them on a mini-weekend-cruise. If during your regular time with a client, you sense they’re exhausted, ask them what questions they’d like you to answer. Do that in an email and let them go take a nap. Send them a mini/pedi certificate from their town.

Be transparent with them occasionally. They have to know you’re human, a human who cares about them, and as a human, you occasionally have down moments, too. It’s okay to share this with them. And then during the week that follows, send them a hand-written Thank You note for listening to you and tell them how it helped you. Don’t set your expectations for them too high. Check that out and if they tell you it’s too ambitions, develop three mini steps together that they agree are more doable.

With all this good spinning around you, with a mindset in your mind that says “how much,” you will begin to see more money automatically happening, and I can promise you, you are going to feel so satisfied.

Pat MatsonPat Matson is winding down her copywriting career. She’s enjoyed fifteen years of helping others grow their businesses via her writing assistance. She plans to continue to teach metaphysics, her true love, as she is an authorized teacher of the Walter Method of Eschatology. You can reach Pat via email:

Pat Matson
Author: Pat Matson

Pat Matson’s path of life’s unfoldment has led her into the world of copywriting where she lends her expertise to the writing of blogs, ezines, curriculum and articles with a common sense message for entrepreneurs, especially life coaches or spiritual coaches. Pat loves to bring the story inside her clients representing their businesses out into the world that needs it so. In addition to her copywriting, Pat is a Walter Method Teacher of metaphysics where she helps illuminate Life’s Laws for her students. Pat’s Write Mind is her home base.

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