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Fast Facts About Women Consumers:

* Spend 80% of all US consumer dollars, $4.6 trillion per year

* 80% are in charge of handling their families day to day finances

* 42%  are responsible for business purchasing decisions

* 71% “will pay extra for products that are consistent with the image I want to portray”

Kalon Women Magazine™ has been around since 2008 and is considered the E-source for women forty plus. Our readers are made up of Boomer Women (and a few daring men) searching for ways to enhance their lives personally and professionally. This includes information on menopause, health and wellness issues, breast cancer awareness, how to be better at their careers, how to promote their products and services online and offline, how to increase their income and fortune, how to establish a web presence, travel and technology tips, advice, resources and international news.

Those who read Kalon Women Magazine™ are highly educated, professional women between the ages of 40 and 90 looking for an intellectual, interactive, and professional experience. Kalon Women is a distinctive publication website with character, substance, and depth for women with a thirst for knowledge, an opinion, and an interest in self-discovery. These women seek clarity and awareness with respect to both themselves as well as other professional women. Notably, Kalon Women’s readers are among the most valued demographic for all marketers, as they encompass superior purchasing power with regard to both their career and personal lives.

Reader Testimonials

“I appreciate and admire Sandra (Levitin) Morgan as an enormously dynamic woman in the grand tradition of “Let’s get it done, full steam ahead!” I am a bit in awe of what she has achieved to this day with her Kalon Women publication ─ both in quality of material and quantity of subscribers. And I love seeing her passionate devotion to creating a variety of benefits for the group closest to her heart: Women 40+. Ann Barczay Sloan

“Sandra has created an amazing online resource for women. I love the exciting content, the relevant subjects and the fresh approach she and her contributors bring to her followers. I forsee this growing beyond even her wildest dreams and look forward to the ride.” Christi Borden

The quick success of Kalon Women is evidence of Sandra’s dedication, passion and commitment to excellence. My experience of her is a lovely balance of  business and warmth. The community she has created to support the magazine’s  efforts align with her focus of helping women. Keep your eye on this magazine. It’s going places!” Natalie Tucker-Miller“

“Sandra is a networking genius. She uses her extensive talent for publishing and writing to bring together a huge network of individuals who share many common interests.The truly brilliant part of her complex business model is that she has created a virtual highway to insights with No stop signs…wide open road to information, connectivity and expression. I look forward to her publication every month but also to being a welcomed participant.” Pattie Huey

“I can’t say enough about the whole concept of Kalon Women and the magazine. Sandra makes the experience very personal and is so dedicated to her mission that we  fabulous women over 40 can only benefit from her labors of love!” Christine Scioli

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