Wow! Showing Up Can Be So Awesome!

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Last night I SHOWED up at a new Chamber Mixer, one that I had never been to. So I thought since it was being held at Guadalajara Restaurant in Lake Elsinore, CA and I had not been there, I thought I should SHOW UP and check it out.

Well as all my adventures seem to be it was an awesome event, I got to enjoy great food, I was able to tell 40 women about the March 8, 2011 International Women’s Day and give them literature, I was able to also share Kalon Woman with several. Also my name got picked to do a ten minute talk at next months meeting (so I will have to SHOW UP again ), I met a top Executive from Harrah’s Casino who offered to get me some door prizes for my upcoming NAFE Conference May 20 & 21st in Orange County, CA as well as a bus to take Seniors from the Senior park I live for a day at their casino. I am also going to be President again next year for the Social Club at my park. I also met a high ranking person from the new Loma Linda Hospital in my area that is being built who I was going to call to come and speak to my Seniors next year, and he said yes, he is calling me today to get the date. I met the owner of the restaurant, a dynamic woman who offered to come and do cooking classes for both my women’s group and the Seniors at my park FREE, plus also offered door prizes for my conference and my senior group. I met two entertainers that are going to talk to me today, as I have been lining up my entertainers for the Senior park for next year and New Years eve 2011 was the only month I had not booked as our budget is low and most of the groups get much more on that night, but these two people said they could help me and work within my budget, I met some women who will be SHOWING Up at my next months Murrieta For You/NAFE meeting, ran into a former member who will be coming back to next months meeting, and I ran into my Massage Therapist so booked an appointment for today.

All the above happened at one event, that is why I am always saying that SHOWING UP is like a treasure map, you never know what treasure you will find.

The Night before I showed up at another groups event in Riverside, CA at the Canyon Crest Winery, and found I had met the owner and his wife before, was able to share Kalon Woman, my For You/NAFE networks and International Women’s Day with all the women there, found five new prospects who will be showing up at my next Murrieta For You Network meeting and most of all had a great time. I even took a Senior couple from my park who had never been to a business mixer, as they are retired but they loved it and said how warm everyone was and as we left they said “when is the next event we can go with you” as we had so much fun and it was wonderful to be with all ages and all ethnic groups,and both men and women.

The reason I am sharing all this is I know we all work hard, we have so many things we are balancing and many times we get opportunities to SHOW UP somewhere and don’t , so we need to rethink those NO’s and turn them into YES, as I guarantee you will be glad you did, you will find many treasures if you just allow yourself to SHOW IP and be open to what ever experience is there.

I always SHOW UP with a goal in mind. My goal for the two events I went to were: Meet prospects for my Murrieta For You/NAFE network, share Kalon Woman with the women over 40, tell all the Women about International Women’s Day March 8, 2011 in twelve cities across the US and give them the website, find individuals willing to donate door prizes for my Senior group and my upcoming NAFE conference,, see what I could do to also HELP THEM soar to greatness, but most of all to have FUN. As adding FUN to our lives is a good thing.

So I want you to start thinking about ASKING for what it is you want, SHOWING UP with a plan and I guarantee you will be glad you did. Be sure and be part of International Women’s Day March 8, 2011 go to right now and sign up, become a volunteer, there are many cities that this event is being held. Our own dynamic Sandra Levitin the CEO of Kalon Woman is the Leader for the International Women’s Day event in Houston. If you are in Texas you need to be there to support her as she is going to have an incredible event. I will be SHOWING UP at the LA event, but there are also many other cities to select to be a part of. Remember this is our time, a hundred years is worth celebrating, its also the same day of my 75th birthday so it will be a double celebration for me.

I would love hearing your SHOW UP and ASK stories, so be sure and share them with me, email me at and check out my other blog at my website is

So have a great SHOW UP day my friend, as its so powerful and magic does happen.

Robbie Motter

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  1. Merle says:

    Dear Robbie,

    Thank you, for all the time you give and sharing your information. You are Amazing.



  2. Great article Robbie–It’s amazing how you show up and bring such inspiration to us all..

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