Why is social media important in business?

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Social media provides virtually instant access to information throughout the world, thus giving businesses the ability to share news about their products and services with people that were once out of reach. Social media is easily one of the fastest growing (free) benefits of technology today. Not very long ago, businesses were limited to connections with contacts within their neighborhood or at best, their country. The door is now open to share your business with the world.

This seems to beg the question, “How does that apply to my company? I don’t do business with anyone outside of my state!” Indeed, this may be the current case, but remember, social media opens your business door to the world. To explore how that can work for you, consider your current network of connections, both personal and professional. For instance, your Facebook friends include folks like Cousin Joe, High School Friend Susie, and the business owner down the street. These people, known as social media connections, are your core network. They interact with connections that you don’t necessarily have within your core network.

As the result of your core relationships, other relationship opportunities become available within the various social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FastPitch, et al. Social media offers the ability to meet people online that you may never have the opportunity to meet in person. Who knows whom, and with whom can you begin a mutually beneficial alliance? Through social media interaction you can not only develop new personal relationships, but also establish valuable business relationships. Social media can be utilized in the same way that face-to-face meetings such as Happy Hour, Sunday Brunch, conferences and conventions, PTA meetings, and Lion’s Club are utilized. Meet new people. Share experiences and expertise. Develop relationships.

Social media offers relationship-building opportunities that are virtually limitless and, for the most part, they’re free. Through the use of social media, your retail establishment, consulting firm, or service company has access to information, prospects and alliances worldwide. Your advertising opportunities can grow exponentially through the utilization of social media.

Dale Little is a Business Strategist and Speaker based in Northern Virginia. Her clients range from entrepreneurs with a budding idea for a new business to established businesses throughout the United States. Dale contributes articles to DC Examiner.com, Entrepreneur Connect, BizyMoms.com, HR.com, Focus, and Biznik. She has been featured in articles and podcasts for Lowe’s for Pros, All Biz Answers, and George Mason University SBDC. Her organizations include the Society for Human Resource Management and Community Business Partnership.

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