What To Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

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Being an independent and self-sufficient entrepreneur, daily planning and routine tend to put me in a specific mental loop which is wonderful for reaching my goals and get things done.

However, sometimes I can brood and think over and over what to do on a specific topic and before I know it, it is already a few hours later and I am so caught up into the same mental vicious cycle, that the promise of a clear vision is nowhere to be found.

Here are three tips that I have found useful when you look to get clear on what is important to do next:

1)    Go for a walk and distance yourself from the issue at hand. Walking and breathing fresh air have both physiological and psychological benefits. The space you create by distancing yourself from what is in front of you, allows for creative solutions to come in and match your innate guidance.

2)    Get into your body, dance, do yoga, breathe, go upside own.  When you spend prolonged time thinking and are caught up in the mental stream, you lose track of the grounding that comes from being in your body.  Any physical activity you enjoy will succeed in that, and once more by being grounded you can tap into your guidance.

3)    Make a list of the pros and cons of option A and option B. Get it all out on paper and visually see which option has the most pros.  Even though this is a mental activity it nevertheless allows for the outward materialization of your concerns, doubts, fears and whatever may have been in your mind that was blocking a leeway to what was important in the first place.

Experiment with the above tips, note your experience, and please share it with us on the Kalon Women Blog!

About the author: Liliane Mavridara is a published author, poet, book writing mentor and creative groupwork facilitator who supports entrepreneurs in the healing and creative arts to have a successful business, make a difference and have fun all along.  www.livebrightlythebook.com.

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