What to Do About Hair Loss During Menopause

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hair loss and menopause

‘Crowning Glory’… throughout the centuries, a woman’s head of hair has been romanticized the world over, and for good reason.

Not only does a woman’s hair represent sexuality, passion, beauty and lust- total unadulterated Femaleness; it also provides an accurate and very public picture of her innermost  health, and a glimpse into her personality as well.

On a sad note,  it’s now estimated that 1 in 5 Menopausal women experience significant hair loss.

It’s well documented that Menopause dramatically alters the texture of hair follicles, at times completely altering the wave patterns and structure of the hair, aside from the usual color changes so often associated with the passage of time and the onset of the Menopause process.

While yes, it is correct that some of these changes can be genetic and perfectly normal- many of these Menopause-related hair changes take place because of: 

1. ever increasing hormone imbalances; chiefly the loss of estrogen and the imbalance of testosterone an/or androgen                                                           -and-

2. underlying health issues that either accompany the Menopause process or are unrelated but  serve to greatly exacerbate and complicate the process.

To better understand, let’s take a closer look at just how Menopause affects hair…

Menopause often triggers dramatic changes in the skin and its appendages, the hair and nails.

With Menopause, androgen/estrogen rations become skewed. Androgen is produced by the adrenal glands, ovaries and also fat cells to help women during Menopause but can cause problems if not kept in check.

Estrogen is required to keep a woman’s hair and skin healthy, radiant, moist and resilient.  As estrogen levels decline, membranes and tissues begin to dehydrate, thin and become parched.

With declining hormones, comes declining sebum production. Less sebum production equals more dryness.

When talking Skin Health, one needs to look approximately 28 days in the past to determine what has worked well for the skin- or has damaged it, because the cellular life span of a skin cell is approximately 28-32 days.

What you ate and drank, what medications you took-or didn’t , what skin care products you used- or didn’t, all have bearing on the skin that now resides on the surface of your face at this very moment in time.

When talking HAIR Health however, one needs to look farther into the past. It’s believed as hair grows at a slower rate, a more accurate assessment is provided by looking as far back as three months into the past to gauge what has negatively- or positively- impacted hair growth/hair loss/hair health in general.

Simply put, the hair you have now, you either took care of, properly hydrated and nourished for the past three months- or didn’t.

Aside from the natural hormone decline that occurs during Menopause, there are several other conditions that a woman should seriously consider if she’s experiencing hair loss.

Conditions such as: thyroid problems, anemia, stress, excess insulin production, drug use, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, ovary issues such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), and adrenal issues all contribute to hair loss/female pattern baldness in women.

Once you’ve gotten your hormones checked and brought in to balance, it’s very wise to check into one or more of the above listed medical conditions if hair loss continues, just to be on the safe side.

And as with almost every single health condition on the planet: do everything within your power to get your stress levels under control and minimized. Yes it matters, especially where beauty is concerned!

Now a word about sulfate containing shampoos and conditioners:

Sodium Laureth Sulfate and also Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are foaming agents routinely used in grooming products like shampoos, bath soaps, shower gels, and toothpastes.

Both of these ingredients are known to be highly irritating and toxic to human tissues and also have been shown to greatly damage and parch hair follicles. If hair loss is a concern, make a switch to more natural hair products.

Using moisturizing deep conditioners  weekly and getting regular hair trims – approximately every 4-6 weeks- will also help keep your follicles happy.

Those folks who know me, know that I’m a redhead whose mane has more than developed a mind of its own. To be clear: my curls have become Medusa-esque in nature. Just the other night, my hair was referred to as ‘Whimsical’. ( I’m still not sure this was a compliment but will take it as such…)

So, that said, it’s with great fanfare that I now do something I never do, and that is: endorse a product.

Much to my sheer delight and amazement, last month I discovered a hair iron that is a godsend to Menopausal women.  This is no ordinary hair iron but is in fact one that leaves Menopausal hair feeling like silk and imparts moisture into the hair follicles- if used properly.

This Implement of the Heavens was purchased through HerStyler.com, is called the Cobra and has given me a new lease on life.

The Tourmaline plates of this particular hair iron produce negative ions which eliminate frizz, moisturize the hair follicles and provide fabulous shine. Coupled with the Argon Oil Serum,  after a few treatments, my Menopausal hair is better looking and feeling  than it was in my twenties!

For the record I do NOT receive any kickbacks from this company and they aren’t even aware that I’m endorsing them here so please, take my words to heart safely.

If you’ve ruled out underlying health issues, have had your sex hormones balanced and are still struggling with dehydrated or falling hair, take my best advice and:

1. eliminate or work to control stress

2. nourish yourself well and wisely

3. stay hydrated because yes it matters

4. change to more naturally based shampoos and conditioners

5. indulge in scalp massages, regular trims and deep moisture masks

6. try the Cobra hair iron and Argon Serum

In this fast paced world, a woman’s mane is still the ultimate force to be reckoned with- and we all should reconnect with the sensuous joy that is our Crowning Glory!

By Carrie E. Pierce

Carrie Pierce has worked exclusively in the skin, health, and beauty industries for 26 years. She is a licensed Aesthetician, Film and TV makeup artist and has built a solid international reputation as a holistic, menopausal skin expert.  


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