What I Have Learned… About Being Satisfied

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Are you pleased with who you are? Pleased with what you’ve done in your life? Pleased with your business, your relationships, your state of mind?

In my favorite dictionary (Webster’s 1828 edition) the word satisfied is defined as having the desires fully gratified; made content. Do you feel gratified or content?

My life has had so many ups and downs. There were times when the peaks were hardly visible from the depth of the valleys.  When I look back now though, I can see how the work I’ve done to understand myself and my life have leveled out the highest of the high and the lowest of the low because now I understand what truly makes me happy, harmonious and satisfied.

When I was growing up, I used to ask my Father what he wanted for Christmas. He always said the same thing: razor blades and a plug of tobacco. Simple things. And it is simple things now that satisfy me:

  • I love visits with my grandchildren
  • I love dinners with my friends, The Hills Angels
  • I love home improvements
  • I love the day my cleaning lady cleans
  • I love payday
  • I love paying bills
  • I love staying current on Facebook
  • I love getting texts from my sons
  • I love drinking cold water
  • I love the things that please other people

I used to want “stuff” but after many years of getting that “stuff,” I found that it didn’t satisfy me. I finally began to ask the right questions:

  • What do you find satisfying?
  • How much of whatever that is does it take?
  • Are other people involved in making you satisfied?
  • What is the real cause of satisfaction?
  • What feelings go along with satisfaction?

For me, satisfaction has been a life-long effort. Experimenting. Refining. Trying again. What I’ve learned is that real satisfaction is a mental mindset. It has nothing to do with anything outside my mind such as a friend, a house, a car, clothing, etc.

I’ve learned that when I am experiencing ease of mind, I feel satisfied. Ease of mind comes to me when I align myself with Life’s Truths; when I know that I’m doing all I can (and what is necessary) to keep an easy flow going in my life. Then, I feel satisfied.

I have learned that simply feeling good leads to a sense of satisfaction. There’s no acquisition of anything in feeling good. It’s a state of being and it’s also aligned with Life’s Principles and Truths. I ask myself often “How are you feeling?” and I am honest when I answer. If the answer isn’t “Good,” I stop right then and make the correction so that the answer can be “Good.”

I’ve learned to be fully conscious of the good that is surrounding me and happening right now. At any moment and at the drop of a hat, I can create a list of good stuff that’s in my immediate vicinity and unfolding the ability to do that is a big part of what saves me from frustration, anger, or hopelessness. This is a habit worth working on. I cultivated mine sitting in traffic.

I saved this topic of satisfaction for my last article this year because satisfaction is my ardent wish for you. What you think about something – anything – is always there running in the background behind the work that you do, the dates you go on, the business relationships you build, the very life you are living. I have learned that to foster satisfaction behind the scenes in my mind creates satisfaction and then the things I – shall we say – merely do, also provide satisfaction, full contentment. Who could ask for anything more?

Pat Matson

I’ve retired from my copywriting business. I’m still teaching metaphysics. If you would like to know what is behind the way I think, pat.matson@gmail.com is the best way to reach me. I want to make hundreds more new friends and share what I’ve learned before it’s time to go toes up. BTW, I’ve always thought living to be 126 was a great idea. I’m working on it.

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