Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa-Like Haven of Self-Care

As Americans are spending more time at home in response to the pandemic, many are looking for ways to turn their living spaces into retreats of calm, comfort and well-being.

For some people, that’s meant major renovations. For others, it’s meant making select improvements designed to add more tranquility and/or enjoyment to their lives in what has become a somewhat uncertain world. It’s not so surprising then that home-improvement contractors listing their services on Houzz saw a 58% boost in homeowner requests in June 2020, relative to June 2019.

“In terms of design, I think people are seeing their living spaces as their refuges — sanctuaries where they’re safe and comforted,” notes architect Ryan Leidner on Dwell.com. “As the outside world becomes less touchable, I can see a great desire for the materials, textures and objects within our homes to have more of a tactile quality that invites us to use them. And I can see people getting more creative and interested in ways to bring the outside in, possibly re-imagining their living spaces as indoor gardens and landscapes.”

A prime area of focus for many homeowners has been their bathrooms, which are now being converted into spa-like havens of self-care, instead of just functional spaces. At the same time, many are adding features that aim for better cleanliness, sustainability and multi-generational living.

If “your own private spa” sounds like the perfect place for your family to re-energize and rejuvenate from the cares of each day, here are ideas for creating such a space in your home.

Add an extra-deep soaking tub. Gone are the days when a bath meant scrunching your limbs into a cramped basin of water and trying to stay warm. Today’s roomy bathtubs are designed to let you stretch out and relax, fully immersed, in a soothing surround of hydrotherapeutic luxury.

Install a curbless shower and linear drain. The most progressive shower configurations are ergonomically constructed with sleek, curb-free, ADA-compliant entries, so family members need not step in and out, but merely walk in. In conjunction, forward-thinking company QuickDrain USA offers ShowerLine PVC Linear Drains that swiftly eliminate surface water using one-directional sloping and smart engineering techniques developed in Europe. Unlike more traditional drains, a linear drain also allows for freedom of design; because it appears as an unobtrusive strip aligned with your shower wall, you can choose any kind of material for the rest of your shower floor — even larger-sized tiles. That means fewer seams that can collect mold, mildew and grime, and less cleaning for you.

Invest in voice-activated smart features. With a few technology and equipment upgrades, Alexa, Siri or Google Home can now run your bath at your temperature of choice, power up your shower, light up your mirror, warm your toilet seat, diffuse your favorite fragrance, play all your top tunes and perform a number of other functions aimed at customizing your home spa experience and boosting its luxury level.

Incorporate a steam shower. Equipment added right into your shower stall can pipe in fresh steam customized by temperature and duration. “Bathing” in the vapor can feel wonderfully soothing and hydrating, and it’s said to produce health benefits ranging from better circulation and sinus drainage to clearer skin and rejuvenation of tired muscles.

Treat yourself to a towel warmer. Those living in cold climates may especially appreciate the luxury of having a warm, cozy towel in which to snuggle up after a relaxing bath or shower. These handy pieces of hardware are relatively easy to install and can be well worth the investment in terms of comfort.

When it comes to coping with the extra stress of COVID, your home can become a sanctuary that helps you relax and recharge. Consider making upgrades that will make time at home more peaceful and enjoyable for you and your family.

QuickDrain USA creates European-inspired shower systems designed to be sleeker, cleaner, more ergonomic and more efficient than traditional showers. They aim for sustainability by making many products from recycled materials. Find more information at QuickDrainUSA.com.

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