Top 5 Secrets to Getting Noticed and Snagging That New Job Opportunity

We’ve all been there: You embark on the job hunt and you’re full of excitement for what’s ahead — but you sometimes feel like one name in a sea of candidates, trying to figure out the hacks to break through, get noticed, and land that interview (and job offer!).

If this sounds all-too-familiar, you’re not alone — but the good news is LinkedIn is letting us in on the top 5 secrets to getting noticed and snagging that new job opportunity.

Get ahead of the pack: There are 100 million job applications on LinkedIn every month. This may sound overwhelming as a job seeker, but remember this: getting a head start can make all the difference. In fact, LinkedIn research shows that being one of the first to apply to a job can increase your chances of landing a job by 4x. Tip: Sign up for LinkedIn Job Alerts which will send you a notification within minutes of a relevant job posting.

Spruce up your online presence: A picture might say 1,000 words, but a strong LinkedIn profile can say a million. Refresh your profile photo, relevant skills, experience and summary section so that you show up in hiring managers’ searches. It’s a good idea to put in this work ahead of time because once you capture a recruiter’s interest, you want your profile to showcase why you’re the best for the job. Tip: Check out LinkedIn’s new “Featured” section, which allows you to showcase samples of your work on your profile.

Brush up on your skills — and let the world know: Showcasing your skills can make all the difference when it comes to being considered for a job. Everything you’ve learned from your past experience, education, courses and more make up who you are and how you shine as a professional — including hard skills, soft skills and transferable skills that round out everything you bring to the table. Tip: LinkedIn Learning offers 15,000 courses to help you brush up on or learn new skills, and taking a Skill Assessment validates your skills and displays them on your profile (according to LinkedIn, people who complete Skill Assessments are up to 30% more likely to get hired).

Use your secret weapon (people you know): You never know where reaching out to a connection on LinkedIn might lead. Getting introduced to someone through people you know and are connected to on LinkedIn can increase your chances of getting hired by 9x. And the best part is, you have this invaluable tool right at your fingertips! Tip: Start with your family and friends first (you never know who they’re connected to online) and consider joining LinkedIn Groups, where professionals in the same industry or with similar interests can share their insights and experiences, ask for guidance and build valuable connections.

Put in the practice: According to LinkedIn, 54% of job seekers say the interview phase is “moderately to extremely challenging” due to two reasons: uncertainty and lack of confidence. The trick? It’s all about preparation. Get ahead of the interview jitters by putting in the time, research and practice sessions to be sure you’re on your A-game when you walk through the door. Tip: Sign up for LinkedIn’s Premium Career Subscription and get the most out of it by using Interview Prep tools which offer videos and tips from experts and hiring managers to answer the most common interview questions. And, if you’re interviewing for a sales or finance-related job, LinkedIn has interview preparation tools that you can use for the nearly 2 million jobs in sales and finance on LinkedIn*.

LinkedIn has millions of jobs and the right one for you. And remember all the tools you have right at your fingertips to land the opportunity of your dreams!

*Methodology: research was conducted using LinkedIn Talent Insights that found 1.8 million open jobs on LinkedIn in sales and finance functions as of January 2020.

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