Three Tips To Effectively Navigate Frustration

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It seems to be up in the air and around people I speak lately, the sense that there is irritation, a feeling of being on the edge, frustration and yet, hope and optimism for the changes underway.

To a certain degree, irritation can be the result of uncertainty and mis-communication.  Especially if you are a perfectionist like I tend to be (getting better as time goes on!), when things don’t go the way you planned or the way you want them to, you may get frustrated because of losing control of the situation.

There is also a heavy astrological influence these days and with Mars in Virgo for the next few months we are learning how to harness our energy for moving forward, our strength and courage, our assertion or lack there-of, while staying grounded and methodical about our pursuits. On the flip side for those of us in the perfectionist camp, this can create heavier friction and self-criticism as Virgo tends to focus on the minute details and loose grasp of the bigger picture when under stress.

Here are three tips you can use when you feel frustrated:

1)      Take a breath before you speak; pinch yourself if you need to so as to energetically shift your perception.

2)      Be patient! Remember that not everyone thinks nor responds the way you do. If you feel your point has not made its way across, take a breath and re-introduce it.

3)      Note your self-talk; I will not clarify here between positive and negative as I trust that if you do praise yourself throughout the day for what you do and how you think, you will continue doing so!.

However, if you catch yourself in “beating-up” mode for a decision you made or for a course of action you committed or not to, pause. This is the voice of the perfectionist within where there is no room for mistakes.

Please consider how you can handle the situation that triggers you in a different way; there is always a different way and you have to allow room for it to emerge.

About the author: Liliane Mavridara is a published author, poet, mentor and creative groupwork facilitator who supports holistic practitioners and coaches to build their expert status through blog and book writing.

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