Secrets of Sales Success

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‘Making the Sale’ is the end result of what you and your business team do cumulatively.   Sales techniques are often defined by specific words or actions at the conclusion of a ‘sales’ dialogue.  When you consider all the aspects of your Company’s persona, you come to realize that the sum is indeed made up of many parts… Knowledge, Belief, Understanding, Promotion, Communication, the action of the Sale, and  Feedback.

Knowledge of your product and your industry. Know and understand everything you possibly can about what you’re selling.  Don’t stop there.  Stay current on all industry and business developments.  You have to be on the cutting edge!  Attend trade shows, Subscribe to industry periodicals, Join online forums

Belief in your product. You have to know, in your heart, that your product(s) or service(s) is the best there is!  If you have trouble with this one, there’s no need to throw the baby out with the bath water.  Make notes and lists about the pros and cons of what you sell. Determine the problem and solve it. Brainstorm with a trusted peer, Enlist the guidance of a mentor

Understand your market. Define your target market with extreme detail.  Recognize the emotional need your product or service fills, or the problem that your company solves.  Understand your competitors.  Is their target market truly the same market as yours?  What sets your company apart from them?

No one will Promote your business like you will. When you know your product and you believe in your company, marketing becomes effortless.  Pragmatic marketing is a must, but emotional marketing is a bonus.  Just as a sincere, joyous greeting opens the door to conversation, genuine enthusiasm for your product or service sells to your customer.  Network in person and online, Be free with your business cards, Build alliances

Keep lines of Communication open.  Listening is more important than speaking.  Note your prospects tone of voice and body language.  Keep the conversation going by asking open-ended questions that aid you in how to ‘solve’ their problem.  Count to 3 before responding in conversation, Provide communication options

Ask for the Sale. No games, no subterfuge… just simply ask for the sale. Make the sale easy for everyone… Buy Now button on your web site, cash register easily accessible in your store, knowledgeable closers. Check out PayPal and cell phone entry credit card companies, Provide obvious and easily understood signage offering purchase options

Learn from Feedback. Every experience is an opportunity to learn how to do a better job.  Listen eagerly to comments, concerns and suggestions from customers, employees, and peers.  Take notes, Host peer reviews, Provide customer feedback options

Knowledge, Belief, Understanding, Promotion, Communication, the action of the Sale, and  Feedback combine to create a remarkable outcome every time, with every customer or client.  These are the Secrets of Sales Success!

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