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Every year I update how the search engines have changed their algorithm. Though Google has not revealed all their algorithm formulas (the way, they index web pages) due to competition they have been transparent to some.As I was researching the topic I came across two fantastic articles that will put you in the know. Why re-invent the wheel right! I would make sure and access both articles the first has some explanations on terms and topics on search engine optimization that became valid late in 2011. The second article gives even more up to date changes and how they will affect your website.In a nutshell – they are giving more preference to original copy and quality fast loading websites with unique attributes. Unfortunately, it is really important to go over your website every year to make sure you keep pace with all the changes – and rank higher in the search engines.

Google Dramatically Changes the Face of SEO in 2012

Google’s Latest The “OMG This Isn’t Really Happening” Algorithm Change By Lahle Wolfe, GuideIf you have a website you probably know what search engine optimization (SEO) is and the purpose it serves in marketing your website to search engines. You probably also know that more than 80% of all Internet users turn to Google for search. MORE…

SEO Analysis of Google Algorithm Search Updates

There is no doubt that come 2012, Google is sure going to implement the content-to-ads ratio. According to Matt Cutts of Google, the testing for measuring this parameters is been conducted. The algorithm also known as “above the fold”, will be aimed at ensuring adverts do not interfere with reading of content. MORE…

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