Rachel Ray ~ Can You Top This?

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This morning,after having my coffee and 2 bites of a muffin, I decided to do some meal preparation for the week.  As I applied myself to my usual multi-tasking procedure, I smiled to myself thinking,” I wonder what Rachel Ray would have to say about this?”

I personally don’t watch her show because I’m not particularly interested in food and I have only been to her web site once. Now I know she does a wonderful job and people seem to love her … but can she beat me in preparing four days’ worth of meals in 45 minutes?  By the way, that includes clean-up time!

Now here’s the way it works:

First, I place all the the things I plan to cook on the counter. Today I decided to cook chicken,salmon, pasta, and rice.  I put the tea kettle on to boil water for the pasta which I cook in a special container.  As soon as I put the water on to boil, I prepare a cup of rice and speldt to cook for 18 minutes in the microwave oven.

I then prepare the salmon and chicken to cook in my toaster oven.  Yes, they can be cooked at the same time, separated by aluminum foil and seasoned accordingly.

While all of that is going on (the water has come to a boil and the pasta is now cooking), I clean and prepare fresh vegetables that I’ll be using in salads.  This includes zucchini, mushrooms,broccoli, and carrots which I shred by hand.

Keep in mind that I do clean up as I move from task to task. I even collect vegetable scraps to feed to my ever-present squirrels in the backyard.  No messy pots and pans…no sink full of clutter.  and yes! I did it all in 45 minutes.  So my question remains:  Rachel Ray ~ Can you top this?  :):)

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