Is Your Ego Holding You Back?

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I must say – I really had to struggle with this one…

I have always been a person who prides themselves in listening to my clients. I also know I have a great eye for style and design (that is where the trouble comes in). Art is subjective and so not everyone will like everything someone designs or has designed.

That is just a reality.

As a professional designer – I tend to want my personal designs/websites etc. to lean toward the dramatic, that is something I enjoy designing as well as looking at – that is who I am.

When you access my website you will see what I mean. One day I received an e-mail from a visitor to this blog, they were really frustrated with the dark background. In fact they continued to tell me that they would not read my information as long as it was on a black background – then doubted my ability as an artist (at least that is what I read…), they then preceded to tell me they would never take the time to read it based on the design .

Initially I was a little perturbed at this, then I begin to feel insulted, I genuinely thought “It has such great information how could they just dismiss it – besides I am an Artist and Designer how dare they question my ability”.

How many of us find ourselves doing this?

After the indignation and a polite e-mail (with a few of my credentials) I had to let them know they were not dealing with an amateur (somebody immature perhaps – but not an amateur!!).

After stewing about it for a day or two I then thought.

Had my ego actually gotten that big? When did I stop listening to the critical but important messages and e-mails I was getting from my viewers. I really needed to take a step back. I have always prided myself on the fact that I didn’t have an over blown ego. Well guess what – reality hit me and knocked me down a peg or two.

How many of you have ever felt like I did, dismissed something that would benefit you and/or your business (perhaps a little ego check would be in order)?

Do you really think about what your customers or visitors are telling you even if it struck a raw nerve? I know I am an expert in a lot of areas, however shouldn’t I take a good look at what is being said before I dismiss it, shouldn’t you, think about it.

How many people really felt the way this individual did but did not take their precious time to e-mail me – and just never came back?

Because of this epiphany (basically being honest with myself). I have decided to change the black back ground. After all, my ultimate goal is to help anyone that wants to benefit from my experience and knowledge – even more important I want to benefit from your knowledge.

Most of all I need to thank that person who took the time to write me a personal e-mail. I am going to invite them back…

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