Is That Your Landing Page? No Thanks!

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Are you as sick as I am seeing plain boring, frankly cookie cutter pages??

The ones that say get this for free! Then once you sign up, they open up another page and go on and on forever and ever until you get to your free item, trying to sell you everything but the kitchen sink?


So now you don’t know if you even want to get it free because they are just trying to trap you into oblivion…

Another thing, have you ever noticed that 99% of all landing pages look alike? They all look like cheap bill boards…

I have even gotten to the point, when I open them up (because I love the subject line) – and see the same old, same old, I close them – I may initially want what the person has to offer – but I am just annoyed.

Landing pages work – but let’s put a little thought and design into them give us something that looks great and flows gently without all the yelling and screaming…

A page that doesn’t have exaggerated headlines and obnoxious neon colors… With clip art and pixilated pictures…

I know that they say if it is not broken don’t fix it, but please – it is an assault to the senses to have to deal with all the garbage looking squeeze pages and advertising that comes.

You can tell these pages have been put together by a page generator or a cookie cutter formula.

I have picked up some great little tools and bargains from some of these offers that I found attractive in look and copy, I am sure I have passed up many more that I could have used due to the obnoxious nature of the pages…

It may be because I am (extremely) right brained, and I am very visual – I guarantee there are a lot of people like me out there. I know we all have different priorities, but if you have an amazing product – with an attractive look you will appeal to everyone that wants what you have to offer.

Just remember, great copy, great look, and amazing product – will get you the results you are looking for.

No more boring, bland, obnoxious, ugly squeeze pages – please!!

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