Going, Going, Gone – Bowel Health, Beauty and You (Part One)

bowel health

For years I’ve taught women that the skin is NOT just a shell covering the internal, squishy organs of the body. It is instead, the body’s largest organ; comprising approximately 5-7% of a person’s body weight. It also serves as the body’s second bowel, third lung and third kidney and is a tremendous indicator of one’s overall health.

I’ve also tried to impress upon women that if it’s beauty they’re after, they’ll never achieve it by focusing on merely the external and/or topical… they will need to look within. WAY DEEP WITHIN… and perhaps to an organ system they’d prefer to ignore.

Bowel health plays a huge and up- until- now greatly misunderstood role in our vitality -and beauty- and over the past couple years, science has begun to unravel the mystery of the dark universe that is our amazing intestinal tract. What they’re discovering about the gut biome is truly astounding- and highly encouraging and empowering, especially where the worlds of disease and beauty are concerned.

It’s now believed by some medical researchers that gut health-or lack thereof- impacts everything from skin conditions like Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and miscellaneous rashes, to allergies and more serious issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Migraines, Schizophrenia, Auto-immune/inflammatory issues, Chronic Fatigue issues, certain Cancers, Arthritis and Hormone Imbalance issues.

Simply put, if your bowels aren’t up to snuff- the rest of you won’t be either!

Meet a term that sounds much more fun than it actually is: ‘Autointoxication’. The world would be a truly joyous place indeed if this word meant we possessed the ability to manufacture our own internal adult beverages whenever and wherever we wanted, but instead, this phrase spells Health and Beauty Doom– and some of us are suffering with it right now- from one degree to another.

According to most medical information, Autointoxication is the act of being poisoned from within by endogenous microorganisms, metabolic wastes, decomposing matter from the intestine, or other toxins produced within the body.

It’s not a happy scenario and it’s now believed that many disease processes stem from this issue. Once your bowels become backed up, the trapped poisons then impact your liver and kidney function as they struggle to eliminate the toxic overload.

Once these supportive organs of elimination reach their point of capacity, they turn to the skin to begin assisting them in the dumping of the accruing poisons. Want zits? This is the fastest way to get them! Pustules are the body’s way of dumping toxins and constipation is Step One of this process.

If you aren’t regularly flushing out intestinal impurities through healthy, regular bowel movements, they begin recirculating in your bloodstream in what is known in naturopathic schools of thought as ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’. This has a huge bearing on how you feel, smell, think, function and LOOK. Say What??

Certain components of bad breath come directly from the colon. Certain rashes, dark under eye circles, palor, blotching, acne breakouts, dryness and bloating come from the colon. Straight up: if your colon ain’t pretty, you won’t be either. But what’s a girl to do? Like most deep, lasting and true Beauty, starting within is always best.

Take a close look at your lifestyle: How’s your daily diet? ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ is a very wise, old adage– for a reason.

Are you staying properly hydrated? Are you consuming enough fresh fruits and vegetables? Are you helping your bowels sweep themselves clean and stay regular by using a high quality, gentle fiber supplement? Are you investing in high quality Pre and Pro biotics to help keep your gut flora balanced?

Do you perhaps occasionally partake of a colonic? Do you perhaps practice Dry Brush Massage? Do enjoy saunas regularly or work up a regular sweat some other way? (Sweating helps lighten the body’s overall toxic burden and this directly assists the bowels.)

In next month’s article we’ll discuss in-depth the things you can begin implementing at home on a day to day basis to assist your bowel in maximizing elimination. You’ll be astounded at how easy it is and what an amazing impact it will have on your skin!

Until Then, Boldly Go!

carrie pierceHealth and Beauty has been Carrie E. Pierce’s career focus for over 28 years. Throughout her career, Carrie has served as: Guest and Corporate Makeup Artist for numerous major, international cosmetic companies and as a Hollywood film, TV and special effects makeup artist. She’s provided skin care and makeup services for the fashion industry, as well as restorative make up procedures for burn and scar patients, cancer patients, domestic violence survivors and women suffering with self-esteem issues.  Carrie is a licensed Aesthetician, Certified Color Analyst, Menopause Skin Care Specialist, Author, Public Speaker and served as co host of the syndicated radio show ‘Magnificent Menopause & Beyond©’. It’s her mission and her passion to help women be the best they can be – especially as they move through Midlife! Find out more www.MidlifeMystique.com

Carrie Pierce
Author: Carrie Pierce

Carrie Pierce has worked exclusively in the Health, Beauty and Entertainment industries for over 30 years. She’s a Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Color Analyst, former Hollywood Film and TV Makeup Artist, syndicated Radio Talk Show Host and a published Author, specializing in Midlife Health and Beauty issues. It’s Carrie’s mission -and her passion- to help make Midlife the very best it can be- for women and men everywhere!

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