Five Tips For Grounding The New Year

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Even though we have already been in 2012 for over a week now, it has taken me as long to find my whereabouts, to establish a clear picture of what I would like to do different this year.

On New Year’s Day I have a ritual of, among other things, doing a dreamboard that encapsulates both the intention I am putting forth for the year and the energies available to me, whether I am consciously aware of them at the time or not.  This year portrays a lot of assertion, independence, love, playfulness and less control, as far as my spontaneous nature goes.

Here are five tips I’d like to share that may ground in a practical way your wishes and aspirations for this year:

1) First of all, please keep in mind that it is your year, thus reflect on what it is you would like to have, do, accomplish not only in your business but also in your personal life, romantic or other, and your social endeavors. Visualize the big picture without focusing on the details.

2) What are the feelings you would like to experience? I.e. fulfillment, being in-love, inspired? Pick three that stand out.

3) How would you like to be perceived in your professional endeavors? I.e. knowledgeable, resourceful, good listener? Pick three.

4) Which area would you like to be emphasized in your life? I.e. is it in the romantic arena, your income, personal development, health regime? Prioritize.

5) Lastly, how will you have fun? Write down three things you love (or would love to do) i.e. taking a zumba class, writing, painting, horseback riding.

If you are visual, create something that captures what you have noted, and if you like writing things down or prefer lists, then put together in a meaningful way what you have noted.  Keep the whole process simple and enjoyable, and place your creation where you can refer to it as often as possible.

About the author: Liliane Mavridara is a published author, poet, writing mentor and creative groupwork facilitator who supports entrepreneurs in the healing and creative arts to have a successful business and a harmonious lifestyle while making a big difference.

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