Exploring Nutrition and Supplements to Help Lower Stress and Anxiety

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Throughout my personal journey to mental wellness, I research information that’s outside of the conventional realm.  Several years ago, I was fortunate to hear of an educational series sponsored by NAMI www.NAMI.org and Safe Harbor www.alternativementalhealth.com It truly changed the way I viewed options available for overcoming anxiety and other mental health disorders.

The two speakers, Dr. Nancy Mullan of Burbank, California and Professor Jim Croxton from Santa Monica College were amazing.  When I share this story told by Professor Croxton, my wish is that it will start a shift in the way you view achieving mental wellness.

Professor Croxton told the audience that when his daughter turned 14, she started displaying symptoms of a mental health condition.  The symptoms worsened so the Croxton’s took their daughter for a psychiatric evaluation.  The diagnosis was devastating.  They were told that their daughter had developed severe schizophrenia and would most likely have to be institutionalized for most of her life if the symptoms could not be managed.  After visiting several other psychiatrists, the diagnosis was the same.  Then a family friend told the Croxton’s about another option.

Their friend suggested that they take their daughter to a nutritional specialist and have her tested for food and mold allergies.  Feeling that they had nothing to lose, they followed this advice and the news was amazing.  Their daughter had a condition called Celiac Disorder, which is an extreme allergy to wheat and gluten.  After just seven days of a wheat and gluten-free diet, their daughter’s symptoms diminished and thereafter disappeared completely.

Much of the information I am sharing comes from books by Julia Ross, The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure.  Gary Null also has books on nutrition to reduce stress and anxiety.  Good Food, Good Mood is one of them.  The Mood Cure is one of my favorite reference books.

Disclaimer:  If you are taking medications, are pregnant or nursing, please consult with your physician or practitioner before beginning a supplement or remedy protocol.

What Feeds the Body, Feeds the Brain

Rather than going into information overload, I’m providing a brief overview of each topic.  If there is any topic on which you would like me to expand, e-mail me and contact information is on my website.

Supplements and Remedies 101

5-HTP and GABA (gamma-amino-butric acid) are two of the many amino acids needed by the body.  “Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They band together in chains to form the stuff from which your life is born. Think of amino acids as Legos for your life.  The essential amino acids must be ingested every day. Failure to get enough of even one of the 10 essential amino acids can result in protein degradation. The human body simply does not store amino acids for later use, as it does with fats and starches.”  (Source:  www.WiseGeek.com)

Amino acids help naturally increase serotonin levels in the brain.  “In the United Kingdom, standard psychiatric practice calls for the addition of tryptophan when SSRI’s or other antidepressants don’t work well.”  (Source: Pharmacological choices after one antidepressant fails: “A survey of UK psychiatrists.”  Book:  The Mood Cure.)

The United Kingdom, in my opinion, is more advanced when it comes to the use of psychiatric medications.  Visit http://www.guardian.co.uk/search?q=mental+health&section= to learn more.

As this information shows, amino acids have many uses.  They can help some achieve relief from stress and anxiety without medication, boost properties of current medication and they can also help minimize withdrawal symptoms when tapering off medication.  “You must get professional advice about how to taper off… Consult with a physician, pharmacist … a professional who really knows the ropes to advise you and your doctor.”  (Source: The Mood Cure.)

Visit www.neuroassist.com to learn more about amino acid therapy.

If you are interested in more detail about any of the information contained in this blog, please e-mail me.  Contact information is on my website.

Calms by Hyland’s www.hylands.com/products/calms.php

“Hyland’s Calms Tablets provide needed relief to symptoms related to nervousness, nervous exhaustion and stress. Many testimonials praise its soothing and calming effect in the face of life’s every-day stresses.”  Hyland’s has other products like Calms Forte as a natural sleep aid and products formulated especially for children.

How do Flower Remedies work?

Flower essences are water-based solutions which contain the essential energies of flowers. They are made by floating flowers in water and allowing the light of the sun (or in some cases the moon or stars) to help the water absorb the energy signature of the flowers. The structure of the water molecule is such that it can store these energies.

When a person places a few drops of a flower essence under the tongue, the energy of the flower floods one’s aura, vibrating at its own special frequency, and can nudge the vibrations in a person’s aura toward their own frequency. This creates an immediate effect on the emotional and spiritual levels of the aura.

Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Remedies) www.bachflower.com/38_Essences.htm

Note:  Both Calms and Flower Remedies such as Rescue Remedy are formulated for adults, children and animals.  There are 38 remedies and you can read about the properties of each one to find the right remedy for you.

El Sereno Essences Flower Remedies www.ElSerenoEssences.com

El Sereno Essences are similar to Bach Flower Remedies and produced locally in California.  Reading the properties of the essences guides you to which one would work best for each issue.

To read more about my story, please visit my website at www.AnxietyWellnessMentor.com

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is provided for your general information only. Kalon Women does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine. Kalon Women under no circumstances recommends particular treatment for specific individuals and in all cases recommends that you consult your physician or local treatment center before pursuing any course of treatment.


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