Driving Free Traffic to Your Website

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I am often asked “what is the best way to drive traffic to my website”. There are so many ways to market your website and get results some take a lot of time to cultivate and some can produce traffic right off the bat.

In order to drive traffic you need to know the options available – and then plan your strategy.

There are free ways – you don’t have to pay money but you do have to spend time to get where you want to go. Those of you on a shoe string budget may not have the cash to advertise or use Pay-Per-Click methods.

Remember even the best designed websites will not produce income unless there is traffic directed to it…

. Free traffic, as the term suggests, implies that you drive traffic to your website free of charge. The most common method of obtaining this involves usingSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. When you optimize your website, search engines view your site as being useful and relevant. This in turn, leads to increase in rankings for your keywords, key phrases.

One thing you must be aware of SEO methods are great for obtaining free traffic in the long term, but it might take as long as six months to a year to see full results.


Search Engines love blogs – the fresh content that is placed in the pages will cause the search engines to pay attention, and it will allow you to gain more exposure for you website. Every business knows the best kind of traffic is targeted visitors – that is exactly what you will get from people who visit your blog and go on to access your website..

You can host your own blog – or use a free version. Just make sure you link back to your website and give plenty of links in your article to redirect traffic

Article Marketing

If you do develop a blog you can re-purpose those article and get them published at article directory sites that have high volumes of traffic. This works to bring in organic search engine traffic within a week (targeted the best kind).

However, as your article moves out of the main pages of the article directories, your traffic is likely to taper off in two to three weeks.

Writing and publishing articles once a week should keep free traffic to your site from dropping off.

Top 10 Article Submission Sites

1. Ezine Articles 2. Article Alley 3. Go Articles 4. Article Dash board 5. Search Warp 6. Buzzle 7. Article Base 8. Article City 9. Idea Marketers 10. Web Source

Social Media Sites

When you do it right Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites can give your blog and website a lot of exposure. You need to post your links, give helpful advice and don’t be afraid to be a giver.

This gives you back links to your website – advertises your business and builds business relationships.

One of the great things you can do to help with time management is to set up your blog article to feed into your social media sites. Showing others (through your articles) that you are a professional gives you credibility.


Having highly positioned sites link to your website will cause Google and other search engines to pull you up higher on the search engine pages – and give greater exposure to your business.

Banner Exchanges

There are also banner exchanges that allow you to post your banner advertisement on the other website when you post one of them on your website. I personally don’t want banners on my website, but if I hada niche site or blog’s that I was using for an affiliate commission I would take advantage of this tactic.


Don’t under estimate what joining the appropriate forums can do. When you join forums that are of interest to your business – it is important to place a link in your signature file. Answer questions – watch posts this goes for others blog’s as well. Post your comments and they usually always link back to your website.

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  1. An excellent article Pamela. Thanks for sharing it with us Sandra!
    Yes indeedy: having an online business demands not only a nonstop stream of creativity but discipline, time and effort as well.
    No ‘get rich schemes’ these online businesses- but slow and steady and QUALITY wins the race!

  2. Pamela Jacob says:

    You are so right! Thanks so much for commenting on my article

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