Do You Have a Personal Goal Contract?

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I have always felt that when we make a contract with ourselves that we have better success of achieving the goals we have set.  So take a look at this contract and read it and sign it and date it, as when complete you will have promised yourself that you would be doing these things and if you don’t do them then you will be disappointing yourself.  Also I find also that rather than writing down goals for 2011 if you would record them on a CD and play them in your car and listen to them everywhere you go, they will happen as they say if you hear something 21 days it gets impacted in your mind and automatically all those things happen, so why not make your personal goal for 2011, sign it and then record your individual goals and listen to them, it works a lot better than writing them down, as in the beginning we write them down and we perhaps read them for a few days and then the paper gets lost and that ends our ready of our goals and keeping them in front of us.  Try the CD version as I know you will see great results.

Personal Goal Contract

In pursuit of ultimate self realization and personal excellence in all dimensions of my life and in order to attain greater happiness for myself and others around me, I now finally and irrevocable commit to the persistent pursuit of the following life plan philosophies and goals:


I am a natural born winner. I was born with the capacity to succeed. It is my duty to mankind, to myself and my creator to fulfill my greatest potential. Success is my birthright. No one can deny it to me but me.

Essential Worthiness

I am an inherently worthy person. I deserve all good things that happen to me. I deserve to be happy.

Ultimate Authority

I cannot control other people or external circumstances but I am responsible for my own attitudes, actions and reactions in every situation. I am free because I exercise the power of risible choice.

Self Trust

I trust myself, I am confident that in every circumstance, I have the ability to evaluate and the intelligence to choose that which is best for me. I am not afraid. I am as assertive as the situation requires. I think clearly and creatively under stress.

Life Dimension

YESTERDAY…is lessons learned and growth attained. The actions I took and the decisions I made yesterday were based on the circumstances and the best knowledge and skills I possessed at the time. While I value the experience of the past; I realize that it cannot be changed so I waste no time or thought on what might have been.

TOMORROW….is opportunities unseized and challenges unmet and I am ready.

TODAY…I live

Constructive Control.

My performance, achievements, lifestyle, peace and happiness are consistent with my positive self image. I practice constructive control of thoughts and concepts which I allow into my mind. I select and nurture those thoughts, ideas and concepts which strengthen my self image and self esteem. I immediately reject all input which is negative or which might detract from my achievement of personal excellence and ultimate self realization.

If my life is not all I desire it to be,

It is what I am willing to settle for

Or I would change it!

Financial Excellence

Earning money is exciting and rewarding.  I have constant unlimited opportunities to exchange my valuable time, knowledge and skills for a substantial income.  My current annual income goal is $______________ and I will increase this amount by a minimum of ______% per year.  I manage my income astutely, providing a comfortable life style for my family and investing a portion of every dollar in our future.  These cumulative investments will soon grow to sufficient assets to produce an annual cash flow which exceeds my own earnings.  This wise management of my money will give me and my family security and freedom of choice in our lifestyle.


I automatically create my own opportunities by the quality and quantity of productivity I require of myself each day.  I instantly recognize opportunities for the accomplishment of my goals and act upon them immediately with boldness and confidence in a manner most appropriate to the desired results.

Obstacle Management

I appreciate that problems, obstacles and challenges are life’s tools for polishing the character, refining the soul and growing the spirit strong.  I welcome the difficult as an opportunity to grow and mature as a human being.

Personal Relationships

I am not a victim.  I will not cooperate with persons who, consciously or unconsciously, wish to convince me that I am the author of their attitudes, the sponsor of their happiness or guilty because they choose to be unhappy or angry.  I do not expect others to validate my essential worthiness or accept responsibility for my emotional welfare.  I consciously cultivate the courage necessary to letting others know who I really am, knowingly choosing the risks of exposure and rejection above the pain of the personal denial of who I am.  I accept the risks and responsibilities of love for family and friends, always showing enthusiasm for their goals and respect for their needs, striving always for greater understanding.

Personal Growth

I daily grow and mature in spiritual, mental and emotional serenity and harmony.  I daily expand my knowledge, skills and abilities, recognizing that my capacity for growth is unlimited.  I daily seek a sanctuary for thought, reflection and creative rejuvenation.  I nourish, cherish and respect my mind, body and soul as a unique gift.

Personal Excellence

I daily demand the best of which I am capable, recognizing that God grants me the time and space of each day to be the best me I can possible be.  The choice of using this precious gift wisely or foolishly is mine alone.

Fair Trader

I believe there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Therefore, I am a fair trader – trading value for value.  I trade persistence for results, work for production, production for rewards, dedication and performance for personal satisfaction and physical and mental discipline for a finely tuned mind and body.


Beginning this moment, I make the achievement of these life goals a reality by making the most enthusiastic contribution of which I am capable and rendering the fullest possible service in the capacity of (*)__________________________________.


Signed_______________________________________   Date______________

Remember when you sign this you are making a contract with yourself to achieve all that you agreed on.  This is very powerful, sign it and keep the whole contract and read it and you will be amazed at the results.

Robbie Motter

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  1. Wow! This is great. So often I find it hard to motivate myself. I know what I want, but often I get distracted on how to get there. I am going to print this out and hang it on my wall. Thanks so much for sharing.


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