Do You Have a Custom Website?

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There are some huge misconceptions out there. People who are smart and savvy when it comes to business really don’t know the difference between websites, customized websites, and custom websites. I must admit a lot of web people, and websites play fast and loose with the terms but there is a big difference between each of them. You really have to ask questions when you have someone do a website for you.

It seems everyone is saying they do custom websites – but do they? What is the difference?

Template Website– is a website that has been pre-built, and you are buying it as is. A good example is a Word Press Blog that is used as a website – the template may already have been designed you just plug in your business name, copy and possibly some pictures. These types of websites are sold over and over again. They are the Least Expensive Choice.

Customized website – is a website that is put together as a template, but you customize it with your own banner and other small tweaks. Because you do have some customization, it will be more expensive than a template website but less expensive than an actual custom website.

Custom Website – is a website that is built from the ground floor up. The idea is visualized, written down then designed. Some web designers actually sketch the website out and then use a program like Photoshop to create the images needed for the interface of the website.

Once the images are designed, and the client approves them than the process begins. The images need to be cut apart and reassembled into a web page with html. The navigation of a website is another type of code typically JavaScript – and then if you want some movement you may use some flash or other type of animation that is also created from scratch.

People like custom websites because they want to brand their business with a certain look and feel. The website and all marketing materials will have the same logo, color, typography, etc. The copyright is owned by the business. As you can imagine this type of website is the most expensive. People who do custom website can also (usually) do graphic design, so they can develop your business card and logo, do brochures and fliers, folders and any type of promotional material you can think of. I have always done custom websites and everything that goes with that. I am inexpensive compared to other companies who truly do custom websites, but it will still cost more – because it takes more time and some talent to design custom items.

One of the hottest things going right now are Word Press websites – these are blog’s that are used as websites combined with a blog. The allure of this type of website is that business owner can update text on their own websites. These can also fit into all the categories that I have listed above. And search engines love these types of sites

So often a lot of so called web developer’s scam people who really do not know the ins and outs of having a business on the internet. They take advantage of their lack of knowledge just to fill their pockets. It gives a bad name to those in my profession.

I also hear “I can get a website done for much less than that”. They don’t realize that they are not getting a CUSTOM WEBSITE… 99 times out of 100 they are being quoted a template or a customized website.

Ask the hard questions when you hire a designer – make sure you are getting what you pay for. Maybe you do not want a custom website and a template or customized website is all you need – but at least be aware of the difference.

One more thing to think about – make sure your web person can do all the things to make your websites more search engine friendly this also takes a lot more attention to details – and things on the back end that you don’t see. However, it is well worth the extra price.

I think I am going to come up with questions to ask – sheet for those of you who are thinking about having a website designed or re-designed. That way, you will know the answers to the questions and when you ask, and the person doesn’t give you the right answer you can find someone else!

One more thing, I am going to be coming out with some customized websites and templates. I am thinking about having a section of templates and customizable websites for those of you who just don’t have the budget to have a customized website. When I do you will be the first to know.

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