Design vs Content

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OK… So the debate rages on. One type of person believes the design is not important it is the content that makes the difference..

Then the other type of person thinks the design is all that is important – the content is secondary. I hear it all the time and it…

Drives Me Crazy!!

Being an artist at heart I am very visual and so design is absolutely essential.

Being a business woman my clients and website visitors are important to me and I believe that content of the site and the information you give your clients is also absolutely essential.

Being a successful entrepreneur I know that design – image – content – navigation – uniqueness – credibility – great customer service – sharing your knowledge with others is absolutely essential to have a thriving – successful online-business (or even brick and mortar business).

So lets just look at it all … If you want true success and a great business you need it all…

In fact the foundation needs to be built before you even begin building a website. This will be the foundation of your success.

  1. Who is your perfect client? (The answer is not everybody!)
  2. What make you different from the competition?
  3. What color would attract that type of client?
  4. What content will give you client the most value?
  5. What will bring on-line visitors back and turn them into clients?
  6. What type of navigation will be best to get my visitors information they need without having to search?

The list goes on…when you take care of the foundation and make it strong; the rest will fall into place.

The design of your website must be professional and polished,

When you cut corners and you think you are saving money think again! Doing it right the first time just makes sense.

IF you want a thriving business with results then content, design and marketing work together, leaving out any of these elements will not bring you the amazing success you deserve!
To your success – and bottom line!

Pamela Jacob – Artista Design

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