Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – Midlife Hair Loss and What to Do About It

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hair loss

There once was a family friend of ours who made no bones about it: her hair was her ‘Crowning Glory’ and she spent no end of time, money and energy lavishing rich attention on it. Never mind that she had approximately 5 strands left on her head at the time- it was her Glory and Bygod whenever she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw a redheaded Lady Godiva. In her mind, men still lined up around the block for a chance to feel its soft, fragrant luxuriousness brush their cheek. You gotta love that kind of chutzpah…

She had special haircolor preparations – and all manner of deep conditioners and hot oil treatments, and whenever it was Hair Color Day she would call and I would drive over, glove up and perform the task with due diligence and reverent care. She never once asked me about what she could do to combat the hair loss she was experiencing and because she acted like it didn’t exist, I felt it was not my place to point it out. (more…)

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Why Older American Women Are Getting a Divorce and Why It’s Perfectly Okay

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At the end of my seminar on relationships, the woman who had organized the workshops approached me. After telling me how much she had enjoyed all the workshops presented that day, she said, “There’s something that is never included in these workshops, though. No one ever discusses the divorce rate of couples over a certain age. Many women in long-standing marriages are getting divorced. I think you might have a good topic here for a future seminar Kristen. Think about it.”

She went on to tell me that she was sixty-two and had recently filed for divorce herself. The marriage had lasted forty years. When I showed surprise at the fact that, after that amount of time, she felt divorce was necessary she laughed and said, “It’s happening more and more. Forty years goes by like nothing. People still have a lot of life to live and if the partnership isn’t good for either of you, you owe it to yourself to do what’s best for your life. People change and you shouldn’t remain stagnant.” (more…)

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Becoming Billie – Chapter Eleven

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becoming billie

“Hold on a second, Gus! Let me get up to speed here.” Pete yawned, closed the den door, put Gus on speaker phone and poured himself a Scotch-in that order.  “I’m ready now – Shoot.”

Gus relayed the suicide attempt with Mark, the home invasion, the lawyer’s taking of Mark’s case; leaving nothing out.  Allowing for a lengthy silence on his end of the phone, he waited for Pete’s assessment.

“Well,” Pete said slowly, downing his drink, “I gotta tell you, I’m not surprised at your so-called friend’s betrayal.  I haven’t liked Mark from the get-go beginning at yours and Mary’s barbeque years ago.  Something about him gave me the creeps but he was your friend and I just wrote it off –anyway that’s water under the bridge now.   So you say Mark’s debt was sold.  Sounds like a serious bunch and it sure explains the extent of their efforts to silence you and that girl.  She’s the key to this whole thing but what’s your take on why?” (more…)

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Why Life Insurance Matters for New Homeowners

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life insurance

It addresses a significant financial risk.

If you buy a home and you have no life insurance, there is a financial risk. It may not be immediately evident, but it must be acknowledged – and it should be addressed.

What if you die, and your spouse or partner is left to pay off the mortgage alone? This possibility may seem remote, and it may be hard for you to contemplate. It deserves consideration regardless. (more…)

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Are You Working the Success Trinity Accurately?

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success trinity

Entrepreneurs are voracious learners and the keenest of observers about life itself and business in particular. When we first began our businesses, we put in helacious numbers of hours to check out the competition, to learn the best methodologies, and to compromise within ourselves between our dreams, our long term goals, and our current budgets. Do you remember those early days?

The internet is rife with “how to” articles and this one may well join that madding throng. It contains what is a spoonful of Truth that’ll help you toward greater financial success, and who among us would turn up our noses at money? Let’s take a look to see if you’re working your success trinity accurately. (more…)

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Celebrating Women Singers in History

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female singers

As we mourn the recent death of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, we take the opportunity to acknowledge and remember several women singers who defined music genres and paved the way for the many other women who followed in their footsteps.  Come enjoy their stories with us.


Beverly Sills

Soprano opera star Beverly Sills (Bubbles) won her first singing contest when she was three years old.  At age four, she was singing on the radio and at age seven, in a movie released in 1938, she sang in her first film.  From 1939 on, she sang regularly on the radio and won contests.  Her operatic stage debut came in 1947 and she became so identified with opera in the U.S. that in 1971 she was on the cover of Time magazine as “America’s Queen of Opera.”  Sills popularized opera through her many television appearances.  After her retirement from singing, she served as general director of the New York City Opera, taking it from a precarious financial position to a well-functioning operation.  She served as chairwoman of Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Opera.  Her many awards include the Kennedy Center Honors, the National Medal of Arts, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Sills has been inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.  (more…)

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Healthy Ways to Incorporate Fitness into Your Routine

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Our bodies crave exercise at all ages, whether that means daily walks, fitness classes or a night of dancing. Although physical fitness may look different at age 65 than it did at 20, being active on a regular basis is still important to maintaining health and well-being.

Exercise helps establish better balance and flexibility and reduces falls. It improves sleep patterns and boosts mood. But it can be difficult to adapt our fitness routines or start new ones as our bodies change with age.

An overview at outlines weekly goals for amount and types of exercise for people over 65. Below are five exercises that can be modified for different skill levels and range of motion and can be done almost anywhere, anytime. (more…)

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Easy Fall 30-Minute Mediterranean Meals with Grapes

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mediterranean pizza

With the onset of fall, new schedules and an invigorating pace, eating nourishing meals is an important way to keep up energy levels. With few having the time to devote to cooking an elaborate meal, a collection of delicious and dependable 30-minute recipes for a quick but satisfying meal can be handy. What else keeps things simple? Having fresh staples such as California table grapes on hand helps brighten up any recipe and fuel up after activities. (more…)

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The Benefits of Walking Meditation

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walking meditation

The mental and physical merits of walking are well established, from helping ward off depression to preventing heart disease. Meditation, likewise, can help reduce anxiety symptoms and improve sleep quality. Have you considered combining these seemingly very different activities?

Walking meditation, which doesn’t take much of an investment in time or money, can be a good way to reap multiple benefits. (more…)

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Smart Tips and Tricks, to Cut Travel Costs

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travel costs

Looking to spend time away without spending a ton of money? Your wanderlust doesn’t have to directly compete with your desire to save. With a few smart tips and tricks, you can cut costs and make the most out of your trip. These seven savings strategies make travel more accessible, enjoyable and affordable than ever before.

1. Pre-pay your hotel stay and save: Plan ahead to get the best rates at hotels. For example, at Extended Stay America hotels, guests who pre-pay their stay more than seven days before their arrival date can receive 5 percent off their nightly rate and guests who pre-pay more than 21 days in advance can receive 10 percent off their nightly rate. (more…)

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Learn About Fall Risks and Make These Changes

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fall risks

Overwhelmingly, people say that they want to stay independent. One way to ensure they can is to learn about fall risks and make changes to reduce their chances of falling. Because, while one in four older adults falls each year, there are ways to be prepared for the changes of aging in order to prevent falls.

“The misconception is that falls are a normal part of aging, but this is untrue,” says Kathleen Cameron, senior director at the National Council on Aging’s Center for Healthy Aging. “Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you’ll inevitably fall at some point. There are proven ways to prevent falls, so older adults can live healthy, safely and independently.” (more…)

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Three Easy Steps to Perform a Tire Safety Check

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tire safety

With the final days of summer upon us, now is the time to spend a few extra minutes performing a tire safety check. Here are three easy steps to ensure your tires will be ready to handle the season change and keep you and your family safe year-round.

Stay on top of your tire pressure. Many drivers enjoy road trips from early summer through October and both under-inflation and over-inflation can affect your ride. Overinflated tires can degrade ride comfort, reduce traction, cause fast centerline wear and result in increased susceptibility to tire/suspension damage due to harder impacts with pot holes and road hazards. Similarly, Underinflated tires are prone to uneven wear, heat buildup leading to structural damage, and reduced impact resistance. Underinflation can sub-optimize stopping and cornering power and result in poor fuel economy. Checking inflation pressure is most accurate when the vehicle has been at rest and out of direct sunshine for several hours. (more…)

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In Search of Intimacy After Prostate Cancer

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prostate cancer

A prostate cancer diagnosis can lead to profound changes in a man’s relationship with his partner. As the most common non-skin, male-specific cancer in the U.S., prostate cancer affects one in nine men. Approximately 165,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year and 29,000 men will die from the disease. While early detection and treatment can save lives, treatment side effects can have a negative impact on quality of life.

The prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system. Therefore, treatment side effects can include erectile dysfunction and incontinence, which can be temporary or ongoing. These side effects can take a toll on sexual health and intimacy: in fact, sexual dysfunction is often identified as the most common long-term side effect after prostate cancer treatments like surgery or radiation. (more…)

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Tips for Remodeling Your Home to Age In Place

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age in place

American household demographics constantly change. With kids grown and moved out, many adults are considering remodeling to meet their future needs and age in place. This has inspired the idea of aging in place, meaning the desire to have a high quality of life in your home as you get older. In the United States, it’s a desire shared by many.

According to the AARP, 87 percent of adults age 65 and older want to stay in their current home and community as they age. Furthermore, among people age 50 to 64, 71 percent of people want to age in place. The desire to age in place typically requires making thoughtful updates to a home to accommodate senior needs. (more…)

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The Truth About Why Women Are so Good at Running a Business

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business woman

You know the old joke that says that if a man is driving and is lost in unfamiliar territory he will never ask for directions, but a woman in the same situation has no problem asking for help? There’s truth in that humorous statement. It turns out that it isn’t just in driving; a woman’s ability to ask for directions may also help her in running her own business.

According to Forbes Magazine, “One in twenty men feels they lack certain technical knowledge for their jobs. Compare this figure to only one in five women who feel the same. The difference between the two is that women don’t let this slow them down.”

A woman tends to research, ask pertinent questions, and work with colleagues to get answers that will result in success for her business. Whether it is in the area of technical, financial, or marketing, a woman who is in charge of running her own business doesn’t let a lack of knowledge stop her. She will learn and remember. (more…)

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The Awe and The Awful – Exposing the Darkest Symptoms of Menopause

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To be blunt, for me, this has been the Summer from Hell. To be totally honest, it was months in the making.

The fact that I’m sitting here able to type this Tale of Woe is testament to the power of prayer, the help of many – and sheer Redheaded Determination.

Sitting here typing, I’m still weak and lightheaded and break out in occasional hot flashes that make me want to throw up.

At least I now know what ‘It’ is and with each day that passes, the prescribed medications drag me closer to Wellness. Oh, please hurry… (more…)

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Finding Freedom from Fitness Myths

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fitness myths

There is a fundamental truth that we should keep in mind when we start down the path of any wellness journey.  We are all absolutely capable and worthy of making meaningful changes to our lives through health and fitness.  No matter what excuses we have been making, what limitations we have, and what challenges we face; there are always steps that we can take to feel better and take care of ourselves more completely.

The most difficult part is almost always the seemingly simple act of getting started.  That decision to make a significant change and then rallying behind that decision is not easy.  There is often an uphill battle against self-doubt, past failures, and a negative mindset.  (more…)

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Smart Financial Steps After College: A to-do list for the twentysomething

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!! Share with your kids and grandkids !!

Did you recently graduate from college? The years after graduation are crucial not only for getting a career underway, but also for planning financial progress. Consider making these money moves before you reach thirty.

Direct a bit of your pay into an emergency fund. Just a little cash per paycheck. Gradually build a cash savings account that can come in handy in a pinch.

Speaking of emergencies, remember health insurance. Without health coverage, an accident, injury, or illness represents a financial problem as well as a physical one. Insurance is your way of managing that financial risk. A grace period does come into play here. If your employer does not sponsor a health plan, remember that you can stay on the health insurance policy of your parents until age 26. (In some states, insurers will let you do that until age 29 or 31.) If you are in good health, a bronze or silver plan may be a good option.1,2 (more…)

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Becoming Billie – Chapter Ten

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becoming billie

Going against all his training, and before he could stop himself, Gus flew across the room toward his distraught friend.  He tackled Mark, yelling as he did so and the two men hit the floor with a thud, the gun discharging, muffled by a silencer. Mark broke free and stared -wide eyed and sweating- at Gus who winced in pain and grabbed his left forearm.

Mark instinctively reached for the tie that hung disheveled and loose around his neck. Ripping it from his collar he lurched toward Gus, taking Gus’s wounded arm and making a makeshift tourniquet.

‘Gus! Gus, I’m sorry. I’m so damn sorry!! I’m so damned sorry….’ Mark’s voice trailed away into sobs.

Gus held his arm tight and looked into his friend’s pale, terrified face. After a moment Gus responded. ‘It’s OK Mark. It’s OK… just a flesh wound. But I suspect you’re apologizing for more than just THIS. ‘Bout time you and I had a little talk huh?’ (more…)

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Why You Should Dispose Of Old Opioids and How to Do It

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Want to help keep your family and community safe? Get rid of any unused prescription opioids that may be in cabinets, drawers or anywhere else you store medicine.

What are opioids?

Prescription opioids are powerful, pain-reducing medicines. You can find them in pill forms, syrups or even prescription patches. Commonly prescribed opioids include hydrocodone, morphine and oxycodone.

But they also can cause overdose deaths. Every day, 115 Americans die from opioid overdoses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (more…)

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Women and Food – What A Delicious History!

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Mmmmm!  Food!  As women, we are generally connected with all aspects of food preparation. In our work, we are continuing to discover additional historical women in every field.  Recently, while exploring women and food, we learned about Malinda Russell and Nancy Green.  Malinda Russell authored the first cookbook known to have been published by an African-American woman.  Russell lived in Tennessee as a free black woman and earned her living by cooking.  Her cookbook, published in 1866, is titled Domestic Cook Book:  Containing a Careful Selection of Useful Receipts for the Kitchen.  Many of the recipes are for fancy deserts and 265 total recipes are provided.  Another woman who came to our attention was Nancy Green, who in 1893 was introduced as “Aunt Jemima” at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. She continued in that role for many years.  As a result of her celebrity, Green was able to become an activist working on antipoverty programs and for equal rights for all individuals.  Here are some additional fascinating women related to the food industry.  Come enjoy their stories with us.  (more…)

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What Is the Best Job You Ever Had? Was It A Peak Experience?

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peak experience

I consider my very best job a Peak Experience. It was so satisfying, that I work to re-create it in every job I’ve held since then, but just as the planets don’t always align, those subsequent jobs didn’t always align. I asked myself “What were the details that made that one job a Peak Experience?” These are my insights: (more…)

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Easy Entertaining and Recipe Tips from Celebrity Chef Katie Lee

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Whether it’s an end-of-summer bash or a back-to-school barbecue, entertaining is all about family, friends and of course, food. But hosting the perfect soiree doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying the party. TV chef and cookbook author Katie Lee offers these tips for easy entertaining that will get you away from the stove and into the party.

Consider a buffet or family-style menu

One large dish that everyone can serve themselves is an entertainer’s dream. Make-ahead veggie burgers or shrimp rolls are two of Katie’s favorites — just grill and prep all of the ingredients ahead of time and have people “Create Your Own” (CYO) with a buffet of toppings — bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. It’s all about options for a big group so everyone is satisfied.

Prepare your side dishes ahead of time

Opt for side dishes that can be prepared, refrigerated and pulled out when it’s time for dinner. Any kind of grain salad, such as quinoa, is an easy, go-to choice. Paired with a burger or shrimp roll, it’s the perfect complement. (more…)

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Take a Tour of Italy Without Leaving Home

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Dreaming of an Italian vacation? You can experience the country’s stunning, ancient and romantic regions without even leaving home. The wines of Italy embody the heart and soul of the country itself, being a part of the land, the air and the water of the regions in which they’re grown.

Letting the vineyards be your guide, you’ll travel from the Tuscan coast to the Adriatic’s long, sandy beaches, to the black and rich slopes of an active volcano. You’ll marvel at Sicily’s crystal blue waters and be awed by Campania’s storied past. You can even learn about some dedicated winemakers along the way. (more…)

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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

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jigsaw puzzle

There’s a quiet movement going on in this country, and it doesn’t involve apps, data or the latest fad. Following the lead of vinyl record albums, coloring books and traditional board games, jigsaw puzzles are seeing a resurgence in popularity. Perhaps, because it’s an opportunity to unplug and give yourself and family an escape from the information overload that is buzzing through the very fabric of our lives 24/7.

Wrestling the kids (or yourself) away from screens, devices, even the television can be a nearly impossible task, but it’s vital to our mental and even physical health. A jigsaw puzzle requires your full attention and therein lies the magic. Everyone from tweens and teens to millennials and over-worked parents to seniors are returning to this quiet pastime of childhood. Call it a retro revolution. (more…)

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Are You A Savvy Traveler?

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Are you a savvy traveler? Do you shop around to get the best deals? How about knowing the ins and outs of saving money when planning a trip?

Chase and the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®) asked folks across the U.S. travel-related questions to find out just how savvy they are, and here’s what they found: 73 percent of millennials consider themselves to be savvy travelers.

Even if you think you know it all about getting from Point A to Point B, there are some secrets from travel gurus that might take your vacation travel to a new level. From streamlining check-in to getting the most out of your hotel stay, and even a few packing tips, here are 9 genius travel hacks that will save you time, money and headaches on your next trip. (more…)

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Belly Up – Tackling Belly Bloat During Midlife and Beyond

Comments (2) Ask Carrie - Health and Beauty Tips, August 2018 KW Magazine, Menopause

belly bloat

Sometimes, a reader submits an Ask Carrie question that’s so compelling, it’s just too good and/or too important to not address publicly. And in depth in article format.

That’s exactly what happened last month, when a reader wrote in with the following question, hot on the heels of my earlier 2-part article ‘Going, Going, Gone- Bowel Health, Beauty and You’.

The reader wrote in with the following: (more…)

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Happiness is Loving Your Body – Imperfections and All

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While some people rely on roadmaps or a GPS system I rely on landmarks to get me where I’m going. It’s always been like that for me. When I was dating my husband-to-be he gave explicit directions on how to get to his house.

“You’ll be on south 80 then you’re going to turn onto west 21 and go…” I interrupted him to ask what landmarks I should look for; gas stations, buildings, etc. Having the visual is what I need I told him. (more…)

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Ideas for Revamping Your Fall Routine

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new season

Most of us are still in vacation mode with our toes in the sand, but we’ll blink and it will be September before we realize it.  The summer has a tendency to fly by and let Fall completely sneak up on us.  Whether you still have kids in school or not, there is a definite change in the air when summer ends.  Temperatures cool back down, traffic heats back up, no more casual Friday at the office.  Some of us look forward to this return to the norm after a more laid-back summer, but some of us dread it.  Either way, I think most of us can agree that there is a distinct feel to the changing of these seasons. (more…)

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The Risks of Putting Too Much Money Into an Annuity

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These private income contracts do have potential flaws.

It may not be good to have all your eggs in an annuity basket. Or even a majority of your eggs, financially speaking.

Fundamentally, an annuity contract means handing over your money to an insurer. In turn, the insurer pays out an income stream to you from that lump sum (or from the years of purchase payments you have made). The insurance company holds the money; you do not. From one standpoint, this arrangement has some merit; it relieves you of the burden of having to manage that money. From another standpoint, it has a few significant drawbacks.1,2  (more…)

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Becoming Billie Chapter Nine

Comments (0) August 2018 KW Magazine, Mystery Series - Becoming Billie

Angie stood stiff, her hand in a frozen wave as she watched the red tail lights retreat into the pitch-black night.  Her ‘Guardian Angels’ -as she would later refer to Syms and Dyson- nodded to each other and one of them took her by the hand. “Time to settle in now, ma’am.” Syms said gently and Dyson agreed with a nod.

“Oh, forgive my manners, gentlemen!” Angie replied with a start.  “Of course, let’s get in the house!  I know you must be starving.  I believe there’s still some Chess Pie.  I’ll make some fresh coffee too…”

With that, her two protectors picked up their gear as the befuddled woman motioned to Jip.  The old farm dog and Molly had sniffed each other out and agreed on a ‘wait and see’ partnership.  Together they all headed to the house that was soon to become their fortress. (more…)

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Does Your Business Teach You the Truth and Does It Hurt?

Comments (0) August 2018 KW Magazine, Business, Entrepreneurs


How many times have you circled the sun? Do you carry along with you the propensity for figuring out the “Why?” of stuff? Then you can probably recognize life’s patterns, especially those lessons our entrepreneurial businesses teach us.

Every time you begin a new business project, you strategize the details of what that will entail. You want the foundation of your business to be strong so it can support your success. When you do this initially or when you review it, there is a lot to be learned from the details, especially how you handle those character-strengthening details. (more…)

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Answers to Your Questions About Osteoporosis

Comments (0) August 2018 KW Magazine, Health


As people age, they become more likely to develop osteoporosis, a disease that occurs when bones lose density and mass, which can cause them to be brittle, weak and easily broken.

Dr. Rhonda Randall, chief medical officer for UnitedHealthcare Retiree Solutions, answers questions about osteoporosis and shares information about a test that can help diagnose osteoporosis or determine if you might be at risk. (more…)

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Mother Nature’s Sweetest & Natural Remedy Treat: Sweet Cherries

Comments (0) August 2018 KW Magazine, Health

sweet cherries

This summer, don’t be surprised if dietitians point you to one of Mother Nature’s sweetest treats to remedy a variety of ailments: sweet cherries. These bright, glossy orbs are in season for only a short time, so don’t pass them up while they’re at their freshest and, arguably, most flavorful. Not only do they make a refreshing snack that beats the heat when eaten chilled, but they pack a mighty nutritional punch for their compact size. (more…)

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Grilled Flank Steak with Southwest Corn and Grape Salad

Comments (0) August 2018 KW Magazine, Food and Drink

flank steak

It’s summertime, and temperatures are on the rise. Whether relaxing at the pool, cheering for a favorite team or just hanging out with family and friends, keeping cool is at the top of the list. Nothing fancy needed — with a hat or cap to keep the sun away from the eyes, an umbrella for a bit of shade and a cold bunch of California grapes straight from the fridge or cooler, it is easy to take the sizzle out of hot summer days.

When it’s time to entertain, the grill can be a host’s best friend by making it a breeze to cook and relax outside at the same time. Grilled Flank Steak with Southwest Corn and Grape Salad is guaranteed to please the senses with its tasty flavors; beautiful color medley from red and green grapes, avocado and corn; and variety of pleasing textures. (more…)

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Summer’s Hottest Wines are Made in South Africa

Comments (0) August 2018 KW Magazine, Food and Drink


Summertime means weekend adventures, sunsets and toasting with friends and family. With so many wine options on shelves, selecting the perfect summer sip can be daunting. For those looking to impress guests with wine recommendations that extend beyond the the usual suspects, look no further than South Africa for inspiration with white wine varietal, Chenin Blanc.

Pairing perfectly with South Africa’s star white wine is the tradition of South Africa’s sundowner — a moment at the end of the day when everyone stops to watch the sunset while enjoying a cocktail or a glass of wine — synonymous with the American happy hour. Whether tipping back a glass of wine after a day at the beach or concluding a long work week, the sundowner offers a time to reflect, enjoy and celebrate amongst friends. (more…)

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The Benefits of Group Travel

Comments (0) August 2018 KW Magazine, Travel

group travel

Many people long to see another part of the world but are reluctant to travel on their own or take on the stress of planning a vacation. Researching destinations, transportation, accommodations and activities can be a lot of work. Expedia research has shown that leisure travelers visit an average of 38 websites to get information and compare prices before finalizing their plans. If this sounds especially daunting, you’re not alone! Here’s where the beauty of group travel comes in! (more…)

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Outdoor Decorating Tips for a Cool, Refreshing Space

Comments (1) August 2018 KW Magazine, Home and Garden

outdoor decorating

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, making sure your space is ready for enjoying the whole summer — all the way through Labor Day.

Lowe’s recently partnered with Julia Engel, lifestyle influencer of Gal Meets Glam, to style her new Charleston porch with affordable, effortlessly chic accents so it’s ready to welcome family and friends. The result is a cool, refreshing space to entertain and show off her home’s curb appeal.

If you’re getting ready to celebrate the weekend like Julia, follow these simple outdoor decorating tips to turn your backyard or patio into the perfect, affordable, outdoor oasis you can enjoy every beautiful day of summer. (more…)

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Women on U.S. Postage Stamps

Comments (0) August 2018 KW Magazine, Women In History

In May of 2018, the United States Postal Service issued a Forever postage stamp featuring Sally Ride.  Earlier in 2018, a Forever postage stamp had been issued featuring Lena Horne.  The first U.S. postage stamp featuring a woman was issued in 1893, as part of the first seven commemorative stamps printed for the Columbian Exposition.  Interestingly, one of those seven stamps pictured Queen Isabella of Spain.  The first U.S. woman to be featured on a U.S. postage stamp was Martha Washington; that eight-cent stamp was issued in 1902.  Since the early twentieth century, a number of American women have been featured on U.S. postage stamps.  Let’s learn about a few of them.  (more…)

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Iron, Woman — What you need to know about this important mineral during Midlife

Comments (1) Health, July 2018 KW Magazine


Last November, while sitting at my computer keyboard typing away, I suddenly heard a loud, audible ‘Bang! Snap!’ and was immediately overcome by searing, burning pain in my left hand. This pain shot through my wrist, down into my hand, across the back of my hand and all the way up my arm, into my shoulder. Instantly, my thumb went numb – and what wasn’t numb, hurt horribly—and I mean HURT! It also ceased to function.

After dragging my sad hand around for a week or two -or four- with no improvement (I come from tough stock) I finally decided this was a task for my MD. After putting me through the paces: ‘Try to move this way. Now try to move that way…’ he diagnosed me with a Snuff Box injury. Say What? (more…)

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Becoming Billie – Chapter Eight

Comments (0) July 2018 KW Magazine, Mystery Series - Becoming Billie

becoming billie

After what seemed like an interminable ride to O’Hare, Gus tossed the fare to the cabby and ran for check-in.

“Your flight is on time and leaves from gate H12 Mr. Walker. Have a nice trip.” the clerk said in a perky voice.  Gus nodded, grabbing the ticket.  He walked briskly, his coat under one arm and his ticket grasped tightly.

Finding an unoccupied sitting area, he pulled out his cell phone.  “Just time for one call.” he reasoned – “… best make it count.” Hitting the chosen name in speed dial, Gus fidgeted while he waited for his call to go through.

‘Thank God, it’s you!” came the answer.  “We’ve all been wondering where the hell you were! Are you OK??!” (more…)

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How Big Pharma Uses Fear in Their Age-Related Ads

Comments (0) Health, July 2018 KW Magazine

big pharma

“Fear Marketing is an interesting emotion, which affects the thought process and reaction of individuals. Therefore, fear can be used as a unique marketing tool in order to make the consumers loyal to a particular product or a service.” Seminar on Marketing Strategy, NYU

Nursing a tennis injury to my ankle had me sitting on the couch, leg elevated, and trying to find something to occupy my mind. Inactivity is not my cup of tea, so after exhausting reading material, polishing my latest book on my laptop, and doing acrostic puzzles, I did the tried and true—I turned on the television. I was bored and I needed distraction. (more…)

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Teaching the Next Generation to Respect Food

Comments (0) Fitness Over 40, July 2018 KW Magazine


I have always been open about the fact that I love exercise but struggle with nutrition.  My relationship with food has never been stellar and I have spent way too much time throughout my life dwelling on it. I know I’m not the only one who has faced that.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could devote all of that wasted mental space to more important things?

Once I became a parent I started to think a lot about how to stop that pattern.  I want to keep my kids from having that same experience.  I want to help influence change for future generations so that positive body image and well-rounded nutrition is the norm and not the exception.  Here is the million-dollar question…how do we teach our children and grandchildren to enjoy but also RESPECT food in a way that is healthy and balanced? (more…)

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Why Things and People Got Under My Skin

Comments (1) Boomer Life, July 2018 KW Magazine

under my skin

Like the rest of mankind, I’ve let things get under my skin for years. I’d hate like hell for you to think I was writing this from some lofty pedestal. But I’ve never been one to just go along, and in my typical manner, I dug deeply for an explanation of these disturbing events in my life because I wanted passionately for my life to be harmonious and happy. In business, the environment around me is much more happy and productive once I changed.

I discovered six key reasons why anger occurs in me and why people get under my skin. I’m sure you can provide a ton more, but these are fairly substantial and universal. My hopes and dreams are that at least one of them is something with which you can identify because then you can correct it in your mind and get to harmony! (more…)

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Women in History: Political Firsts

Comments (0) July 2018 KW Magazine, Women In History

Isn’t it amazing that we are still experiencing women’s firsts across many areas of business and government?  In May 2018, those firsts were everywhere.  Gina Haspel, a career employee of the Central Intelligence Agency, became the first female director in its history, after her confirmation by the U.S. Senate.  The Democrats in Georgia made history when they put Stacey Adams on the slate for Governor, the first African-American woman to win a major party nomination for Governor in any state.  The groundwork for these firsts were made by many other women throughout U.S. history.  In this month’s  women in history column, we feature some of U.S. women’s political firsts.  All of these women have been inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.  (more…)

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Ask Carrie – Enemas

Comments (0) Ask Carrie - Health and Beauty Tips, July 2018 KW Magazine



I read your article last month (‘Going, Going, Gone-Bowel Health, Beauty and You’ Part Two) and appreciated the info. I was wondering though, why you didn’t mention enemas. What are your thoughts on these? Thanks! Stephanie K, Port Angeles, WA


Good question Stephanie! Thanks so much for writing in and asking. (more…)

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Decluttering – Especially as We Age

Comments (1) Boomer Life, July 2018 KW Magazine


Getting your house in order can be a struggle, especially as we age. Sorting through decades of belongings is often emotional and stressful, as questions and decisions pile up: Is this jewelry valuable? What should I do with all these tools I no longer use? Will this china set have sentimental value to my children?

But while it can be exhausting, this effort to declutter and simplify can be worthwhile, not only for our homes but also for our health. (more…)

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Rainbow Sheet Pan Veggies with Eggs

Comments (0) Food and Drink, July 2018 KW Magazine

The warmer-weather months are the ideal time to get outdoors, stay active and focus on your health goals. Staying fit and eating healthy can come easy when you keep a few simple tips in mind.

Explore Mother Nature

If the gym is getting boring or just isn’t your style, it’s time to find inspiration outdoors. Warmer months are when Mother Nature truly shines and it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside and get active. Hike local parks, visit a beach and take a paddleboard class, rent a kayak with a friend and explore a regional river — the opportunities are endless. (more…)

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Tips to Boost Your Career Through LinkedIn Learning

Comments (0) Entrepreneurs, July 2018 KW Magazine, Technology Tips

linkedin learning

The rapid pace of change in jobs means the era of one-and-done learning is over. It no longer matters what you learned in the past — to stay relevant you need to upskill. So if you want to improve your marketability and get ahead in your career, it’s time to think about the valuable skills that could open the door to new opportunities. The good news is with tools and online courses on platforms like LinkedIn Learning, you can explore and develop critical skills and interests — right at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. (more…)

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4 Steps to Get Yourself on the Path to Financial Health

Comments (0) Finance and Money, July 2018 KW Magazine

financial health

Are you feeling good about your finances? Or do phrases like “account balance,” “credit score” and “retirement savings” give you a twinge of anxiety?

Don’t worry, you’re in good company. Only 24 percent of the millennial generation have basic financial literacy, according to the National Endowment for Financial Education. When it comes to getting their financial house in order, most millennials would prefer not to set foot in that proverbial house in the first place. Getting yourself out of debt and building enough savings to cover your expenses in an emergency is a marathon, not a sprint. Establishing small, incremental changes in your financial habits today can make a big difference in your financial health months or even years from now. (more…)

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Everything You Should Know About This Lesser-Known Skin Cancer

Comments (0) Beauty/Fashion/Style, July 2018 KW Magazine

skin cancer

Most of us look forward to the balmy breezes and cheerful sunshine brought about by spring and summer, especially those of us living in climates where winter is long, gloomy and bitterly cold. Yet as we get our shorts, polo shirts and swimsuits out of storage, it’s important to remind ourselves to stay sun smart and vigilant against skin cancer.

Melanoma is a skin cancer many of us are familiar with. But have you heard of a skin cancer called cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (CSCC)? If not, you might be surprised to learn that CSCC is actually one of the most common skin cancers in the world – even more common than melanoma with an estimated 700,000 new cases diagnosed in the U.S. annually. (more…)

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Pet-Friendly Preparations for Summer Travels

Comments (0) July 2018 KW Magazine, Pets

aging pets

On your most challenging days you can always count on your pet to greet you at the door when you come home or cuddle up in your lap in the evening. They are a vital part of your home life all year long, but when your life takes you away from home — as it often does during summer travel — are you thinking of them before you head out the door?

With so much to pack and prepare for your trip, it’s easy to forget about those you’ll leave behind, like your pets. That’s why if you’re planning to leave for a day or longer, you should make sure to employ these five tips to make sure your pet is happy and safe while you’re away. (more…)

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Women’s Baseball and the 2018 Women’s Baseball World Cup

Comments (0) July 2018 KW Magazine, Women In History

women's baseball

When you think of baseball, you might not picture women playing “America’s game.” In fact, many Americans are unaware that the country was home to the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) from 1943 to 1954, the only women’s professional baseball league in U.S. history. This year, the AAGPBL is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its first season, a milestone that also happens to coincide with the history-making World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Women’s Baseball World Cup event being held for the first time ever on U.S. soil in late August. (more…)

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Going, Going, Gone-Bowel Health, Beauty and You (Part Two)

Comments (0) Health, June 2018 KW Magazine

Last month, we took rather an in depth look at the importance of bowel health. At the end of that article, I promised that this month, we’d take an Up Close and Personal look at what we can do in our day to day lives to pamper and care for our bowel- and how doing so will improve our overall health –and beauty.

Before we begin however, I should point out: constipation is NOT a laughing matter! It can actually lead to death, especially in older people. Severe and ongoing constipation can lead to a condition called ‘fecal impaction’, and if you think Autointoxication isn’t a thing, just study the symptoms of this potentially death-inducing condition: nausea and vomiting, trouble breathing, inability to urinate, low blood pressure, sweating, dizziness, confusion, fever, distended abdomen, and back and stomach pain. All that built up poison has to come out- and if it doesn’t, the body SUFFERS- and DIES. It can happen to the best of us… (more…)

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My Nose and I

Comments (0) Health, June 2018 KW Magazine

Get out the sunscreen! Know the signs of skin cancer and get checked. Remember, skin cancer, when caught early, is highly curable. You don’t have to be someone who lies for hours in the sun to fall victim to sun damage. Please get checked for skin cancer every year and be ‘sun-careful’. Your life is worth it.

“Its skin cancer.”

I am on the phone with someone from my new dermatologist’s office. Her statement was not what I expected. The small sliver of skin that had been removed from my nose was nothing more than a very slight dry patch. It wasn’t noticeable, I only felt it when I put cream on my face at night. Skin cancer?

“Ms. Houghton? You still there?” (more…)

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What’s Really Holding Us Back?

Comments (0) Fitness Over 40, June 2018 KW Magazine

Each month I hear from and work with a lot of people who desperately want to make big changes in their lives.  They want to lose weight, start exercising, get fit, feel better about themselves.  Sometimes they have high cholesterol, blood pressure, or have become pre-diabetic and they realize that they have reached that proverbial line in the sand.   So many of us have reached that point at one time or another, right?

People will reach out and ask for help, explain their struggles, and work with me to craft a plan.  That’s what I love most about being a fitness coach.  Helping people find a path that will work for them and encouraging them along the way.  I want so badly for everyone to be successful and to meet their goals. (more…)

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A Girls Life (of harassment)

Comments (1) June 2018 KW Magazine, MeToo

In this age of the, Me too, movement it’s hard not to reflect how many times it has happened to you. I absolutely don’t like thinking about it the moments in my life when some guy, some man, made me feel uncomfortable and sometimes sick to my stomach. I think for most girls it starts in childhood. The first time a man looks at you or touches you in a weird way. At first you don’t know what it is. You just get a creepy feeling.  You’re a child and in no way ready for any thoughts of sex. In the era I grew up in it was kept way more of a secret than it is today. I thought sex was kissing, and certainly something between a man and a woman who were in love with each other. (more…)

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Set Goals as You Save & Invest: Turn your intent into a commitment

Comments (0) Finance and Money, June 2018 KW Magazine

Goals give you focus. To find and establish your investing and saving goals, first ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Do you want to build an emergency fund? Build college savings for your child? Have a large retirement fund by age 60? Once you have a defined motivation, a monetary goal can arise.

It can be easier to dedicate yourself to a goal rather than a hope or a wish. That level of dedication is important, as saving and investing usually comes with a degree of personal sacrifice. When you dedicate yourself to a saving/investing goal, some positive financial “side effects” may occur.     (more…)

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Have You Seen Life’s Patterns?

Comments (0) Holistic Living/Life, June 2018 KW Magazine

Are you able to see patterns in your life experience? I discovered this concept in Richard Bachs Book One. At the time, frankly, I didnt get it, but I was in my thirties and didnt have the maturity unfolded to see them. Discovering patterns takes a bit of maturing along with the experiences that make maturity unfold. I was okay with that.

Seeing the patterns in life is helpful if youre a stayathome mom, a teacher, an entrepreneur, or perhaps work in the medical field, because this understanding helps you move from subjective emotions to objective peace of mind that state of rest and joy we all crave and enjoy when it happens. (more…)

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History of Children’s Books and the Women Who Wrote Them

Comments (0) June 2018 KW Magazine, Women In History

How ironic that there was a mystery about the author of the beloved mysteries that many of us read when we were young.  Recently, we learned more about Carolyn Keene, the “author” of the Nancy Drew mystery series.  It turns out that Mildred Wirt Benson (Millie Benson) actually wrote twenty-three of the first thirty of the original Nancy Drew mysteries.  Her first was The Secret of the Old Clock, which was published in 1930.  Only lately has this story come to light – the original publisher wanted to keep secret the information that they used ghostwriters and that no one named Carolyn Keene actually existed.  Years ago, when we were researching Carolyn Keene for inclusion in our book, this information hadn’t yet been published and we couldn’t figure out who Carolyn Keene was!  Fortunately, other women who wrote books for children were able to use their own names.  Let’s learn about some of these literary women.  (more…)

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Becoming Billie – Chapter Seven

Comments (0) June 2018 KW Magazine, Mystery Series - Becoming Billie

Gus remained crouched on the sidewalk until he heard retreating footsteps and only then entered the drugstore.  He walked quickly to a waiting clerk, ordered a pack of cigarettes, some breath mints and three packages of antacids.  Pulling out his wallet, Gus said in a hushed voice, “Say Pal, is there a back door to this place?  I’ve got an irate girlfriend stalking me and I need to make a fast exit.”

A sly grin crossed the clerk’s face. “I feel your pain.” He chuckled and then nodded to swinging doors at the back of the store.  “They’re unloading cold drinks back there and the bay doors should be open.  There’s an alley there and just a short way to the street and cab stand.”

“Thanks!” Gus lifted the left corner of his mouth in a forced grin and stuffed his change back in his wallet.  “I’ll do the same for you some time.”  Making his way into the alley, he kept his eyes peeled as he walked to the street and hailed a cab. (more…)

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Options that Can Make Aging in Place Easier

Comments (0) Boomer Life, June 2018 KW Magazine

While many of us may dream of retiring and moving away to a beach-side resort or cabin by the lake, the reality is that most Americans look forward to remaining in their own homes so they can continue to enjoy familiar comforts, activities and loved ones. In fact, an AARP survey recently found that 87 percent of U.S. adults 65 and older and 71 percent of those 50 to 64 wish to stay in their current houses as they get older.

Fortunately, it’s becoming easier for seniors to maintain their independence and stay at home longer thanks to the increasing range of services offered to this fast-growing market. This is great news, considering that by 2035, one in three American households are expected to be led by someone 65 or older. (more…)

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Want to Be a Grilling Pro?

Comments (0) Food and Drink, June 2018 KW Magazine

Across the country as weather heats up, so do the grills. You don’t need to be a pitmaster to enjoy the fresh flavors that only come from grilling. A few simple tips and creative tricks will help you perfectly grill foods so juicy and delicious, you’ll impress even the pickiest of palates.

Keep it closed: If you’re looking, it’s not cooking! When grilling, it’s temping to constantly check your foods, but this mistake can cause items to cook unevenly. While some parts may be overdone, others could be dangerously underdone. A grill does its best work when closed, so let heat build up evenly to cook foods with all those fantastic smoky flavors. Peek in only when necessary to verify doneness or add sauces or oils. (more…)

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The Dangers of Low Salt Diets for Seniors

Comments (0) Health, June 2018 KW Magazine

Americans are now living longer than ever before. In fact, one of the fastest growing segments is people over the age of 85 who will represent 20 percent of the population by the year 2040. Because we are living longer, certain conditions specific to seniors are also on a steady rise. Dehydration, falls, fractures, cognition loss and attention deficits are now becoming more commonplace.

In a recent paper titled “Salt Appetite Across Generations” presented at a medical conference in Switzerland, Israeli researchers from the University of Haifa indicated that among seniors, a reduced sense of thirst could increase the risk of serious dehydration. They also noted that the appetite for salt does not diminish with age, and suggested that this could be used to help sustain hydration and prevent the dangerous symptoms that result from dehydration. (more…)

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10 Moving Tips for Busy Baby Boomers

Comments (0) Boomer Life, June 2018 KW Magazine

For many Americans, moving households represents a fresh start and a chance to improve quality of life. Last year, some 39.4 million Americans changed residences, thanks in part to better affordability in the housing market.

That doesn’t mean, however, that everyone’s moving process was friction-free. The logistical coordination and the physical work involved with DIY packing and loading can be a major chore in the best of circumstances. And that’s doubly true for baby boomers who are downsizing or moving to new communities, yet challenged by the physically grueling aspects of a DIY move. (more…)

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Think You’re too Old to Quit Smoking? Think Again!

Comments (0) Health, Heart Health, June 2018 KW Magazine

It’s no secret that tobacco smoke can be deadly. It is strongly linked to everything from cancer and stroke to pulmonary issues and heart disease.

Although the prevalence of smoking in the U.S. decreased from 21 percent to 17 percent of adults over the past five years, according to America’s Health Rankings, the risk of dying from cigarette smoking has not decreased. In fact, the risk has increased over the past 50 years, and, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one in five deaths is estimated to be attributed to smoking. (more…)

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Nutrition Guide for the Travel Warrior

Comments (0) June 2018 KW Magazine, Travel

U.S. residents logged 1.7 billion trips for leisure purposes in 2016, according to the U.S. Travel Association, and this number will likely grow in 2018. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, you shouldn’t lose sight of nutrition. It’s common to think, “Hey, I’m on vacation, so I can throw my healthy diet out the window.” Wrong. Traveling can throw the body for a loop with time zone changes, shifts in sleep schedules and the availability of fast, convenient and highly processed foods.

Use these five easy steps to make sure you stay healthy on the go this year. (more…)

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Solving the Body Image Riddle

Comments (0) Fitness Over 40, May 2018 KW Magazine

body image

As a fitness professional I try to be an advocate for positive body image and for turning the tide on how women feel about and view our bodies. I strive to be a champion for helping women feel better in our own skin and changing the tone of voice that we speak to ourselves in.  I want to use my knowledge of fitness and nutrition to help others learn how good it feels to be healthy and to make positive changes in their lives.

I have a dirty secret though.  I have no idea what I am talking about. None!  I’m still trying to figure it all out myself.  That means I’m going to get it wrong sometimes and I don’t have all the answers.  I’m going to say the wrong thing and offend someone.  It happens!  The only thing I know for sure is that I have struggled with body image issues for most of my life and I know so many other women in the same boat. I want to do better for myself and for all of them and for our children. That means I’m going to keep talking about it as I figure it out.  That means I’ll get it wrong sometimes along the way, and that’s ok. (more…)

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Going, Going, Gone – Bowel Health, Beauty and You (Part One)

Comments (1) Health, May 2018 KW Magazine

bowel health

For years I’ve taught women that the skin is NOT just a shell covering the internal, squishy organs of the body. It is instead, the body’s largest organ; comprising approximately 5-7% of a person’s body weight. It also serves as the body’s second bowel, third lung and third kidney and is a tremendous indicator of one’s overall health.

I’ve also tried to impress upon women that if it’s beauty they’re after, they’ll never achieve it by focusing on merely the external and/or topical… they will need to look within. WAY DEEP WITHIN… and perhaps to an organ system they’d prefer to ignore. (more…)

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GRIEF – They Say There Are 7 Stages

Comments (0) Boomer Life, May 2018 KW Magazine


They say there are seven stages of grief. The two that stand out to me are Anger and Pain. There are actually many different kinds of grief. We grieve over the loss of a pet, the loss of a friend, the loss of a marriage, the loss of a good job, the loss of our youth. I’ve learned that not everyone experiences grief the same way, and that is perfectly acceptable. People have told me that they feel bad or strange that they are taking a loss of theirs much better than they ever thought they would or could. They feel some kind of misplaced guilt because they don’t feel more devastated. Maybe it is because they have a lot going on in their life, something like a new baby, a new marriage, or moving into a new home. Planning the funeral and all the arrangements can sometimes be a helpful distraction. Some people believe their loved one is in a better place. I sometimes wonder if the full force of the grief may hit them at a later date. (more…)

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Becoming Billie – Chapter Six

Comments (0) May 2018 KW Magazine, Mystery Series - Becoming Billie

white roses

Gus took a window seat, glad to find the plane only half full.  He was eager to digest the information Arlo had given him and put it all into a plan of action during the two hour flight to Chicago.  His thoughts were soon interrupted when a portly woman plopped down in the seat next to him, placing her large carpet bag purse in her lap, spilling herself and her bag over his arm rest and into his plans.

“This is SO exciting!” she babbled with amazement.  “Can you believe that at 76 I’m making my First Ever plane trip – to see my First Great-Grandbaby?! My daughter told me, ‘If not now Mom, when?’ So I took her advice and here I am!  I told Harold – that’s my husband- he would just have to get by on his own while I took this trip- my ‘Bucket List’ as my daughter Valerie calls it.  Can you tell I’m a bit nervous?” (more…)

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Life’s an Adventure – Live It Well

Comments (0) Boomer Life, May 2018 KW Magazine


Okay everyone, it’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about some made-up Hallmark holiday here, nope, not at all. I’m talking about the end of the winter doldrums, the burgeoning beauty of a long-awaited spring, and the desire to make some positive changes in your life. This is a great time to begin to make plans. New doors need to be unlocked and pathways forged where you begin to challenge the status quo of your life. Your life is an adventure—make it a good one.

We need to get rid of repetitive and negative mind-sets that are keeping you in a rut. Now is the to stop, take a breath, and to be honest with yourself. Forget age—healthy, positive changes can be made no matter the ‘number’ you see. It is only a number after all. Don’t let stereotypes of that number influence you in your decisions. (more…)

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Pioneering Women Educators – A Brief Look at Education and Women

Comments (0) May 2018 KW Magazine, Women In History


At the time of the landing at Jamestown, the arrival of the Pilgrims, through the Revolutionary War and into the 1800s, public education as we know it today in the United States did not exist.  Although institutions of higher education such as Harvard University were founded as early as 1636, these institutions did not admit women.  Women decided to take the matter of education into their own hands, ensuring that girls were taught more than the necessary household skills of cooking and sewing.  Some established what were called “dame” schools.  Others established Sunday Schools, kindergartens and the forerunners of today’s public schools.  Let’s learn about some of those educational pioneers.  (more…)

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Technology and Aging – Sorry, Right Number

Comments (0) Boomer Life, May 2018 KW Magazine


“Good morning, Ms. Cone or is it Cohan?” asked the young man from AT&T.

“It’s neither,” stated my seventy-five-year-old mother followed by, “what do you want?”

“Well, Ms. Cohan, I am calling from AT&T and it states on your account that you do not currently have call waiting – is that correct Ms. Cohan?” the poor schlub asked while attempting to stick to his script.

“Yes, that is correct and I do not want call waiting on my phone. Did my daughter put you up to this? She’s always after me to get call waiting,” she stated.

Onward he presses, “No ma’am, I don’t know your daughter.” (more…)

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Unfolding Acceptance: A Young Girl’s Story

Comments (0) Holistic Living/Life, May 2018 KW Magazine


She was the first born, one of those leaderless strong women whose privilege it is to carve a fresh trail so those who follow have an easier way. She habitually questioned her decisions because she had no comparisons available. She learned to live with this discomfort, and eventually, she came to accept her decisions because of it. But we’re getting away from the chronology.

She was the cat’s meow, the apple of everyone’s eye, the anointed darling whose intelligence showed up early. She could speak in full sentences at the age of one. She loved to run, balanced and swift on the playing fields. Her mother doted on her and her father did too until the next precious little girl came along. Then he abandoned our heroine for the new kid on the block. The acceptance of this one took her nearly 60 years to accomplish because of the pain. (more…)

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Mushrooms are Having a Moment — They are Popping Up on Food Trends

Comments (0) Food and Drink, May 2018 KW Magazine


Want to start making more earth-friendly food choices in the kitchen? Start with mushrooms, a healthy food that requires minimal natural resources to produce.

According to a 2017 study titled “The Mushroom Sustainability Story,” mushroom production requires relatively low water, energy and land space. Growing one pound of mushrooms involves using only 1.8 gallons of water and 1.0 kilowatt hours of energy and generates only 0.7 pounds of CO2-equivalent emissions. And since mushrooms are grown on vertically stacked beds, it’s possible to grow up to 1 million pounds of mushrooms per acre annually. (more…)

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Advice for Adult Children of Aging Parents

Comments (0) Elder Care, May 2018 KW Magazine

aging parents

Helping aging parents stay active and healthy at home can be achieved with careful planning. The rewards of personally caring for, or managing the care of, a loved one who needs help are innumerable. It’s an opportunity to give back and to offer a return on the loving investment they once made in us. The trade-off is that in-home care costs money; money that may not be available.

In-home care may be provided by loved ones, family, friends, neighbors or professional caregivers. It typically includes assistance with activities of daily living — bathing, dressing, toileting, eating and walking — as well as companionship, medication reminders, laundry, light housekeeping, errands, shopping and transportation. (more…)

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Bubble Up Your Brunch with Prosecco Cocktails

Comments (0) Food and Drink, May 2018 KW Magazine


Make your next brunch bubble over with Prosecco cocktails

Everybody loves brunch, but without the bubbly, it’s just breakfast. Add a festive cocktail to the mix, and suddenly you’ve got a celebration.

The next time you’re cooking up a weekend morning meal, be it a brunch-in-bed with that sweet someone or a noon-ish feast for friends, add authentic Italian flair to your crafty cocktails with Riondo Prosecco Spago Nero Frizzante, the number one Prosecco in Italy.

This vino frizzante, with scents of apples, pears and acacia berries, is as soft on your pocketbook as it is on your palate, making it easy to bubble up your brunch in style. Prosecco is definitely the bubbly on trend right now, gaining popularity as an approachable, affordable cousin of champagne. Here are five killer ways to use Riondo Prosecco to put the punch back in your brunch. (more…)

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How to Fully Customize Your Smartphone

Comments (0) May 2018 KW Magazine


The digital generation gap is slowly narrowing, as older users come to more fully grasp smartphone technology and appreciate its many benefits. New technologies make it easier than ever to maintain social contacts, monitor health and preserve independence. According to Pew Research, 85 percent of adults over age 65 own cellphones today, and the number who own smartphones has risen from 18 percent to 42 percent since 2013.

Generally, seniors don’t even require specially designed cellphone technology. While some phones are marketed specifically as being for older users, experts say that these specialized gadgets sometimes over-promise and under-deliver. In fact, ordinary Android devices and iPhones are more popular choices, as they’re economical, easy to find and customizable. (more…)

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Beauty X, Y, Zzzzzzz: Quality Sleep, Mother Nature’s Ultimate Beauty Potion

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Beauty/Fashion/Style


It seems with each passing day, the world spins faster and as a species, we’re required to do and be more, more, and still yet MORE…

As schedules tighten, we’re forced to rob from other time commitments. Our sleeping hours are usually the first-and worst- place we elect to chop.

Between the demands of a hectic work schedule, outside obligations and the nonstop work of keeping a house and home running, coupled with the natural physical drop in energy during the Menopause process, most of us feel like we could drop dead in our tracks, yet we press on. (more…)

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I’m Having an Affair

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Menopause


Shhh… this is Sexy…

I’m having an affair with my husband. Some people have date night. We have date Saturday. All – day – long! Our friends and family know that it is our day, and no one calls or drops by our house on Saturdays. Or at least I don’t think they do. We don’t answer the phone.

Our kids are grown, and my husband and I feel like we are dating again. I’ve always been in love with my husband. Madly, passionately in love. However, it wasn’t until our last son graduated high school that I realized how long I had been being mostly a mother, and not that much of a lover. To be honest, it was my wonderfully patient husband who brought it to my attention. (more…)

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Becoming Billie – Chapter Five

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Mystery Series - Becoming Billie

becoming billie

Disconnecting the call, Gus tucked his cell back into his left breast pocket and stared out the window of Jessie’s car. He began to tap his fingers on his knees. After a moment, Jessie asked, “So what’s the scoop Gus?”

Gus drew a deep breath and winced. “Just as we thought Jess – only worse… The good news: they’ve found a car that might be the lead we need to trace Ms. X. Bad news is: it’s shaping up to be Mob related, no doubts – but no Mob we’ve ever dealt with before… From what Pete’s said this has ‘foreign’ written all over it—but from where?” They rode the rest of the way in silence. (more…)

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Is Jumping On the Latest Fitness Bandwagon a Good Idea?

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Fitness Over 40


The fitness and weight loss industry has seen many trends over the years.  Most of us have experienced more than a few of them first hand.  There was the Thighmaster, Tae Bo, the South Beach Diet, WOW chips.  There was the era of Snackwells and step aerobics and now there are juice cleanses, hot yoga and barre classes.  It is an ever-evolving machine of an industry and it isn’t going away anytime soon with obesity on the rise in America.  We are desperately looking for that quick fix.  That one thing that will get us fit and healthy for good, with minimal effort and minimal sacrifice.

Addressing this type of wishful thinking could take up an entire book and we all know that it isn’t realistic.  What I have noticed though is another trend and it’s one that I think is exciting and encouraging and it bodes well for the health of our society.  (more…)

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Want to Lead a Happier, Healthier, Longer Life? Get a Pet

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Boomer Life

get a pet

Looking to live a good, happy, healthy long life? Need to lose weight or maintain it? Having a furry friend in your life can help you achieve all of these goals.

According to statistics, people who have one or more pets in their homes lead happier lives, are considerably healthier, live longer, and weigh less than those who don’t. Pet owners heal better after surgery and have reduced factors for cardiovascular disease. Those are pretty good reasons to be a pet owner right there but that’s not why we need and have pets in our lives. (more…)

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Books with Strong Female Protagonists

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Women In History


The movie A Wrinkle in Time, adapted from Madeline L’Engle’s Newbery Medal award-winning book, started playing in theaters in March 2018.  Awarded annually, the Newbery Medal is presented to the author of what is considered to be that year’s most distinguished contribution to American literature written for children.  L’Engle’s book features a strong female protagonist, Meg Murry, described recently by author Diane Duane in an article in Smithsonian magazine, “Finally, here was a girl character being treated as if her take on what was going on around her, her analysis and her emotional reactions to the things that were happening around her, were real and were worth paying attention to.”  The article also provides examples of other books with strong female protagonists, many of whose authors are profiled in our book Her Story:  A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America.  Let’s learn about some of those books and their authors.  (more…)

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Hitting the Retirement Preparation Sweet Spot

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Finance and Money


A recent study by the Center for Retirement Research (CRR) at Boston College suggests an alarming state of awareness about retirement readiness: Of surveyed households, 33 percent realize they are not well prepared, 19 percent are not well prepared but don’t know it, and 24 percent are well prepared but don’t know it.

For the Americans at risk of not being able to maintain an adequate retirement lifestyle, it’s critical to take action. For the households that are well prepared and don’t know it, they risk sacrificing a comfortable retirement. Understanding the behaviors associated with good retirement planning, in turn, can help you get a better sense of where you stand. Consider the following behaviors, which are more likely to be modeled by those who are well prepared for retirement. (more…)

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5 Tips for Working Women Returning to College

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Education


Most working women and most professionals want to advance their skills, land that promotion and get a raise. However, some 36 million adults face a significant barrier to achieving their goals and aspirations: They still need to complete a significant amount of coursework in order to earn a college degree.

While many of these adults have completed at least some higher education classes, the demands of family life and maintaining a career, along with a lack of financial resources, can both be forces that derail these plans.

Fortunately, the pathways to earning a college degree are evolving, which means a working professional now has more affordable and efficient means to finish the coursework. With a smart strategy, a busy working professional can make that dream of earning a diploma into a reality. (more…)

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5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Keep Customers Engaged

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs, it’s time to stop and give yourself a pat on the back. Small business owners know it’s a life that can be high stress and sometimes even uncertain. But here’s one encouraging fact: Small businesses are doing a lot to keep Americans employed and the economy humming.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, firms with fewer than 500 employees account for 99.7 percent of all businesses in the U.S. And the SBA finds that 60 percent of new job creation comes from small businesses.

Still, one of the top challenges that entrepreneurs face today is attracting new customers and keeping existing customers engaged. That’s what pays the bills, of course. Part of that solution is always looking ahead so you can capture their minds and hearts, so you can then capture the sales — with these five simple tips for small business success. (more…)

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Effective Ways to Improve Your Health — like Adding Probiotics

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Holistic Living/Life


At the turn of the calendar, many people begin taking action on what they plan to accomplish in the new year. Some have resolved to take up a new hobby, to save more money, to travel and, of course, to improve their health.

New eating plans and gym memberships are common steps people take toward their health goals, but there are other effective ways to improve your health — like adding probiotics to your daily regimen. You’ve likely heard of probiotics before, but do you know how they benefit your health and how to select the right one for you? This article can help.* (more…)

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Your Breakfast Habit Is One Time-Saving Step That Should Not Be Skipped

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Health


It happens: You hit the snooze button once, twice, then three times, so when you’re finally showered, dressed and ready to tackle the day, you’re already behind schedule. Oftentimes that causes you to skip breakfast completely.

Turns out, your breakfast habit is one time-saving step that should not be skipped. First off, eating a nutritious, high-protein, balanced breakfast every morning is a proven way to kick-start your brain, improving concentration and performance. Plus breakfast is linked to better weight control, as it provides your body energy and may reduce hunger later in the day. (more…)

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Gardening – A Hobby More Satisfying than Binge-Watching TV

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Home and Garden


Get active outdoors with a hobby more satisfying than binge-watching another television series. As a pastime, gardening can help you eat delicious, more flavorful food while transforming your patio or yard into a colorful hangout for butterflies and bees.

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to have a fresh supply of crisp veggies, fragrant herbs or fresh-grown flowers. Whether you have a balcony, rooftop or patio, gardening is a hobby that quite literally allows you to harvest big rewards.

One of the most exciting parts of gardening is deciding what to grow. With thousands of plants to choose from — flowers, vegetables and herbs — a small pot of soil can be a canvas for creativity.

To find the most popular flowers and plants this year, we checked in with Ball Horticultural Company, a global leader on all things gardening, to see what the top trends are in 2018. (more…)

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What Drives Americans to Keep Up with Car Maintenance

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Auto and Car Care

car maintenance

As the weather starts to warm up, Americans will hit the road more often for destinations ranging from family outings to spring vacation destinations. Because cars are such an important part of our daily lives, Hankook Tire examined what drives Americans to keep up with car maintenance, as well as what matters when maintenance can do no more and it’s time to visit the dealership. (more…)

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Springtime Hope: Renew Your Concept of Self, of Business, of Life

Comments (0) April 2018 KW Magazine, Business


In our lifetimes, we live, we move, we have our experiences and our feelings. Sometimes in that process we grow stale. It’s like the old song lyrics: “Is that all there is?”

Scientists have discovered that our cells self-renew. Here’s a peek into one scientific study. Since I’m not a scientist, I don’t know if cells experience peaks and valleys as we humans do, but I think that going through many years of these experiences can have an effect on us unless we make searching for greater understanding more of a priority. (more…)

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Comments (4) Health, March 2018 KW Magazine

People usually think bad words have four letters. Sadly over 40 million of us in the United States think that one of the worst words of all has seven letters, and honestly 40 million may be a low estimate.  I’ve had a big problem with anxiety for most of my life. For most of those years, I was deeply ashamed of it. It was way before the words “Panic Attack” became a common household phrase. Even today, there are not a whole lot of people who know I have anxiety, and sadly even less who may understand.

Most people think it would be easy to spot someone with anxiety. People assume that anxiety sufferers are high strung, visibly stressed out, and agitated. Often times we can just seem quiet and shy. I have sat in the middle of a party, stressed out to the max, and many may just think I’m a snob. The truth is that I was trying not to show how petrified I was at that moment. Social situations are hard for us because, God forbid, a nasty panic attack could strike at any moment. We constantly live on edge, fearing it could hit at any time. Some attacks are quietly held inside; some are full out panic and hyperventilating with sweat on your upper lip and a painfully racing heartbeat. There are many varying signs and symptoms of anxiety. It’s ugly. It’s unwanted. It’s a nightmare. (more…)

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The Realities of Bathing Suit Season

Comments (0) March 2018 KW Magazine, Relationships/Marriage/Divorce

As I was debating what to talk about this month I decided to poll people on social media to see what topics they would like to hear about.  What were the burning fitness questions that people had and what advice or guidance did they want as we head into the spring months?  The overwhelming response was that people wanted to learn how to get ready for swimsuit season.  I inwardly groaned as the feedback came in because in many ways this goes against everything I stand for.  Quick fixes to change the way you look are not my strategy or specialty.  The more I thought about it though I decided that this was something I could talk about and hopefully provide a fresh perspective.

What is the best way to get your body ready for bathing suit season, the beach, and upcoming vacations?  Put a bathing suit on your body and go to the beach.  Pick a suit that fits you well and OWN that suit.  That’s it – that’s my advice.  Groundbreaking, right?  (more…)

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Haven’t Women Always Been Strong?

Comments (0) Business, March 2018 KW Magazine

I’d like to talk with you about Possibility Thinking and why the innards of it are so critically important to women’s lives.

Our world abounds with right and true, positive thinking, and yet there are still a lot of challenging problems to be resolved. Would you agree?

We have more tools now certainly than when I was a child to point us in the direction of health, wealth, success, happiness, and harmony? One of my favorites is not having to wait until Wednesday to go to the library to do that week’s research. Isn’t the internet grand?

In our era, women’s issues are very much in the public eye. We owe a lot to those brave women like Susan B. Anthony of the anti-slavery movement; like Elizabeth Cady Stanton also a suffragette and early leader in the women’s movement; and like Ida B. Wells one of the first women to keep her own name after marriage and to lead an anti-lynching crusade. There are so many more. (more…)

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Financial Planning – Where Do You Start?

Comments (0) Finance and Money, March 2018 KW Magazine

Professionally speaking, women entering our 40s and 50’s typically are reaching our peak earning years. However, at this stage of life we also start facing the reality of becoming the “sandwich” generation; an honorable distinction that comes from having aging parents and growing children. As we move through these years we should see our net worth steadily rise. Yet, for some of us the opposite has been true as the financial obligations at this time tend to be stretched between ever increasing college expenses, a hot real estate market for first time homeowners, along with the possible need to help aging parents financially with increased health care costs.

So, what are we to do?

The following simple ideas will help you move into a positive, productive and proactive mind set.

First, take an inventory of your assets and liabilities along with your income and expenses. (more…)

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Becoming Billie – Chapter 4

Comments (0) March 2018 KW Magazine, Mystery Series - Becoming Billie

Like the heaviness of the cigarette smoke swirling in the room, the atmosphere of the inner office at Acme Bail Bond felt stifling. After a few moments of silence, Gus turned to Pete.  “I know we’re both thinking the same thing.” Pete met Gus’s gaze with an equal look of dread. “Yeah,‘fraid so.  This has Mob vibes all over it — but where in the world do you fit in?”

Gus tamped out his half-smoked cigarette. Taking a deep breath he glanced up to see Jessie staring at him, a look of concern furrowing her brow. For a moment their eyes locked. Gus turned his attention back to Pete.  “Guess I got a little too close to one of their operations but my gut tells me this has to involve that woman at the hospital.”

Gus sat rigid for a moment, thinking. (more…)

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The History of the Tony Award

Comments (0) March 2018 KW Magazine, Women In History

The Oscar nominees for 2018 have been announced and shortly after this column appears in March 2018, we will know the winners.  Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and Tonys.  These awards are among the most significant presented to entertainers.  Did you know that the Tony award is named for a woman?  The Tony award is actually the Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Broadway Theatre.  Antoinette Perry was an actress and director, as well as an activist and humanitarian.  The Tony award was established in 1947, the year after she died, by the American Theatre Wing, which she-cofounded.  It memorializes her efforts to encourage young talent.  During World War II, she raised money for the war effort, provided assistance to wounded serviceman, and provided entertainment in auditoriums and to troops in hospital wards.  Perry has been inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame.  As a salute to Antoinette Perry, in this month’s column, we feature women who have won Tony awards for their work in the theater.  (more…)

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