Change of Life: How Women Today Are Making Positive Changes in Their ‘Second Acts’

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second act

The criteria for what we want in our lives changes as we get ‘older and wiser.’ Or, is it that maybe we become wiser as we get older because we are more willing, and more vocal, in stating our preferences and letting our wants be known.  The second act of life is a second chance to meet that criteria. (more…)

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What I have Learned…About Creating Results

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I have learned that Life is a perfected learning experience. Have you seen that in your life? For me, one of the things I enjoy most are the results I create out of my learning experiences. St. Paul nailed it when he called this life the schoolmaster state. I was one of those kids who loved school and did well at it, so the idea of a lifetime of school just thrilled me. (more…)

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Women in their 50s: 10 Inspirational Entrepreneurs

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As more women boomers are becoming successful entrepreneurs and carving their own niches in a variety of fields and industries, 50 is definitely the new 30.

Similar to Civil War heroines like abolitionist-spy Harriet Tubman or surgeon-activist Mary Edwards Walker, today’s 50-something women entrepreneurs are hardly getting the recognition they deserve. Be that as it may, this doesn’t mean that their contributions do not have huge impacts on society. (more…)

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How I Finally Escaped Feeling Trapped in My Business

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After twenty years in business, I realized I felt trapped. In my forties, I wondered how I was going to retire, and not have to travel all the time. I also wanted to leave a legacy; something that would live beyond me. Something had to change.

Back in my twenties, I had job as a waitress at a conference center. One woman speaker blew my mind. I had this vision of being a speaker like that; one who could galvanize people into action. That one experience changed a thousand decisions I’ve made since that day. At that time, there were hardly any women on the speaking circuit, so it seemed unlikely I could succeed. I decided to bet on myself anyway. (more…)

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Female Dancers and Choreographers in History

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Women participate in every area of society including in the arts and culture.  Women ballerinas are a key component of the art form.  In addition, women laid the foundation for, developed and innovated in the art form of modern dance.  In this month’s column, let’s learn about some of these groundbreaking dancers and choreographers. (more…)

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Chipotle Chicken and Grape Tacos AND Grape Apple Sheet Pan Pie

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Grape Tacos AND Grape Apple Sheet Pan Pie

Fall marks the beginning of back to busy — back to school and the office, back to sports and other activities, and back to a season of social occasions with family and friends. Healthy, portable snacks such as fresh California grapes play a key role in providing energy and hydration to help power the day’s activities.

Make-ahead dinners are ideal when everyone eats dinner at a different time due to different schedules. Chipotle Chicken and Grape Tacos calls for rotisserie chicken — leftover chicken works well too — heated in a quick-blended chipotle sauce and then finished with California grapes and other toppings for make-your-own tacos.

A quintessential fall dessert can be the showstopper for weekend meals or special occasions. Grape Apple Sheet Pan Pie pairs two fall fruits, apples and fresh black California grapes, in a flavorful and richly colored filling nestled in a buttery crust. Using fresh black grapes delivers a depth of flavor and lovely color to this dessert. This sheet pan pie makes enough for a large crowd or for extras to keep for another meal.

California grapes multitask beautifully as a snack, an ingredient and a refreshing dessert, so keep the refrigerator well-stocked!

For more ideas, visit

Chipotle Chicken Tacos with GrapesChipotle Chicken and Grape Tacos

Yield: Makes 4 servings


Chipotle Sauce

-1/2 medium onion, roughly chopped

-1 clove garlic

-1 teaspoon ground cumin

-1 tablespoon honey

-2 tablespoons adobo sauce

-1 tablespoon lime juice

-3/4 cup chicken broth

3 cups pulled rotisserie chicken

8 corn tortillas

1 cup halved California grapes

1 avocado, cut into eighths

2 radishes, sliced

2 ounces queso blanco, crumbled

Cilantro for garnish


In a blender, combine the onion, garlic, cumin, honey, adobo sauce, lime juice and chicken broth; blend until smooth. In a medium saucepan, combine the blended sauce with the chicken. Cover and simmer on medium-low, stirring often, for 6-8 minutes, to thicken the sauce and re-heat the chicken. To serve, place the tortillas on a serving platter and top each with chicken, grapes, avocado, radishes, queso blanco and cilantro.

Nutritional analysis per serving: Calories 490; Protein 34 g; Carbohydrate 42 g; Fat 21 g (39% Calories from Fat); Saturated Fat 5 g (9% Calories from Saturated Fat); Cholesterol 90 mg; Sodium 360 mg; Fiber 7 g.

Grape and Apple Sheet Pan PieGrape Tacos AND Grape Apple Sheet Pan Pie

Yield: Serves 16



4 cups all-purpose flour

1 1/2 tablespoons sugar

2 teaspoons kosher salt

3 1/2 sticks cold unsalted butter, cut into 1/2-inch cubes

1 cup ice water plus additional if needed


3 pounds Granny Smith or other tart apples, peeled and thinly sliced (about 9 cups)

4 cups black California grapes

3/4 cup sugar

2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

2 tablespoons lemon juice

Pinch of salt

1 egg

Demerara sugar for garnish


To make the dough: In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar and salt. Add the butter and toss with flour. Smash each cube of butter flat with hands then stir in the cold water with a fork. Knead lightly until dough comes together in a ball. Transfer to a floured work surface and roll into a 10 x 15-inch sheet with a well-floured rolling pin. Fold each short side into the middle and close like a book. Fold it once more to make a thick block and cut in half. Wrap each piece in plastic and chill at least 30 minutes or up to overnight.

For the filling: In a large bowl, combine apples, grapes, sugar, flour, lemon juice and pinch of salt; set aside.

To assemble the pie: Heat the oven to 375 F. Roll one half of the dough out to an 18 x 13-inch rectangle. Transfer to a 10 x 15-inch heavy baking sheet; place in refrigerator to chill while rolling out the top sheet. Roll out the remaining dough to another 18 x 13-inch rectangle and cut with a pastry cutter into 1 1/2-inch wide strips. Transfer the filling into the pastry and spread evenly. Lay the dough strips on top of the filling in a lattice pattern and crimp the sides together. Mix the egg with a tablespoon of water and brush the top of the pie. Sprinkle with Demerara sugar and bake until filling is bubbling and crust is nicely browned, about 45-50 minutes. Let cool, then slice and serve.

Nutritional analysis per serving: Calories 560; Protein 6 g; Carbohydrate 74 g; Fat 28 g (45% Calories from Fat); Saturated Fat 17 g (27% Calories from Saturated Fat); Cholesterol 85 mg; Sodium 220 mg; Fiber 5 g.

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Tips and Tricks for Serving Wine with Holiday Meals

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wine pairings

The holidays are fast approaching, as are lots of festive meals to plan, prepare and serve. How can you reduce your own stress, and guarantee that you’ll have happy guests throughout the holidays? A few simple tips for choosing versatile wines — and how to serve them — will not only please everyone, but will make everything about your get-togethers easier and more fun. Pairing delicious wines to serve along with your meals does not have to be complicated. (more…)

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UTIs Cause Roller Coaster of Emotional Pain and Antibiotic Overuse

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Women are desperate for solutions to their frequent urinary tract infections, and they’re equally tired of the stigma that comes with them, reveals a new national survey.

Key findings of “UTIs: The Burning Truth” by ellura, the urinary tract supplement, found that 3 out of 4 women (76 percent) feel they are judged from others as lacking good hygiene and living a promiscuous lifestyle, common misconceptions attached to UTIs that contribute to emotional trauma, often as frustrating as the physical pain UTIs cause. The truth? Sex is a common risk factor associated with UTIs, but estrogen loss from menopause and various medical conditions also increase risk. (more…)

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Planning to Retire on Your 65th Birthday? We Didn’t Think So!

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The traditional notion of retirement — a switch from full-time work to full-time leisure — is becoming a thing of the past for millions of Americans. In fact, according to a recent UnitedHealthcare survey (conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of UnitedHealthcare) of 1,000 nationally representative Americans 62 and older, 24% of those who did retire chose to re-enter the workforce.

Delaying retirement or returning to work may influence your Medicare decisions. Here are some points to keep in mind if you plan to continue working past your 65th birthday or return to work. (more…)

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How to Stop Identity Theft

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identity theft

Resourceful thieves and cyber criminals continue to find new ways to hack U.S. consumers’ sensitive personal information. Dumpster diving, stolen or lost wallets and mail fraud should still be concerns, but the digital age of tablets, smartphones, PCs and Wi-Fi networks leaves people even more vulnerable than ever.

Think about it: Have you ever stored credit card information on your phone for added convenience to make payments in a checkout lane? Do you ever store passwords in apps to transfer funds between accounts? And what’s to keep hackers from accessing a wireless network you check your email on while you’re grabbing a quick cup of coffee? (more…)

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Gluten-Free Me!

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I’m not one of these people who jump on every health bandwagon. So when it came to the newest catch-phrases such as gluten-sensitive or gluten intolerant, and many of the people I know were afraid of becoming a victim to this ingredient and began buying foods that swore they were free of that nasty gluten, I kept right on buying products that still had gluten.

I certainly knew about how gluten can adversely affect some people. A good friend of mine was taken to the emergency room three times from major stomach discomfort that were found to be caused by gluten. Her description of how she felt was frightening. Her stomach, she said, felt as if it was being squeezed and pummeled. It swelled. Then it felt as if something heavy was being placed on it. I felt for her deeply and was glad I wasn’t gluten intolerant. (more…)

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Women Newspaper Publishers and Editors in History

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The newspaper business has welcomed women for many years; women have had much success as both publishers and editors (leadership positions) since the time of the American Revolution.  For example, a woman was the first to publish the Declaration of Independence with the names of the signers.  A woman was responsible for publishing the Pentagon Papers and breaking the Watergate story.  These women newspaper publishers and editors had to overcome many obstacles in order to pursue their calling.  Let’s discover some of them. (more…)

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What I Have Learned About…Staying the Course

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A wise man shared with me some challenges in his life. We’d talked about potential solutions, but at the end he said “Naw, it’s my bed. I’m sticking with it.”  I so admired that, because one of things I have learned is about persevering, or as he said, sticking with it.

I learned about sticking with it through my years of running away from problems. I changed jobs a lot. I moved into many different homes and apartments. I dated a lot of men. I thought of myself as a runner, not a perseverer. (more…)

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Why Women Give up Sex: Too Tired, Not in the Mood or Too Dry to Try?

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With our busy schedules, it’s easy to forget to make time for sex, which may help with mood and intimacy within a relationship. So, with all these positives, why should women want to give up one of life’s most pleasurable pastimes? Because they’re too tired, not in the mood or too dry to try. (more…)

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How You Sleep Affects Your Health – and Could Give You Wrinkles

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As you drift off to sleep, how does your nightly position affect your health?

Whether you prefer stomach, back, side or curled into a fetal position, the way you snuggle into the pillow may affect your breathing patterns, neck and back pain, and circulation. A less-serious effect, but one most people would probably like to avoid, is an increase in facial wrinkles. (more…)

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What’s More Realistic, Bigfoot or a Secure Retirement?

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Did you know nearly 1 in 3 people think they’re more likely to learn Bigfoot is real than to save enough to retire comfortably, according to a recent survey from AARP and the Ad Council?

But successfully saving for retirement doesn’t have to be a fantasy — or scary. Chances are you’re better at saving than you think. Have you put kids through college? Bought a house? Purchased a car or two? You’re probably better at achieving financial goals than you give yourself credit for. The careful planning and savings skills you’ve already used can help you reach your next big financial goal: a secure retirement. (more…)

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Make the Most of Your Fitness Routine and Magnify Your Efforts in the Gym

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Whether you’re hitting the gym to get healthy, tone up or improve your overall well-being, there’s no denying that seeing results can be one of the most satisfying feelings. Noticing even the smallest change in the way you feel or look is reason enough to lace up your sneakers for another sweat session. However, when results seem to plateau or schedules get busy, you might begin to question your commitment to a fitness routine. (more…)

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Are You a Mindless Muncher?

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Eating small snacks throughout the day can be a great way to maintain energy and keep hunger pangs at bay between meals. The problem is, it’s far too easy to reach for unhealthy foods that satisfy your sweet or salty cravings, but don’t necessarily provide the essential nutrients your body needs. (more…)

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5 Steps to a Seriously Fun Cookout – Plus a Recipe for Tex Mex Bean Dip

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It’s that time of year, when the weather’s cooling down and everyone is inviting friends over for a great day in the sun or evening feast. Make sure your cookout stands out as one of the best end of summer memories by offering everything your guests will need for a seriously amazing time.

Here are some sure-fire ingredients for having an awesome cookout. (more…)

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Women Business Owners Are Looking Beyond Banks for Loans

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Growing a business requires strategy, persistence and money. Even the most successful business owners occasionally need extra cash to expand their operations. However, getting this funding through a bank can be an uphill battle.

That was the case for Kate Lester, owner of Kate Lester Interiors, a luxury design firm based in Southern California. After Lester’s business took off, she set her sights on opening a retail space to attract even more clients. (more…)

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Which Is More Important to Recognize, Emojis or Road Signs?

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If you were to take a quiz to test your ability to identify common emojis and road signs, how do you think you’d fare?

According to the results from a recent survey by Mercury Insurance, 1,890 respondents did not do so well. The meaning of the “yawning” emoji was correctly identified by 85% of the respondents, but only 31% of quiz-takers correctly identified the meaning of the “lane reduction” road sign. Additionally, 71% knew the “in love” emoji, but the “keep right” road sign was correctly identified by only 51% of quiz-takers. (more…)

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To Wax or Not to Wax: Now That is a Question

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wax or shave

Should you wax or should you shave? These are the thoughts waxing, excuse the pun, through my mind as I contemplate my long-awaited vacation. I’ll be living in bikinis so this is an important decision to have to make.

When you’re going to a resort in the Caribbean for two weeks one of the things you really don’t want to be bothered with is shaving your legs and other, um, necessary areas. Underarms, hey, no problem; quickly done in the shower daily. But legs and the nether-regions, need to be hair-free preferably with no stubble. Like a Vegas show-girl, you are going to need a ‘complete wax-over’. I know all about this; I interviewed a show-girl several years ago and was totally amazed at what she goes through to achieve the sexy, glamorous image she portrays onstage. Can you say a loud, “OUCH”? (more…)

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What I’ve Learned…about Children

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We women are a remarkable bunch, don’t you think? The ability to conceive, carry, and deliver children is nothing short of a miracle and requires skills that men don’t think about much as they pursue their roles in life. Men deserve their just rewards in this marvelous process and I do like to include them. It’s that “it takes two to tango” thing.

I thought my role in life was to become a nun, so I spent six years in the convent exploring that idea. The result was I felt there just had to be more somehow, someway, so I left the convent to discover just what that something else might be. (more…)

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Civil War Women – Kalon Women in History Series

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civil war

The Civil War affected everyone, both in the North and in the South in the U.S.  We are reminded of this time in our country’s history as we follow the recent events in Washington, D.C. at the Treasury Department.  There are many discussions surrounding the timing and design of the revised $20 bill that would show Harriet Tubman instead of Andrew Jackson on its face.  Many women played important roles during the war.  Escaped slave Tubman was a spy, a scout and a nurse during the Civil War.  Mary Edwards Walker was a decorated surgeon.  Mary Chesnut documented what daily life was like in her dairy.  Clara Barton became the “angel of the battlefield” for her ministrations to the wounded.  And, many years later, Margaret Mitchell’s book set during the Civil War, Gone with the Wind, would become a significant movie event.  Let’s discover more about each of these women. (more…)

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How to Create a Charcuterie Board for Your Next Party

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Planning a party doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead of agonizing over appetizers, opt for serving delicious wine with a charcuterie board — a variety of cured meats, cheeses and condiments that can range from simple to sophisticated. Even a fairly basic spread can look elegant, while providing your guests with inviting, impressive flavor combinations. (more…)

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4 Tips for Serving and Enjoying Red Wine This Summer

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With the summer season in full swing, entertaining heads outdoors, with leisurely BBQs and picnics forming the backdrop for gatherings of family and friends. Choosing a great wine to pair with the menu is a thoughtful touch, but white wines aren’t the only options during the warmer months. Even as temperatures rise, versatile red wine deserves a place on the table, and these quick tips can enhance your understanding and enjoyment of wines all summer long. (more…)

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Mindfulness and Its Proven Impact on Loneliness

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Maybe you know someone who stands by taking five minutes each morning to meditate or finds time after lunch to quiet his or her mind and focus on breathing. Whatever the method may be, incorporating “mindfulness” practices into your life can have a wide range of positive health benefits like improving your memory, sleep and immune system; reducing stress and feelings of loneliness and increasing compassion toward others and yourself. (more…)

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Five Advantages of Traveling on a Small Cruise Ship

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Close your eyes and imagine your perfect ocean voyage. Are you peaceful and serene, gently floating toward exciting ports? Do you imagine a leisurely trip, with a delightful itinerary and plenty of time to explore your ideal destinations?

If that’s the picture of your dream cruise, chances are you’re imagining a small ship. While the typical cruise may conjure the image of a huge, noisy, floating party, there are better options — with travelers like you in mind.

Here are five advantages of traveling on a small cruise ship: (more…)

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Why Ethics Is Good for Your Business

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The last thing any company wants is a misstep that hurts the trust it has built with customers. This is especially true for smaller businesses, which may not have the resources to recover from a reputational setback. To prevent mistakes, bad decisions and wrongdoing, smaller businesses can take a proactive approach to developing ethical business leaders and business cultures. In doing so, experts say businesses can achieve benefits for their bottom line, their employees and the common good. (more…)

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Find Your Financial Personality – Are You a Maverick? a Dreamer?

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When it comes to managing your finances, are you more likely to be spontaneous and optimistic or stick to a formal plan? Understanding your financial personality can be important on the journey to reaching your financial goals, whether it’s something short-term like buying a home or longer term like your dream retirement. For some of us it’s simply about finding a better balance between spending and saving. (more…)

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Protect Your Children and Grandchildren With These 5 Easy Tips

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We all like to think of our homes as secure havens where our families can retreat from the world in peace and comfort.

While most of us do everything we can to protect our children and grandchildren from harm, records show that in the U.S. some 2,000 children 14 and younger succumb to preventable injuries in the home caused by burns, suffocation, drowning, firearms, falls, choking or poisoning. That’s why it’s important to stay vigilant when checking for potential safety hazards in and around our places of residence.

Take the time to evaluate whether your home is as protected as it can possibly be from preventable accidents. Consider using the following checklist as you take a close look at potential safety hazards in your home. (more…)

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Lotion in Motion- the Link Between Body Lotion, Your Skin and Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

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If you’ve read my articles over the years, you know how important your skin is. Comprising 12-15% of your overall body weight, consisting basically of 3 crucial layers, containing thousands of miles of tiny capillaries and covering approximately 20 square feet (I wouldn’t want to be the scientist conducting that experiment…) the skin serves as the body’s largest organ.

It also serves as the body’s third kidney, second bowel and third lung, assisting to detox impurities and provide protection and respiration to body tissues. Now it’s being found to play a vital role in helping us NOT develop Alzheimer’s Disease and/or Dementia as we age. What a marvel – and what a fascinating discovery taking the scientific community by storm! Let’s take a closer look: (more…)

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What I’ve Learned …. about Desire

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peak experience

Noah Webster describes desire as “an emotion or excitement of the mind, directed to the attainment or possession of an object from which pleasure, sensual, intellectual or spiritual, is expected.” In his second definition he says that “Desire is that internal act, which, by influencing the will, makes us proceed to action.” It’s also “a passion excited by the love of an object.”

Those definitions serve as a foundation from which we can all understand desire even more because it’s incredibly powerful, and I’m confident you’d love to harness that power. First of all, desire arrived on this earth when you arrived because it’s intrinsic to you. I have learned that it’s an innate part of my nature and of yours. And, it’s on automatic. Think of tiny infants crying to be fed. That’s desire at work. Think of a school-aged child working for good grades. That’s desire at work. Think about wanting to get your own apartment or house. That is desire at work. (more…)

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Hot Bod in the Bikini

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Does anyone remember that damned commercial from years ago about yogurt and the “itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-yellow-polka-dot-bikini” that used taunt those of us yearning for a hot bod in the bikini? Every time I saw it, I screamed, “Stop!” Too many people were influenced by that yogurt promotion. I hate to admit that I was one of them.

I know they were trying to make us believe that if we ate their product, we’d end up wearing that bikini, that cute itsy bitsy yellow one, but that is a load of bull. Nice try guys, but yogurt is not exactly a miracle body sculpting food. (more…)

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Women Architects in History

Comments (0) July 2019 KW Magazine, Women In History


Women contribute in every field of endeavor – including as architects.  Their contributions have been recognized for more than 100 years in this profession.  Let’s learn about some of the pioneering women architects in the U.S. including Mary Colter, Julia Morgan, and Sophia Hayden Bennett, as well as a contemporary woman architect – Maya Lin. (more…)

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Pistachios – the American Ingredient Inspiring Top French Chefs

Comments (0) Food and Drink, July 2019 KW Magazine


Chefs Laurent Manrique, Roland Passot and Gerald Hirigoyen hold the most envied title of their profession: Maître Cuisinier de France or Master Chef of France. Chefs are chosen to join one of the world’s most prestigious culinary associations through an exhaustive six-month review process that dates back to 1951.

For the three Bay Area residents and San Francisco restaurateurs, being named a Master Chef of France is “a lifetime achievement, significant career milestone and distinct honor” all in one. This year, they are also honored to play host to the organization’s annual Global Conference in San Francisco. They gathered in advance to discuss what’s inspiring them at the moment and how local ingredients shape their dishes. The common food item on their short lists? Pistachios, with which they are very familiar, having seen the many pistachio orchards that line the landscape throughout central and northern California.

“One of our duties as a Master Chef is to participate actively to promote products of ‘top quality,’” said Hirigoyen, owner of Piperade. “Pistachios grown here in California, not far from San Francisco, are superior in color and taste. I love to use pistachios because not only are they a great thing visually, they are healthy, too. They’re buttery in flavor, but the lowest in fat, actually. They can go in toppings, fillings and soups.” (See recipe below.)

The green nut’s versatility appeals to the proprietor of popular Café del la Presse, Manrique, as well. “When I came to California, I discovered the greatness of cooking with pistachios. There are so many things you can do, from savory dishes to sweet. The inspiration is endless. Put them on salads and in pates. Even when you cook pistachios, they keep that wonderful texture and crunch.”

At La Folie on Russian Hill, Chef Passot’s cuisine blends French tradition with contemporary culinary creativity, and features seasonal, fresh, organic and sustainably harvested fare that is locally sourced whenever possible. This includes pistachios. “French cuisine doesn’t have to be rich to be delicious. I use pistachios because of their natural, healthy fats and oils. Plus they have great flavor and give you energy, just eating them out of hand with an aperitif.”

All three attest to the power of pistachios outside the kitchen and snack on the nut for energy during their outdoor pursuits — Passot sailing, Manrique hiking and Hirigoyen cycling.

“Health-wise, pistachios are beautiful nuts in terms of what they contain: potassium, antioxidants and fiber. I call them the Super Nuts, and you will find them in my kitchen and in my bike pack,” said Hirigoyen.

Pistachio Gazpacho with Watermelon and Cucumber
By Chef Gerald Hirigoyen, Piperade, San Francisco

Yield: 4 servings


2 cups Pistachios, shelled

1 medium Cucumber, peeled, seeded and diced in 1/2-inch cubes

1 cup Celery stalk, diced

1½ cups Pain de mie (or other soft white bread), chopped

2 small Garlic cloves, degermed and finely chopped

4 cups Cold water

Juice of One lemon

2 teaspoons Kosher salt

1 cup watermelon, 1/4” cubes

1 cup Croutons

4 sprigs Fresh tarragon

1/8 teaspoon Ground white pepper

Extra virgin olive oil


In a large bowl, combine the pistachios, most of the diced cucumber (reserving a small amount for garnish), celery, pain de mie, garlic and water.

Working in two separate batches, pour half of the ingredients into a blender and puree on high speed until contents are smooth throughout, about 2 minutes, and then transfer to a large bowl. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Stir in the freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Strain all of the liquid through a fine-mesh sieve into a glass bowl or airtight container, gently pushing all of the liquid through with a spatula or back of a ladle. Discard the solid ingredients.

Season the soup with salt; refrigerate until well chilled, at least 2 hours or overnight.

To serve, divide the soup into 4 shallow bowls and garnish evenly with the reserved cucumber and diced watermelon. Scatter croutons and a sprig of tarragon on top of each bowl. Season with ground white pepper to taste and drizzle small dots of extra virgin olive oil over the top.

Serve immediately.

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Yummy Food and Wine Pairings for Your Summer Soiree

Comments (0) Food and Drink, July 2019 KW Magazine

food and wine

If you love entertaining, warmer weather brings up images of visiting with friends on the patio or deck, and enjoying light summer fare with a delicious, refreshing rosé wine. Now’s the time to make plans, and nothing is more fun than planning a soiree. All you need are the best pairings for summer dishes with wines you and your guests will love.

Rosé wines are lighter than their fully red cousins, often with a fruitier aroma and palate. Many of the best rosés originate from Southern France and Italy, so dishes that complement these wines well are often found among various Mediterranean cuisines, including French, Italian and Greek recipes. (more…)

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Reset, Realign and Repeat for a Healthy Summer-Ready Body

Comments (0) Fitness Over 40, July 2019 KW Magazine

arm fat

Summer is here and so is swimsuit season! There’s still time to do a quick assessment and create a routine to get your body ready for sun and fun.

By following three easy steps — reset, realign and repeat — you can commit to making changes to create a healthier summer you.


Do a self-health assessment. Take time to reevaluate your goals and set new milestones. Achieving desired health goals requires you to be honest with yourself in regard to where you are at and what you want to achieve. (more…)

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Try These 5 Strategies If You’re Feeling Stressed at Work

Comments (0) Health, July 2019 KW Magazine


Feeling stressed at work? If so, you’re not alone. A recent Gallup Poll revealed that 55% of Americans said they are stressed “a lot” during the day, up from 46% in 2006.

In the workplace, stress can affect your attitude, relationships with your colleagues and your work performance. Although a modest amount of stress is normal, high levels of stress can be dangerous to your health and may contribute to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression. (more…)

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Financial Fraud Is Targeting Older Adults at Record Levels

Comments (0) Finance and Money, July 2019 KW Magazine

financial fraud

The financial exploitation of older people is a rampant epidemic in America. A recent report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau revealed that each incident of financial fraud cost older adults ages 70 to 79 an average of $45,300. And when the older adult knew the suspect, the average loss rose to about $50,000.

As older adults experience more wealth events — from selling a home to making IRA withdrawals — they become more vulnerable to financial fraud scammers. This can often happen when older people lose touch with those who can help protect them. While technology has made lots of things easier, including managing money, it has also increased the ways for scammers to weaponize fraudulent activity. It is more critical than ever to empower older adults to protect their financial accounts — and for trusted family and friends to help them do so, before it’s too late. (more…)

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How to Avoid Bad Hires in Your Small Business

Comments (0) Business, July 2019 KW Magazine

small business

Ever heard the expression, “One bad apple spoils the barrel?” In business this is especially true because hiring the wrong person can negatively affect everyone working around them, as well as potentially harming the reputation of your company.

Turnover is incredibly expensive and can have a ripple effect throughout an organization. Hiring new employees involves the cost of advertising, possibly an agency or recruiter, plus the time and energy spent searching, selecting, onboarding and training new hires. (more…)

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Incontinence Is Nothing to Sneeze At

Comments (0) Health, July 2019 KW Magazine


Today, we’re inundated with TV ads promoting the use of pads and adult diapers. We hear about mesh surgery going awry and about meds being prescribed. Urinary tract, bladder control and bowel problems are a major issue for men and women alike and it’s one of the most embarrassing aspects of aging, tearing of the pelvic muscles during childbirth, anal or rectal cancer. Many people who suffer with urinary incontinence can also have leaky bowel, and suffer in silence and embarrassment, sometimes confined to their homes. (more…)

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An Early Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Can Make a Big Difference – Don’t Delay the Talk

Comments (0) Alzheimers Facts, July 2019 KW Magazine


After 30 years of painting commercial buildings, Mario Martinez of San Jose, California, had experienced days like this before — grueling hours under a sun-soaked sky, doing back-breaking work. He loved his job, but after spending hours outside he was ready to go home.

Mario bent down to pick up his paintbrush, roller and can. Turning back to look at his day’s work, he paused. His heart sank. He knew something was wrong. (more…)

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Menopausal Acne – How It Happens and What You Can Do About It

Comments (0) Beauty/Fashion/Style, June 2019 KW Magazine


Recent studies suggest that by 2030 approximately 40 million women will be Menopausal.

That’s a lot of women – and a lot of Menopause-related symptoms roaming around!

Menopause is a herculean process for the female human body to undertake. Declining and fluctuating hormone levels- be they estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, or thyroid can have a significant impact on the body, mind and emotions. (more…)

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Honey, You’re in Techno Overload! Unplug!

Comments (0) June 2019 KW Magazine, Technology Tips

technology overload

No matter where we go in 2019 we can be reached at will by the outside world. Cell phones and text messages, Bluetooth and Sync, SKYPE and email; you’re only a click away from being found. Honey, you’re in techno overload!

Everywhere I am, it is rare for me not to see someone without a contact device. I am as guilty as anyone else; I was always connected. But a chance remark by my book editor, Ellen Urban, made me stop and think about how I was allowing myself to be a ‘prisoner’ of all-day technology, every day. (more…)

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What I Have Learned…About Self-Sufficiency

Comments (0) Boomer Life, June 2019 KW Magazine

self sufficiency

As you begin to read this article, where are you in your life? Just starting out after schooling? Are you married? Are you single? Are you independent? Are you need dependent on another?  Are you confident or are you a worrier? Do you look at each day as a horror to be encountered or as an opportunity to blossom?

For me, the glass has always been half full, and I have a grateful heart about it. That doesn’t mean the glass WAS half full though. In fact, I grew up in poverty, but it was the perfect soil to become self-sufficient as it turned out. (more…)

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Women Nobel Laureates in History

Comments (0) June 2019 KW Magazine, Women In History

We wrote about some of the women who were Nobel Laureates a few years ago but there are others!  Here is a recap about these famous international awards:  The six categories include physics, chemistry, peace, literature, economic sciences, and physiology or medicine.  In addition to the medal and the public acknowledgement, each prize comes with the generous gift of one million dollars.  Alfred Nobel left full directions and the money to be invested for this award in his 1895 will.  Let’s learn about some more of these very accomplished women Nobel Laureates. (more…)

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3 Ideas to Freshen up Your Favorite Summer Treats

Comments (0) Food and Drink, June 2019 KW Magazine


Summertime brings lots of picnics, barbecues and pool parties, along with tasty treats everyone loves to share. Want to make yummy desserts your friends will rave about, but with your own unique twist?

Add exotic new fruit.

Whether you’re making a fruit salad, a pie or another tasty fruit-forward delight, consider making a colorful statement with exotic fruits. Why settle for the usual grapes, oranges or bananas? There’s a world of amazing fruit out there! (more…)

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5 Surprising Ways to Use Turmeric in Your Everyday Cooking

Comments (0) Food and Drink, June 2019 KW Magazine


If you’re familiar with turmeric, you probably know it as a spice in Indian cuisine such as curry. Turmeric is mildly aromatic, with a distinct earthy, pungent flavor and deep yellow color. The warm, gingery taste of turmeric can be combined with other spices to create unique flavors that can add incredible depth of flavor for a wide variety of both savory and sweet dishes.

Here are some great ideas for adding the rich flavor of turmeric to your everyday cooking. (more…)

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How to Create a DIY Planter Box and Grow Your Summer Herbs

Comments (0) Food and Drink, June 2019 KW Magazine


Do-it-yourself projects are more popular than ever, and it’s no wonder why; they make for a great weekend activity and are a creative way to add handmade touches to your space. Whether it’s gardening, cooking, or simply being creative, summer is the perfect time to combine your favorite passions into a DIY project.

Chris Lambton, garden and yard care expert, suggests a seasonal project to kick off the summer months that is not only fun to create, but also will be useful for months to come. (more…)

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7 Sunscreen Myths a Dermatologist Wants You to Stop Believing

Comments (0) Beauty/Fashion/Style, June 2019 KW Magazine


It’s no secret that sunscreen is essential for protecting our skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Even on a cloudy day, sunscreen is important for helping to reduce early signs of skin aging and skin cancer when used along with other sun protection measures. However, not everything you hear about sun care is true: there are a number of dangerous sunscreen misconceptions out there that can lead to potential issues for the skin down the road. (more…)

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Ask the Expert: What About Oral Health as You Age

Comments (0) Health, June 2019 KW Magazine

oral health

We all know brushing our teeth twice a day is crucial to keeping our smile bright, but most of us probably don’t understand how dental hygiene can impact our overall health, especially as we age. Going to the dentist is one of the most important things we can do for our health.

Each year more than 2 million people visit the emergency room because of oral health complications, due to things like cavities or gum disease. Many of those cases could have been prevented through routine dental care and exams. (more…)

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8 Tips and Tricks to Downsizing as You Age

Comments (0) Boomer Life, June 2019 KW Magazine


It’s easy to accumulate a lot of things throughout your life. From clothes and household goods to antiques and treasured keepsakes, decades of living often means decades of stuff. When you get to a certain age, it can be smart to start downsizing your belongings.

Sometimes downsizing is inspired by a move and other times it’s simply a proactive effort to keep a home clutter-free and make things easier for the next chapter of life. Although it can feel overwhelming, with a few smart steps, the process can be easy and even enjoyable. Use these eight tips to get started: (more…)

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Lighten Up! Reworking Your Skin Care Routine for Warmer Weather

Comments (0) Beauty/Fashion/Style, May 2019 KW Magazine

Well, we’ve finally made it: Spring is Springing and soon Summer will be fast upon us. I can hear the gentle hum of the bees now…

As we begin to shed our heavy clothes, it seems timely to remind you of what you need to know to properly care for your skin as we expose it to more sunlight and warmer temps.

First up: cleansing and exfoliating never go out of style so you need to stay on top of these 2 crucial steps and perform them gently and regularly. (more…)

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You’re Retiring? Nope, I’m Transitioning!

Comments (0) Boomer Life, May 2019 KW Magazine

That word retired, it just irks me. It sounds so, well, blah, so ‘there’s nothing left,’ to do. Sadly, so do people’s reaction to the word retirement.

While my friends were happy for me, some reactions from acquaintances to my own retirement weren’t exactly positive. It was as if I was an old car being junked! “Wow, retired, huh? Now you can just relax all day long with nothing to do,” said a server in my favorite restaurant. “I mean now you can just sit around all day, right? Wow, I wish I could retire!” (more…)

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What I’ve Learned…About Children

Comments (0) Boomer Life, May 2019 KW Magazine

We women are a remarkable bunch, don’t you think? The ability to conceive, carry, and deliver children is nothing short of a miracle and requires skills that men don’t think about much as they pursue their roles in life. Men deserve their just rewards in this marvelous process and I do like to include them. It’s that “it takes two to tango” thing.

I thought my role in life was to become a nun, so I spent six years in the convent exploring that idea. The result was I felt there just had to be more somehow, someway, so I left the convent to discover just what that something else might be. (more…)

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Women Contribute to Our Arts and Culture in Many Ways

Comments (0) May 2019 KW Magazine, Women In History

As we all are aware, women contribute to our arts and culture in many ways.  As visual artists, they have enhanced books, painted portraits of people and landscapes, and developed abstract art forms.  Let’s discover some of the earlier artists in U.S. history.

Anna Claypoole Peale

Sarah Miriam Peale

In 1824, artists and sisters Anna Claypoole Peale and Sarah Miriam Peale are the first women elected to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  Anna is a miniaturist while Sarah is primarily a painter of portraits in oil.  The Peale sisters are the first women to receive full professional standing and recognition as artists; the Peale’s had careers that lasted for a half-century.  Anna sold her first two paintings when she was only 14.  She specialized in portrait miniatures, which was a lucrative undertaking at the time.  Over her career, she painted more than 200 portrait miniatures.  Anna’s subjects included U.S. presidents, senators, ambassadors, writers and scientists and her works were exhibited periodically at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  Sarah received many commissions for portraits of diplomats, congressmen and other eminent individuals and was considered the leading portrait painter in St. Louis and Baltimore during the mid-19th century.  Her work is displayed in the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Maria Martin Bachman

Maria Martin Bachman painted the plants, flowers, insects, and other details for the famous naturalist John James Audubon’s Birds of America.  This four-volume set, printed between 1827 and 1838, for the first time characterized the many different birds in the U.S.  Her paintings and watercolors were used in volumes two and four.  The insects that she drew included butterflies, moths and caterpillars.  Among the many varieties of woodpeckers is the Hairy Woodpecker.  One Hairy Woodpecker, Picus martinae (Maria’s woodpecker), is named after her.  When Audubon named Maria’s woodpecker in her honor, he said “In honouring this species with the name of Miss MARIA MARTIN . . .  I feel bound to make some ornithological acknowledgment for the aid she has on several occasions afforded me in embellishing my drawings of birds, by adding to them beautiful and correct representations of plants and flowers.” Her work for Audubon has led to her being considered the most influential woman painter of American natural history during the nineteenth century.

Cecilia Beaux

Artist Cecilia Beaux was earning her living as a commercial artist in her late teens.  By 1876, she was attending the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and she won the Mary Smith Prize at Academy exhibitions in 1885, 1887, 1891, and 1892.  She traveled to Paris at age 32 but found that the artistic movement of impressionism, which was in full bloom at that time, did not suit her temperament.  She would remain a realist painter for her entire career.  Beaux became renowned for her portraits, the first of which was completed in 1884; the subjects of Beaux’s paintings were often writers, politicians and other artists.  In 1895, she became the first woman to have a regular teaching position at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  She would remain a teacher there in portrait drawing and instruction for the next twenty years.  In 1933, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt presented her with Chi Omega fraternity’s gold medal for “the American woman who has made the greatest contribution to the culture of the world.”

Lilla Cabot Perry

Although she had no formal art training until she was 36 years old, Lilla Cabot Perry produced a significant body of work and influenced the U.S. and Japanese impressionists.  Her first training came in Paris where her family lived during 1887-1889.  After seeing a Monet painting in 1889, she sought his advice and during the next nine summers she benefited from his guidance.  From 1898 to 1901, her family lived in Japan and Perry studied Japanese fabrics and prints; she incorporated them in the 80 paintings she produced while living there.  Perry exhibited her works at important exhibitions of the time including the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago and she won medals for her work in Boston, St. Louis, and San Francisco.  She achieved international acclaim during 1894-1897 and had her works exhibited in a solo show, a tremendous accomplishment for any artist. At that time, to have a solo exhibition as a woman was quite an achievement.  Over the course of her career she painted children, landscapes, and then portraits.

Alma Thomas

The first graduate of Howard University’s art department (in 1924), Alma Thomas developed her signature style of painting after her retirement as a junior high school teacher when she decided to pursue art full time.  Her abstract style was very different from most of the artists who were profiled above.  Thomas’s art features short brush strokes in brilliant colors and many in vertical stripes or circular compositions.  The first African-American woman to have a solo exhibition at New York’s Whitney Museum, Thomas also exhibited her paintings three times at the White House; one of her paintings was hung in the White House dining room.  Her solo exhibit occurred when she was 80 years old!  The Smithsonian Institution had a major exhibition of her works three years after her death and another retrospective of her work began in February 2016.  Thomas said she preferred to concentrate on beauty and happiness in her paintings.  Her artwork today is displayed at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Women participate and contribute to every area of our lives including in the areas of arts and culture.  These women and many others, almost all of whom we have not heard about nor learned about in school, across all fields of endeavor, are profiled in our book, Her Story:  A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America.  Help us by continuing to tell women’s stories.  Write women back into history!

Jill TietjenJill S. Tietjen, PE, is an author, national speaker, and an electrical engineer.  After 40 years in the electric utility industry, her professional focus is now on women’s advocacy, worldwide.  She blogs for The Huffington Post, speaks nationally on the accomplishments of women, nominates women for awards, and continues to write books (8 published to date), following in the footsteps of her bestselling and award-winning book, Her Story:  A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America (written with Charlotte Waisman).  She is a frequent keynote speaker as her positive energy and her ability to relate to the audience result in inspired and energized listeners.  The recipient of many awards, her induction into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame in 2010 remains one of her most treasured.

Charlotte WaismanCharlotte S. Waisman, Ph.D. is a national champion and advocate for women as a professor and keynote speaker. A corporate leader, executive coach, and facilitator, she conducts leadership workshops nationally.

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Cranberry and Cilantro Quinoa Salad

Comments (0) Food and Drink, May 2019 KW Magazine

When the temps heat up, home cooks look for lighter, more refreshing food and drinks that still pack a nutritional punch. America’s Original Superfruit(R), the cranberry, is just the thing — a tangy fruit that adds flavorful zing to sweet and savory recipes. Available dried, frozen, as juice or sauce, cranberries are a good source of Vitamin C and have fiber and unique antioxidants as well. Offering big health benefits in a little package, cranberries are full of unique polyphenols not commonly found in other fruits. You can enjoy their wonderful, robust flavor while boosting your health.

Here are some great ideas for hosting an #AllAmeriCRAN cranberry summer BBQ. (more…)

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Some New and Maybe Unexpected Ways to Stay Fitness Motivated

Comments (0) Fitness Over 40, May 2019 KW Magazine

It is no secret that building up the motivation to exercise can sometimes be more challenging than the workout itself. But what if you already have the tools you need to find your motivation?

It might be as easy as assembling a playlist of your favorite songs, or finally repurposing that tote bag you always mean to bring to the grocery store to be your gym bag. Let’s explore some new — and maybe unexpected — ways to help unleash that motivation. (more…)

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Do Women Worry More About Saving for Retirement?

Comments (0) Finance and Money, May 2019 KW Magazine

Do women worry more about saving for retirement? There are many reasons women may be concerned about saving enough — they have a longer life expectancy, they often earn less than their male counterparts and they may have fewer full-time working years due to time spent caring for children or aging parents. This results in lost wages as well as fewer Social Security benefits and retirement plan savings. (more…)

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How Do You Engage with Your Employees?

Comments (0) Business, May 2019 KW Magazine

One of the latest business buzzwords this year is EX, or the employee experience. Organizations are beginning to realize that they need to create a positive employee experience in the same way they have focused on the customer experience. In this ever-tightening job market, it’s mission critical to keep employees happy, fulfilled and challenged. Only then can they keep their customers happy. Focusing on EX means evaluating an employee’s entire life cycle with the company, from before they even apply for a job to beyond their last day. It’s so critical that Forbes even dubbed 2018 the Year of the Employee Experience. (more…)

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Hitting the Road This Spring? Here’s a Few Safety Tips

Comments (0) Auto and Car Care, May 2019 KW Magazine

Americans are ready for spring weekend getaways and road trips. According to the latest Gauge Index survey from Hankook Tire, most of us are planning an outdoor getaway. The beach (51%) is the top vacation Americans are planning this spring, followed by a national park (39%) for the outdoorsy type and an amusement park (31%) for the thrill seekers.

Just as spring cleaning your house is a habit, so should a spring tune-up for your car, especially before that much-anticipated road trip. Even though more than one in three drivers (37%) say they want to stay on top of car maintenance this year, what many people don’t realize is that the snow, freezing temperatures and salt, as well as potholes that develop as the roads finally thaw, can do a number on your car. Make sure your car is in top shape for any trip with five spring cleaning tune-ups: (more…)

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Changing Your Life with a Bottle of Lotion

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Beauty/Fashion/Style

Over the years, I’ve worked with women from all walks of life and from all parts of the world.
I’ve noticed a very distinct trend: Disconnect…

Women who can’t -or won’t- stop waging war with their bodies.
Women who can’t -or won’t- stop hating themselves, perpetually playing old tapes of self-sabotage and low self-esteem.
Women who can’t-or won’t- stop running from themselves. (more…)

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The New Companionship

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Relationships/Marriage/Divorce

There are many ways for women to describe their various types of relationships. The traditional ways of course, my boyfriend, my fiancé, my husband, my significant other, etc., etc. There’s the celebrity way, “we’re just friends,” or the phrases frequently used today by both sexes “hooked-up” and “friends with benefits.”

But how do you politely describe your relationship with someone whose salary is considerably less than yours, with whom you go out socially, and with whom you are having killer sex?  The new catch-phrase for this type of relationship is “the new companionship”. (more…)

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What I Have Learned….About Beliefs

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine

I used to toss the word beliefs around like it was so many Jelly Bellies. “No big thing,” I thought. That’s because I didn’t know an alternate for a belief. Now I do, and now, I see beliefs as a ’less than’ idea.

I’m sure the majority of you remember the story of The Little Engine That Could. This brave machine was faced with a rather challenging uphill climb, and he doubted that he could do it (ran out of coal.) But subsequently another engine came along to help out and – having been cheered on by bystanders “We think you can!” he pickup up on the idea and he thought he could as well, and he succeeded. (more…)

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Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Poetry

A long-tapered match lights the wicks
of candles scattered throughout a room
soft music drifts in the background.
Steamy water fills a large oval tub
nestled among foliage thriving on sunlight.
Peach nectar rises on bubbles –
Fingers test the heat.

Cut-offs, which shouldn’t be worn
by a woman her age,
a cerulean blue top and lacy undergarment,
worn to make her feel desirable,
slide to the floor as legs, long and lanky,
they used to say,
ease down into her escape.

A teal sponge dips and glides over pores
gathering sweet scented oils.
Eyelids close as tension is released
by hands that remember a lover’s touch.
As the music ends, she rises
to leave her sanctuary,
slipping arms into plush white sleeves.

Crossing the floor, stepping from cool tile
to cream carpet, a drawer is opened –
cradles silk, satin and lace.
Sea mist is the choice for this evening,
it captures the green in eyes that turn
to reflect upon an eyelet quilt,
turned down on an empty bed
that does not notice.

Copyright 2019 Sandra Morgan all rights reserved

Founder/CEO/Editor in Chief Kalön Women Magazine

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Old Woman – Your Eyes

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Poetry

When I look into your eyes,
I see decades…
you as a spark-
not yet a raging fire.
Pains and triumphs… mistakes of Life.

I look at your face, now old and worn…
marked by time and error… time and error….
Old woman, your eyes tell me of lies
I have only dreamed…
Adventure, love and broken staffs…
passions fading in your eyes…
pools of emotion never swum.

In your mirrors… and in your mirrors
I see fear.
Could the world forget you?
Let the fire die?
have no fear…
Old woman…
your eyes….

Copyright 2019 Carrie E. Pierce all rights reserved

carrie pierceHealth and Beauty has been Carrie E. Pierce’s career focus for over 28 years.

Throughout her career, Carrie has served as: Guest and Corporate Makeup Artist for numerous major, international cosmetic companies and as a Hollywood film, TV and special effects makeup artist.

She’s provided skin care and makeup services for the fashion industry, as well as restorative make up procedures for burn and scar patients, cancer patients, domestic violence survivors and women suffering with self-esteem issues.

Carrie is a licensed Aesthetician, Certified Color Analyst, Menopause Skin Care Specialist, Author and Co Host of a nationally syndicated radio show.

Together with Life Coach Kris Cavanaugh Castro, Carrie has co created a coaching program created especially for Midlife women- and the men who love them. Called ‘Making Peace With Menopause’ this program covers the myriad health, beauty, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of the Menopause journey.

It’s Carrie’s mission and her passion to help women be the best they can be – especially as they move through Midlife!

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Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Poetry

In the shower this morning
water sprayed like most days
warm, soothing to wake
a sleepless night.
Head still fuzzy, I
see glass walls,
beads of water and I
sink down to the floor to watch
one drop, drift to touch
another and roll across
to touch another and roll
down, grabbing more
on their way through
the drain in the floor –

bars any escape
as I place my leg
over this hole, to keep them
here with me, unable
to join their journey.
Coupled with saline
down the length of my throat
to the tips of my breasts, we
drip down
into this pool, swirling I
move to the corner of
this moment as
glass walls cry
for another drop
to find its way.

Copyright 2019 Sandra Morgan all rights reserved

Founder/CEO/Editor in Chief Kalön Women Magazine

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Journeyman’s Prayer

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Poetry

She carries her Dream Basket
Cradled like a baby,
And steps into the meadow.
A head full of images
And the perfect plan for matching them together…
This jigsaw puzzle, Life.

To do All and be All…
Perhaps Rich…
Perhaps Famous…
Perhaps Not….

Afraid, fresh-
She journeys into the thrashing World;
angry reptile here to teach.

Far from home-
Feeding herself…
Trying not to crumble…
Not to crumble….

I, weary traveler,
My journey old;
extend the Journeyman’s Prayer:
That tears cried
Will fall upon listening ears
And dark anguish,
Be heard by the caring Soul.
-That dreams be outgrown-
not trampled by heavy feet…

And from a struggling heart,
Pray that Life, with all her pungency,
Combines sweetly for you,
No bitter, sour dish- your only feast….

Traveler, begin-
But in your sack, fold away the Past,
For there will be storms and ugly awfulness…
The memory of Love
Will be the only shelter that withstands.

Copyright 2019 Carrie E. Pierce all rights reserved

carrie pierceHealth and Beauty has been Carrie E. Pierce’s career focus for over 28 years.

Throughout her career, Carrie has served as: Guest and Corporate Makeup Artist for numerous major, international cosmetic companies and as a Hollywood film, TV and special effects makeup artist.

She’s provided skin care and makeup services for the fashion industry, as well as restorative make up procedures for burn and scar patients, cancer patients, domestic violence survivors and women suffering with self-esteem issues.

Carrie is a licensed Aesthetician, Certified Color Analyst, Menopause Skin Care Specialist, Author and Co Host of a nationally syndicated radio show.

Together with Life Coach Kris Cavanaugh Castro, Carrie has co created a coaching program created especially for Midlife women- and the men who love them. Called ‘Making Peace With Menopause’ this program covers the myriad health, beauty, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of the Menopause journey.

It’s Carrie’s mission and her passion to help women be the best they can be – especially as they move through Midlife!

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Becoming Billie – Chapter Seventeen

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Mystery Series - Becoming Billie

“Looks like the weather’s turning colder…” the young woman at the newsstand observed as she handed Gus the morning paper and a pack of Marlboros.  Gus nodded at the obvious for it had shown up as a pain in his leg the day before.  The limp had become less noticeable, except to Gus when these weather patterns reminded him all too well.  But it was always there – one way or another.

‘The Limp’. In the nine months since that had ensued, Gus had limped through his days and nights in pain –both physical and emotional.  Sure, he had much to be grateful for.  He had survived a near fatal wound, Theresa was safe, Lindy’s ordeal had been vindicated, five young women’s lives had been saved and a human trafficking ring had been squashed. Hopefully, the gang members will be made to pay for their evil deeds soon too.  (more…)

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How to Help Your Adult Children Establish Strong Credit

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Finance and Money


Today’s millennials and Generation Z face starkly different financial realities than their parents did at their age. As a parent of a young adult, how can you help your children understand their financial options to build a foundation for their futures? The first step may be to appreciate where they’re coming from and how their attitudes may differ from yours. Your assumptions about finances based on your experience at their age may no longer hold true. Once you understand your millennial children’s situation, you may better be equipped to help them make sound financial decisions.

Consider these recent findings about millennials and credit from VantageScore Solutions before advising your adult children. (more…)

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How ‘Life’ Gets in the Way of Retirement Planning and How to Overcome the Obstacles

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Finance and Money


If you’re like many Americans, retirement planning may not be high on your ”to-do” list. When life is busy and you’re shouldering the burden of looking out for yourself and your family, setting up a retirement plan can slide down the priority list — especially if you’re hoping it will somehow be easier in a year, two or more.

But if you look at the root causes of inertia behind retirement planning, it’s clear how the effects from your behavior can be significant.

Below are some insights to help you get on track and better understand the kinds of behaviors that can get in the way of planning for your financial future. (more…)

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5 Tips to Make Your Healthy Goals a Reality Plus Recipe for Nutty Grain-Free Granola and Yogurt...

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Fitness Over 40


Making small, sustainable changes in your lifestyle can result in big health improvements.

Here are five tips to kick-start your goals with small, healthful changes that can become part of your life — for good.

1. Goal: Exercise one hour every day (more…)

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Six Popular Nutrition Trends

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Health


The expanded variety of health and wellness options available today can be confusing for consumers who are trying to learn all they can to make the most informed, healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Below, Dr. Nicole Avena, assistant professor of neuroscience at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and visiting professor of health psychology at Princeton University, explains six popular nutrition trends including sustainable snacks, new plant-based milks, prebiotics and probiotics and the latest on gummy supplements vs. traditional vitamins: (more…)

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2019 Tax Tips for Online Filers

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Finance and Money

tax tips

As time continues to tick, millions of tax filers are beginning to feel the pressure to file a tax return. But big questions still remain, and for those filing online, those questions are compounded by the myriad options for submitting a return.

Fortunately for those online filers, there is such a thing as sound advice. With help from some of America’s renowned tax experts, we’ve compiled a list of the top four tips for filing online in 2019. (more…)

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Oscar Milestones

Comments (0) April 2019 KW Magazine, Women In History

Many of us recently spent an evening enjoying the 2019 — 91st Oscars.  It may seem surprising that significant firsts for women are still occurring – but they are!  2018 marked the first year that a woman was nominated for best cinematographer – Rachel Morrison.  In 2019 for the first time, an African-American received the best costume design award – and she was a woman – Ruth E. Carter.  Also, the first African-American won the production design award – also a woman – Hannah Beachler.  In this month’s column, we focus on other significant Oscar milestones achieved in prior years.  (more…)

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Kansa – Your Magic Wand for Maximum Health and Beauty

Comments (0) Beauty/Fashion/Style, March 2019 KW Magazine

As some of you may remember, several months back, I suggested transforming your evening TV time into a time of power-packed beauty ritual. In that particular article, I suggested you purchase an attractive box of some sort and in it store a few of your favorite beauty products for use only during this evening downtime. You’re sitting there on your tailend anyway -just wasting time- so why not make wise use of it?!?

Mom and I created our beauty box a few years ago and every night finds us rifling through it: applying face masks, using lip exfoliant and lip balm, applying hand and body lotion, using teeth whitening strips, minding our cuticles, brushing our hair- all while vegging in front of the TV. (more…)

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Religion and Happiness – Is There a Connection?

Comments (0) Boomer Life, March 2019 KW Magazine

Does religion make you happier?  Or does it simply amplify what you already have? For those of us, like me, who have chosen not to belong to any specific religion, there’s a definite curiosity imposed by these two questions. What’s the answer?

Religion has two important things going for it. The first is a sense of community with others who share the same belief system. Out of this community comes a social connection that can be helpful and supportive in many ways.  It is a positive sense of belonging we all seem to look for in our lives. So, in other words, you don’t need religion to have a social life, but for some people it is a necessity. (more…)

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Things to Consider if You Plan to Retire Before 60

Comments (0) Finance and Money, March 2019 KW Magazine

Financially speaking, what moves might you want to make?                

By choice or by chance, some people wrap up their careers before turning 60. If you sense this will prove true for you, what could you do to potentially make your retirement transition easier? As a start, you may need to withdraw your retirement funds strategically.   (more…)

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Becoming Billie Chapter Sixteen

Comments (0) March 2019 KW Magazine, Mystery Series - Becoming Billie

The band played on and no one looked up from their drinks -or dice games- as Theresa slowly slumped over on the bar and begin sliding to the floor.  However, Alexei and Anna began berating her seeming drunkenness in loud, demeaning terms as if trying to call attention to her misfortune.

“You, sorry slut!” Alexei shouted.  “This is the last time we’re going out with you!”  He and Anna each grabbed Theresa under the arms and began dragging her toward the door to the kitchen, the tops of her shoes making a long mark on the dusty floor.  The bartender was right behind them as they approached the back door leading to the alley.  He opened the door and then the door to a waiting van and watched as they shoved Theresa into the back. (more…)

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What We Wouldn’t Have Without Women

Comments (0) March 2019 KW Magazine, Women In History

The statement of a friend triggered the thought – what wouldn’t we have without women?  We wouldn’t have iPhones, United Way, tuberculosis tests, the drug to effectively treat childhood leukemia, the Apgar score, fruits and vegetables from California, Kevlar, affordable ice cream, commercial maternity clothes, Real D/3D for 3D movies, and much more.  In this month’s column, we focus on those parts of our lives that we take for granted today that we wouldn’t have without women. (more…)

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What I Have Learned…About Others

Comments (0) Boomer Life, March 2019 KW Magazine

The topic of Others seems to be one of life’s biggest bugaboos, wouldn’t you agree? Others are intrinsic to relationships; in fact, it’d be really tough have a relationship without an other.

Others can be a true joy. They can also be a giant pain in the butt. The difference between the two boils down to one main thing: what you think about them, and that’s what I’ve learned in my seventy-seven orbits around the sun. I can control what I think about others. (more…)

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6 Reasons Why You Need More Bananas in Your Life

Comments (0) Food and Drink, March 2019 KW Magazine

Bananas are a tasty snack that many people eat regularly without much thought, but there’s more to the iconic yellow fruit than just its convenience and color. Bananas are a superfood loaded with nutrients and have been enjoyed worldwide for hundreds of years. In fact, there are many reasons to consider eating more bananas.

Versatility: Bananas are one of the most versatile foods available. They come in their own container and you can eat them right out of the peel. You can slice up fresh bananas to enhance favorite snack foods, like cereal, yogurt or smoothies. They are a natural alternative to sugar to sweeten desserts and can be used in a variety of recipes, including savory ones. They are even tasty dried and eaten as banana chips. (more…)

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What You Need to Know about Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Comments (0) Health, March 2019 KW Magazine

The ability to see the people, places and things in front of you is one of life’s most precious gifts. Imagine a life without the ability to see these things clearly — what steps would you then take to protect your vision? Life with Age-related Macular Degeneration, or AMD, can potentially lead to vision loss or blindness. While an AMD diagnosis can be a scary thought, there are things people can do to help reduce the risk of progression of the disease. Here’s what you need to know. (more…)

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7 Tips to Eat Your Way to Thicker, Fuller Hair

Comments (0) Beauty/Fashion/Style, March 2019 KW Magazine

Did you know that what you eat affects your hair? That’s news to most people, especially those who are dealing with hair loss. While there are many possible causes for hair loss — stress, the environment, health problems — achieving thick, full and healthy hair ultimately starts with your diet. That’s because the nutrients you get from food and supplements provide the building blocks for your hair growth.

Research shows that certain nutrients, including iron, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin C and omega-3s are essential to healthy-growing hair, while lack of these nutrients and certain inflammatory foods can lead to hair loss and slower-growing hair. (more…)

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Picking Lights for Your Desk

Comments (0) Boomer Life, March 2019 KW Magazine

Look at your desk. Chances are you have at least two screens in front of you. From smartphones to multiple monitors and even tablets, backlit screens constantly demand attention during the workday, but that quality of light could have a negative impact on health, comfort and productivity. For a quick fix, add a task light. Proper task lighting is an easy hack that can significantly improve your overall wellbeing and productivity at the workspace. (more…)

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Tips for Shopping on Amazon

Comments (0) Boomer Life, March 2019 KW Magazine

With the new year in full swing, many have made a resolution to be smarter about their spending. For those struggling financially, shopping online can be especially useful in achieving this goal — all it takes is a strategic bargain-hunter’s mindset, according to Eva Macias, financial expert and author who specializes in leveling the financial playing field for all families, regardless of income.

“Managing your family’s finances can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” she says. “You just need to spend wisely, look for deals and realize you don’t have to do it all yourself.” (more…)

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Histamine Intolerance- It’s Nothing to Sneeze At!

Comments (0) February 2019 KW Magazine, Health

histamine intolerance

At the time of this writing, in some parts of the nation -Polar Vortex excluded- Spring is getting ready to be sprung.

Already, tender shoots are poking through chilled soil, tree branches are bulging everso slightly with evidence of the new life to come and spring birds are arriving, filling the air with song. (If these wonders aren’t taking place yet where you live, hang on… they’re on the way!)

But these verdant wonders bring with them a down side… allergies and the histamine they trigger. (more…)

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Becoming Billie – Chapter Fifteen

Comments (0) February 2019 KW Magazine, Mystery Series - Becoming Billie


Theresa stood at the bottom of five worn stone steps. Looking up at the brownstone, she read the small bronze plaque, mouthing the words silently.  ‘Built in 1898’.  A larger painted, wooden sign above announced ‘The Billie Holiday Institute’.

In just five upward steps Theresa would become Jolene Price, fledgling jazz singer – a mantle that seemed way too large and formidable to fit or to swallow over the large lump in her throat.  She knew that, at least for this moment, Gus and Pete were watching from a rented delivery truck a half a block away and praying that she would be up to the task. As she placed her foot on the first step, she realized that that mantle of protection and the lifeline it represented, would soon be cut and left behind. (more…)

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Why I Learned to Be Mom Instead of Mommy

Comments (0) Boomer Life, February 2019 KW Magazine


I have always been one of those people who want to do something; take a class in documentary film making, make more time for my husband and me, take an exotic vacation; the list goes on and on. My mind is filled with ideas that I put it on the back burner of my life intending to ‘do it’ next month, next year, when I have time, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

It was a chance remark made by a friend that helped me realize how I was wasting precious time by putting things off. I was talking about wanting to go to France but, as usual, the trip was assigned to sometime in the future. My friend off-handedly responded by saying, “I wouldn’t keep putting off what you want to do, Kristen. You and I, we’re getting closer to the Gate, if you know what I mean”. (more…)

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What I Have Learned…About Buying Stuff

Comments (0) Entrepreneurs, February 2019 KW Magazine

what i've learned

My folks were tight fisted when it came to spending money, so I heard “no” a lot during my growing up years. Some kids pitch fits when they don’t get what they want. My parents would not tolerate this behavior, and my disappointment, my angst, and my unfulfilled desires got carried around hopelessly and silently within.

To frost that ugly cake, I entered the convent where I took a vow of poverty. How about them apples? There, I learned that having things isn’t necessary. They’re nice, but aren’t necessary. In community living, everything belonged to “us.” It wasn’t “my” pen; it was “our” pen. That did help to dissipate the sense of possessiveness. (more…)

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Women Poets and Lyricists in History

Comments (0) February 2019 KW Magazine, Women In History

women poets

Over the course of our lives, we learn poems, songs, and hymns without thinking about the authorship or wondering about which ones were written by women.  Mary Had a Little Lamb, Over the River and Through the Wood, Battle Hymn of the Republic, American the Beautiful, and many others that are famous and well-loved hymns were written by women.  Let’s discover some of these accomplished women poets, lyricists, and songwriters.  (more…)

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From BFF’s to Four-Legged Friends – Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone

Comments (0) February 2019 KW Magazine, Holidays

valentines day

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers anymore. While we naturally want to show our significant others how much we love them on the sweetest holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day has become a wonderful day to celebrate everyone we care about, from your BFF to your furry, feathered and four-legged friends. In fact, last year the National Retail Federation reported that approximately 20 percent of Americans plan to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets.

Here are some ways to share the love with everyone who is important to you this Valentine’s Day: (more…)

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Eating Right to Age Healthy – Tips From a Registered Nutritionist

Comments (0) February 2019 KW Magazine, Health

What if you were 60 but felt more like you were 30? Consider taking charge of your nutrition by adding in foods that help you feel decades younger.

“What you eat and drink can have a tremendous impact on how you look and feel,” says Dawn Jackson Blatner, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. “Eating healthy is important at any age, but as you get older, certain foods can have a powerful impact on your overall well-being.” (more…)

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5 Steps to Retirement

Comments (0) February 2019 KW Magazine, Finance and Money


A recent study finds that 52 percent of American households are at risk of not being able to carry their current lifestyle into retirement. This is an increase from an estimated 45 percent of households in a 2004 study. The estimated retirement savings shortfall amounts to roughly $6.4 trillion.

In many cases, this dramatic number is the result of a lack of financial education. Many adults today know little about retirement planning because they weren’t educated on the topic during high school or college. For example, many people don’t realize that an individual retirement account, continuously funded at $3,000 per year — starting at age 20 and based on an estimated rate of return of 8 percent — will yield $1.16 million when they retire at age 65. That same account — started at age 30 instead — will only yield $517,000 at age 65. (more…)

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How to Turbocharge Your Business in 2019

Comments (0) Business, February 2019 KW Magazine


Women are starting businesses at a record pace – motivated to pursue passions, financial independence and the flexibility that eludes most traditional jobs.

In the U.S. alone, women entrepreneurs generate $1.1 million in revenue on average across retail, professional and personal service businesses that have operated for 11 years. This stat comes from Visa’s new ‘State of Female Entrepreneurship’ report, which informed their recently announced program, She’s Next, Empowered by Visa, a global initiative to support and champion women in their efforts to grow their small businesses. (more…)

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Quick Guide to Plan a Road Trip On a Budget

Comments (0) February 2019 KW Magazine, Travel

road trip

Does wanderlust have you longing to get away? Consider the possibilities of the classic American road trip. With a tank of gas, the right attitude and some smart supplies, you can explore amazing locales on a budget.

“The great American road trip is still very much alive, and we’re not just talking long endurance cross-country trips. Places you can go from your own hometown and return on just one tank of gas,” says Peter Greenberg, Emmy-award-winning producer, writer, radio broadcaster and TV correspondent. “If travel can be defined as an experience that is absolutely meant to be shared, then the road trip is still very high on my list. It offers shared adventure, shared experience and shared storytelling.” (more…)

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Film at Eleven – Biofilm, Disease and You

Comments (0) Holistic Living/Life, January 2019 KW Magazine


Well, the New Year is upon us, bright, shining and filled with Promise! And if you’re like most of us, you’re eager for that fresh new start; tossing out the old, making resolutions, altering your day to day habits and patterns, vowing to clean up your diet, on and on ad infinitum…

We’re all cleaning out closets, refrigerators and pantries, swearing off sweets and booze- and hitting the gym in vast numbers. We’re Unsubscribing from online materials and toxic relationships; eager to lighten the load and shed all that has held us down and back during the old year that has now come and gone. But, in the midst of all the cleaning hubbub, have you given any thought to truly deep cleaning your body at a cellular level? Probably not. (more…)

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Healthy and Happy in 2019

Comments (0) Fitness Over 40, January 2019 KW Magazine


What would it take to make you your absolute happiest in 2019??  We all know that more money isn’t really going to make us happy.  More material things aren’t going to do it either.  Neither is power or influence, fancy new friends or a title change at work.  Those things can be nice but they aren’t going to bring us true happiness.  It can be so easy to lose sight of this in a world that is becoming increasingly materialistic. (more…)

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The Emotional Pain and Depression of a Celibate Relationship

Comments (0) Boomer Life, January 2019 KW Magazine


“We are living in a time when it seems as if sex is used to sell everything. From laundry detergent to pancakes, from make-up to hair dye, sex sells. We are inundated with it.”

I was doing a seminar on Sex, Love, and Relationships. During a break, a well-dressed, pretty, but nervous woman, came up to talk to me. She asked if I had ever encountered a person who was living in a celibate marriage or relationship.

“I don’t mean not having sex for long stretches of time because of certain problems that can be resolved. I mean never having sex, sleeping together in a bed but not being intimate for years.”

I nodded my head—I had heard about it. She was talking about a celibate relationship. (more…)

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