Are you adding some FUN to your life?

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I don’t know about YOU but I am a type A personality, which means that before I started to add FUN to my life I worked Day and Night. I was the person that did say I was going to block time for ME and then someone would come along and need my help and the next think I knew my time was gone.

In the last year many of my NAFE members have been diagnosed with Cancer and other things, and many were YOUNG and it got me thinking that if I did not take time for ME than I probably would not be around to do the work that I love, and that is help others, as that is my passion, to help YOU soar to greatness.

So I took time to really bring the WHO I am person from inside to the WHO I portray person on the outside so I was one person. I also by doing that realized I was as important as all the wonderful women I am blessed to meet and help and that I deserved some time for me. So that is exactly what I am doing, the result is I am actually accomplishing more to help others because I am happy that I am having fun and that is making me feel fantastic, and full of energy to reach out and make a difference in the world.

In the last few months I have seen 6 movies, including yesterday PRAY, EAT, LOVE which I highly recommend, I just ran out at 3:30 and went to a early show, then came back home and accomplished lots of work. The year before and the year before that I saw no movies.I am going on a cruise to Matzalan, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta with lots of fun women on October 31st for seven days, these are all dynamic women who have also learned that adding FUN to their lives is a good thing.

I just signed up with Kalon Women to do a BLOG, as I think the work that CEO Sandra Levitin is doing with Kalon Women is awesome and so many wonderful women are connecting to her site. I signed up and connected when she first started Kalon Women.

I went to the Goddess Festival and found I loved being a goddess, and had such a fun day with so many fun goddesses, all whom run successful businesses.

I got introduced to FLAT Windy by The WIN (Women’s Information Network) and take her everywhere, (you too can have your own flat Windy and she is free on that site), and everywhere I take her people love her and laugh and want to know the story behind her. They then say I want one, and so I share with them the link that they can go to and download their own Flat Windy. Flat Windy offers lots of photo opportunities, no matter where I go when people see her they want to know what it’s about, and I tell them that Windy is sharing with all women to be a part of the 100 year anniversary of International Women’s Day that the WIN and women’s networks across America are doing on March 8, 2011 to make this a celebration worth remembering. A funny thing happened the other day when I had her at the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce Breakfast meeting, the group wanted to know if they could take up a collection to get her some boobs, everyone laughed when that was said.

International Women’s Day  will be in ten cities across America and women’s groups and organizations who join with The Win have the opportunity to make some money for their organizations as well as to win some great prizes including a trip, for more information go to and click on International Women’s Day.

I love the idea of organizations working together, as the NAFE Western & Mid Atlantic Regional Coordinator I can see the value of women no matter what organization they belong to joining forces as we have come a long way but we still have a long way to go. Together we can do that, and in this celebration all networks will win by coming together and so it will be a win-win celebration gathering women from everywhere for this celebration. March 8th 2011 is also my 75th Birthday so to me it’s also like a big birthday party for my celebration as well.

SO if you are not having FUN, stop today, go to a movie, walk on the beach, call up a girlfriend and have a girls out lunch, dinner or just chat. We women do too much and do not take time for us, because we are mothers, business owners or entrepreneurs, some are caretakers for elderly parents and some are wives, so no wonder we think we don’t have time for US. But believe me by taking that time you are going to really feel better about the time you have to give to others.

Since I started taking time for me, I have lost 8 lbs, I joined a gym , gone to movies, had time for girlfriends and family, was able to go off of all medication, and just feel fantastic, and so that feeling gives me the energy to help so many others.

So get your scheduler whatever one you use and start putting down time for YOU, your business will soar, your family will be happier and life will be so simple. SO try it my friend, you may find it is exactly what you need and end up being able to do more and live  a longer life so that you can reach out and continue to make a difference to all the people whose lives you touch every day.

I invite you all to join me also on facebook and linked in and also become a fan on my facebook page.

Robbie Motter

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  2. Hello Robbie. I am going to be having fun on vacation from August 24-31. I am going with my husband of 39 years and we are meeting some friends we met at our last Caravan Vacation who live in Texas. On August 24-25 we will be in Rapid City SD, we will be seeing Mt Rushmore. On August 26 we will be in Billings, MT, On August 27, 28 will be in Yellowstone National Park, WY. On August 29 we will be in Jackson Hole. WY and on August 30 we will be in Salt Lake City Utah. It will be all new to me. It should be a great adventure. ” it is all about showing up and having Fun doing it.”

  3. That was a great blog Robbie..such a good reminder to all us women. You are a true inspiration to all of us and one amazing woman to know. Cheers to having fun! While my daughter is home from Berkely for a week we have gone to see In the Heights at the OC Performing Arts ctr, shopped, going on a houseboat at Lake Mission Viejo tonight, going to see another play, and just doing some fun things together!

  4. Hi Robbie,

    I will be having fun taking 32 visitors to San Diego out to dinner at the Officers Club Mira Mar on Thursday evening, then on Friday we are going to see the Midway in San Diego, on Saturday we are going to the horse races at Del Mar.

    Wednesday is a very busy day for me as I have 3 networking meetings, than a visit with a good friend who had major surgery last Thursday while me and Flat Win dy were in Las Vegas for a meeting.

    I do treat myself to a movie every weekend. I loved Eat, Pray, Love. My husband and I see all the new releases.

    I will be taking a group of travelers on the Seabourn Legend sailing from Monte Carlo to Rome the end of September. My husband and I will be going to Salinas Ecuador the second week of December. As you can see I have a very full life too, but do make time for me also.

    Love knowing you Robbie. See you very soon.


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