Are You a Professional Student?

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Going through my emails today – tons and tons I might add. The thought came to me if I get bogged down in all the information coming into my inbox and stressed over what to save or what to throw away. How do you feel, overwhelmed, anxiety ridden?

Quite frankly, going through all the (junk) email is a big part of my job. Going through all my emails to find the gems – new resources and idea’s, that is why my clients pay me, to stay on top of revolving technologies and thing that work to explode their businesses.

However, that is the exception rather than the rule… I see so many of you who (for lack of better terms) waste days and days filtering through information that may or may not be beneficial to your business. I remember my father telling me about what he called professional students.

These were students who loved learning so much they just stayed in the university and would go for years and years, never really getting out in the real world and applying what they learned – and we all know that is where the real education begins!

Think about it. Are you a professional student?

Do you spend hours – days just going through and learning everything you can – not really developing an action plan to put into place? Are you feeling disjointed and the information you are collecting seems abstract? Are you having problems just Connecting the Dots? I will tell you everything is not for everybody.

Affiliate marketers need different skill sets and tools than people who are building an e-commerce site. A service oriented professional will need different knowledge than an online widget store. Taking action is essential, and outlining that action making sure that what you are doing and or learning is going to directly impact your goals for the better, that is the key.

Let me explain – first of all you need to have your goals and plans written – what is it, you want to do? What is the ultimate out come (dream a little) in a perfect world you business would be xyz – and making, fill in the blanks_________, _________ . (lots of money, Helping people that need help? Etc) IF you are stressing over marketing, SEO, and you don’t even have a website… What is the point!

Take action – Learn what you need to do step by step. I believe you need both, but what do you start with and why?

What is the difference between a blog and website and why do I need both?

To some of you this is very basic stuff  but to a lot of people starting out it really isn’t – you don’t have to be an expert at everything to be successful.

Let me repeat – you don’t have to be an expert at everything to be successful. If that were the case we would all be complete failures! You see I learned a long time ago that what you do well do it, what others do well hire it done.

The adage time is money is really true. If I am struggling to put together a widget (taking me hours) for my store, and I know I can be out selling this widget and making twice the money – I should hire it done. I will have it built – make money and be able to pay the widget maker as well.

A personal example: I know that my talent lays in my artistic ability to design. I am not shy at saying I am a talented graphic designer / web designer. Through the years I have become a successful consultant and project manager and learned from the best on how to market on the Internet. I may be able to do some minor programming – but I do know that I am not a programmer per say. When I have a job that needs to be done – shopping carts – .asp pages etc, I don’t even attempt to learn the programming language. I would be miserable (I hate that stuff) I would be wasting my time and pulling my hair out both of which I don’t have enough of. Moreover, in the time it would take me to begin to understand the language, I could have made a lot of money.

What do I do when I need this done – hire a programmer (I trust and know). This is my business, and my reputation is at stake, so I don’t just trust anyone to work with me, they have to live up to my standards as well. My reputation is all I have – it doesn’t matter how wonderful the work is or how beautiful the design is – if people are unhappy with how something functions or your customer service stinks its all over for your business (,but I digress!).

The moral of this long, long story?

You must start putting together an action plan that will get you results – instead of spinning your wheels. Are you going to tackle putting together you own website? Do you have the knowledge to do a professional website, what about artistic ability to design something that will attract you target markets? If not find a professional that will work with your vision – let them create, and you do what you do best. This can go for anything you are doing in your business.

Synopsis: Have a vision – put it down on paper. Decide what action steps need to be taken – pull together the players to make it happen. Learn, what will work for your type of business and/or find a professional you trust that will be honest and tell you the truth, what you really need to do to get your business off the ground.

If you have a floundering business – don’t keep doing what you’re doing, or it will keep floundering. Find a professional, not the neighbor or you best friends (unless they are experts at what you are looking for) – someone you know you can trust to give you truthful advice.

Someone who will be completely honest with you – and has your interest at heart not someone who only has their eye’s on the bottom line (you money!)

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