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Women in general are stressed out! We carry way too many responsibilities on our backs and work very hard in our careers as well as at home.

How we learn to handle with these responsibilities is never easy. Women over 40 deal with small to adult children as well as aging parents – sometimes under the same roof. If that’s not enough, we’re dealing with menopause, fighting to keep our careers on track, new health issues, ending old or beginning new relationships, starting new business and trying to do it all while maintaining our looks. We’re exhausted just talking about it!

Kalon Women Magazine wants to help with those issues through inspiring, educational, humorous, touching articles that will make your life just a little smoother and maybe less stressful. All of our articles are written by women (and a few men) just like you – trying to make it through this mid-life craziness.

What is Kalön, you ask? Everything…a garden or a tree, a piece of jewelry or a favorite walk–has its kalön and is beautiful or admirable after its own fashion. Something can be beautiful without being perceived or known as beautiful. It is our very inability to know everything about a given object that actually makes it beautiful.

Beautiful is an experience that grows out of curiosity, the paradox of knowledge and the infinite ability of the particular to continue to reveal itself in continuously new and interesting ways.

To shut down the work of beauty, one need only claim to know everything about a given particular–either that one knows definitively what it is, or that one knows it is most definitely nonsense. Either way, it ceases to hold our attention or to reveal new meanings and truths to us.

It is then up to us, to reveal new meanings and truths to hold our attention and to grasp the true meaning of Kalön within ourselves.

We hope you will explore, share, challenge and reveal the Kalön Woman in you.

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