3 Daily Tips To Keep You On Track And In Your Heart

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As an entrepreneur I know what a challenge it is, and some days more than others, to stay centered throughout daily activities, especially if you are handling many things at the same time, i.e. at work, home and family.

How you start your morning I find to be the most important component in how the rest of the day will go.  You may have had that experience of waking up having slept “at the wrong side”, and you are all cranky; the rest of the day is colored by that morning impression.  Similarly then, when you wake up and set an intent for your day, consciously starting it off as you wish it to be, the rest will unfold accordingly.

Inspiration is the next on my list. What inspires you and keeps you motivated throughout your day?

I regard this inspiration as something that connects me to my heart’s joy, i.e. a picture on my desktop of beautiful Seattle in the hot summer days, a song that makes me smile and sing its tune constantly, a flower that its fragrance elevates my mood.  The purpose of all the above is to bring me back to my center from where I speak, make my decisions and direct my thoughts.

The third tip has to do with pausing and connecting to your breath throughout the day.  You would think this is easy and why should you bother, however I am here to challenge you to count how many times you actually do that during your daily routine.

Personally, I find it fascinating how easily I get off track and absorbed in what needs to be done in the next hour, day or whatever the case may be. It is a constant practice and what works for me is a reminder on my desktop or bathroom mirror saying “take a deep breath”, or “pay attention to your breath”.

To summarize the 3 daily tips for staying focused and in your heart:

1)      Start your day with an intent

2)      Stay inspired

3)      Check-in with your breath throughout the day

Practice with the above tips for a week and note your experience, and please share it with us on the Kalon Women Blog!

About the author: Liliane Mavridara is a published author, poet, book writing mentor and creative groupwork facilitator who supports professionals in the healing and creative arts to have a successful business, make a difference and enjoy their life all along.  www.livebrightlythebook.com

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